Chapter 56


“What do you mean Kiara is in trouble?” I asked Natasha whose eyes were as wide as a frightened deer.

“I saw Lyov carrying her out of her room, Alexandra and Delilah were both following behind. She was unconscious…”

I walked past Natasha to my and Kiara’s room, expecting to find this being a dirty joke only for my hands to shake when I saw the necklace I gave her thrown on the bed. Kiara was nowhere to be seen, however, I noticed that our things were rummaged through.

I ran out of my room to the camera room my hands shaking as I feared the worst, Ivan catching sight of me followed me. However, the two of us froze at the sight of the slaughtered men in front of the camera room. I took out my gun, Ivan, dad, and Artur who had also followed us here. All four of us froze for a second when we found that both camera men were brutally stabbed before getting slaughtered beside their chairs.

“What happened

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