*The next day*

Leilah opened her eyes and found her in a strange place, her body has been covered with turmeric so it will make her wound heal, she couldn't recognize where she was, but then, a woman came to her holding a calabash of water.

"Husband! The lady is awake." The woman screamed, the old man from yesterday rushed to her.

"My child are you feeling better now? Don't worry, we won't hurt you, we are here to give you the best life ever, I'm Abraham, and my wife here is Sarah, what is your name?" Mr Abraham asked.

"I'm Leilah but please can I forget about that name? Give me a new name, that name has brought so much pains in my life." Leilah answered.

"Sure, we can call you Amanda." Mrs Sarah said.

"Thank you, where am I?" Leilah asked.

"You are in woods pack." Abraham replied.

"Woods pack, is it the pack close to dark Moon pack and their Alpha is Alpha Joyner?" Leilah asked.

"Yeah, the most selfish Alpha in the whole of universe, his subjects are in lot of troubles, all he do is
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