The soldier stared at them while Leilah held onto Samantha's hand tightly.

"What happened and who sold you out? From which pack are you?" The soldier's thick voice asked.

Leilah bend her head, she wasn't sure if she wants to tell the strange soldier about her life experience, from being a happy princess who had everything to just Leilah who escaped from women traffickers, she tried hard not to cry, as if the tears will listen to her.

"I'm talking to you." The soldier snapped.

"Uhm, I'm Leilah, she is my younger sister Samantha, and I..." Leilah paused.

"Looks like you don't want to share your story, alright, hope you know you are in our pack right now and we don't tolerate rouges here." The female soldier said with no smile visible on her face, not a bit.

"I'm sorry, I and my sister will leave, I promise." Leilah said.

"You can't leave, I will have to take you to the queen mother and she will decide what she will do to you, you better start praying not for Alpha Jake to see you.
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