"Why do you stop them? Do I need your help here? When you couldn't stop those people from humiliating and calling me a spy you think that I will be happy with this little savior you are acting up?, I don't need your help and I don't want to see your face, if you believe so much that I am capable of doing that to your families then allow me to get the punishment that I deserved." Leilah exclaimed.

"Leilah why don't you understand you are hurting yourself you are..."

"Take me out of here and please don't call my name again, don't take my name In your mouth and I will never take your name ever in my name." Leilah cut him off, the guards continued dragging her leaving Alpha Jake there speechless and helpless.


*Back at the palace*

"Where is the witch, get her out because I can't accommodate anyone Sharing the same Blood as Leilah." Grandma Amelia screamed.

The guards dragged Samantha out of her room down to the stairs.

"I haven't done anything I swear." Samantha said.

"Yeah you don't, bu
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