Claimed by the alpha

Claimed by the alpha

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20 year old Leilani Whitlock experiences first hand hardship when her once peaceful life goes suddenly from good to terrible in a night. Her parents, who were the Alpha and Luna of their pack, meet with mayhem on their way back from a long trip. They are announced dead at the spot leaving the young Leilani to fend for herself as well as for her younger sister. Her father’s Beta, Joyner, then makes himself Alpha by forcing himself into the throne. He at first, takes Leilani and her sister in as his but then after Leilani rejects his very many sexual advancements, he changes towards her and her sister, forces them to practically become slaves in his kingdom and then sells them off when he no longer found them useful. They successfully escape their buyers, run into the streets but fall into the territory of the Crescent Moon pack. What then happens to Leilani when, due to desperation, takes up the job role of being the nanny of three grown adults who are way older than she was? And to top matters, what would she do when the three of them seem to show a special interest in her? …even after all of this confusion, she’s faced with a bigger challenge when their family friend, Lucas joins in the already misshaped love rectangle, and then she’s forced to make a decision on whom to choose between the quartet. And to make matters worse, she gets an unannounced call from her past…

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Kween Kik writes
very interesting
2022-12-28 01:25:08
136 Chapters
**Leilani’s POV**“Wake up! Wake up!” I heard someone call out to me but I ignored the sound of the voice recognizing it as that of my obnoxious younger sister Samantha.“Wake up Anny!” She growled in annoyance and I sat up slowly recognizing that from the harshness of her voice, there had to be something wrong.In frustration, I begrudgingly pried my sleep filled eyes open, rubbed violently at it as I sat up slowly and asked; “What is it?”“It’s mom, it’s dad!” She said in a type of voice that had me sitting up in concentration. As soon as I took in her overall expression, I gasped. She looked rough, tattered even.For someone whom I had seen only hours ago looking so posh, her present appearance made her seem like she had been run over by a moving tricycle.“I do not understand what you’re trying to say!” I rushed out in fright, “What happened to you and what happened to mom and dad?”I scrunched up my nose in disgust when she blew her nose into her hands, rubbing it against her now
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**Leilani’s POV**I sat on the cold tiled floor still in my nightie from the previous night, rocking my now stiff body and ignoring the people who strutted past to pay their homages to my parents.A few of them stopped by to check on me but I ignored them, I couldn’t seem to think, or to breathe. I didn’t even want to live anymore.From the corner of my eye I saw Samantha sitting amongst her friends and wailing. I knew I wasn’t supposed to think like this but there was something about the way she cried that screamed fake.I wasn’t sure if it was how she would cry out and then suddenly stop to look towards the doorway or the way she did it so expertly that her mascara didn’t smudge that bothered me, but I certainly knew that there was something significantly wrong with the way she did it.A few minutes later, the large doors flung open and I could hear the loud voices of several people trying to speak at the same time.They were screaming something about moving out of the way to let th
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**Leilani’s POV**“Alpha please stop!” I snarled at him, “have some shame…”Instead of listening to me, he licked his lips and continued advancing towards me until he was only a breath away.“Somebody help please!” I yelled as soon as his hands connected with my upper arm, but instead of letting go of me in alarm, he laughed, baring his teeth at me.“No one would hear you baby girl, that’s why I chose this room for you.” He said with a smug smirk across his face. Wait what?“Please…”“Shut up, shut up or I’d hit you so hard across your head that your brains would pop.” He growled in my face. I flinched away.Shutting my eyes closed, I laid flat against the wall, hoping that whatever it was that he wanted to do with me would come to an end, and soon.I shrunk away from his stale breath, listening to him mutter indecipherable curses under his breath just as his finger slipped into my nightie and into my vagina; I shook, nearly convulsing in disgust.His little grunts turned into full bl
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**Leilani’s POV**I jolted awake when I suddenly felt my head bump painfully against something that felt metallic in nature.In pain, I pried my swollen eyes open, rubbing at my now throbbing head and gasped in shock when I noticed that I was lying on my left side in something that looked like the trunk of a farmer’s truck while Sam laid in front of me, fast asleep.I sat up slowly, scrutinizing the environment and from where I was, I discovered that we were now in the clutches of those mean looking men, and to make matters worse were currently being driven to an unknown destination.“Sam, Sam, wake up!” I whispered quietly, shaking Sam awake. As soon as she pried her eyes open, I placed my index finger against my lips just so that she wouldn’t make any noise.“Where are we?” She asked frightfully, looking around. She suddenly spat in disgust when the wild wind blowing at our hairs made some strands of unkept hair fly into her mouth.Whispering, I quickly explained our current situati
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The soldier stared at them while Leilah held onto Samantha's hand tightly. "What happened and who sold you out? From which pack are you?" The soldier's thick voice asked. Leilah bend her head, she wasn't sure if she wants to tell the strange soldier about her life experience, from being a happy princess who had everything to just Leilah who escaped from women traffickers, she tried hard not to cry, as if the tears will listen to her. "I'm talking to you." The soldier snapped. "Uhm, I'm Leilah, she is my younger sister Samantha, and I..." Leilah paused. "Looks like you don't want to share your story, alright, hope you know you are in our pack right now and we don't tolerate rouges here." The female soldier said with no smile visible on her face, not a bit. "I'm sorry, I and my sister will leave, I promise." Leilah said. "You can't leave, I will have to take you to the queen mother and she will decide what she will do to you, you better start praying not for Alpha Jake to see you.
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Leilah screamed and covered her ears. "What's wrong young lady?" Grandma Amelia asked. "The rules are just too much, is too much." Leilah answered. Grandma Amelia chuckled. "That's only for Jake, are you ready to hear that of Aisen and Liam?" Grandma Amelia asked. "I think I will faint if it reach Alpha Jake's own." Leilah answered. "Well for Aisen, he is almost like Jake but Aisen love his coffee with sugar, he won't wake up till 9:00 so you will provide his coffee and breakfast of pancakes, that's what he loves, the chefs will be doing the cooking, not all the time, but you will there throughout to supervise, and you will have to taste it, I will write down the list of what Liam and Aisen want and avoid getting at their bad sides, as I said earlier, they are so rude especially Jake." Grandma Amelia said. "Alright your highness." Leilah replied. "New clothes will be brought for you and your sister and I will direct the servants to prepare a room for you next to the boys, Inca
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Dark Moon pack (Alpha Joyner's pack)Alpha Joyner stared at his throne with a cruel smirk plastered on his face."I worked so hard for you baby, now I'm not gonna let anyone take you away from me, even if it takes killing everyone, I will shed blood for you, I'm sure that bloody Leilah will be away from me, and she will never find out my little dark secrets."He said and laughed hard."Greetings your highness." A guard interrupted."Yes? What happened? Didn't I told you not to disrupt my happy moments you fool!" Alpha Joyner yelled."My apologies, it's just that...""Save it, leave!" Alpha Joyner ordered."Forgive me your highness but is the traffickers that bought the princess... sorry I mean Leilah and her sister Samantha, they are here and they looked so furious." The guard said."What? Let them in." Alpha Joyner ordered and wondered what happened.Not long after, they barged into the court room that contains no one actually, just the Alpha admiring his throne, their eyes were red
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Leilah was done cleaning the floor and Alpha Jake walked in."Are you crying?" He asked and chuckled, she only looked down."You will soon cry blood, worry not, my horse riding training will soon start, I don't tolerate lateness, and yes, it's already 9:00, and my brother Aisen is waiting for you." Jake announced."Thank you." Leilah said and quickly left the room; she rushed to the kitchen and tried hard to remember what Aisen love."*Peanut cake? I think so." She said and started preparing for peanut cake with coffee.After a while, she was done and set to serve Prince Aisen.She took a deep breath and then knocked on the door, no reply; she knocked again yet no reply.She sighed and opens the door.She saw Aisen staring at her with only a towel tied round his waist.She tried hard not to stare at his 8 pack muscles, he is so handsome and sexy but not like Jake though."Done staring?" He asked not smiling."Uhm, I'm sorry I brought breakfast."Leilah Answered calmly."What's the tim
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Leilah returned to Liam's room with everything set."Everything is ready, prince." Leilah announced.He glared at her."I'm the Beta and not the prince okay?" He asked staring at her."I don't know, grandma Amelia said...""She always addresses me as a prince same with everyone else, I'm just their cousin okay, it's annoying when you use your mouth to be calling me prince, I'm the Beta." Liam cut her off."I don't see why you are angry because of that, or are you angry because you hate me?" Leilah asked."I don't hate you, you are too low to be hate by me, so now will you serve me or you want to starve me to death?" Liam questioned."Sorry." Leilah said and served him the food.He tasted it."You are the worse chef ever, just leave already; I will send the maids to call you if I need something." Liam replied."Alright." Leilah said and walked off.He stared at the door and when he makes sure she was out of his sight, he quickly started devouring the dish."At least she knew how to coo
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"What's the plan?" Jake asked eagerly."Excuse me." Leilah cut in."Arrrgh, what again?" Jake asked."Lunch is ready and the Queen mother wants you all to eat at the royal dining room." Leilah announced."Hope is not something that will finally take us to heaven, let's go guys." prince Aisen replied and they walked away.**Royal dining room*Prince Aisen, Liam, and Alpha Jake together with Grandma Amelia were all seated at the dining table.They all wore an angry face.Leilah served them all and turned to leave."Where are you going?" Grandma Amelia asked."Your majesty, I'm going to get Prince Aisen's spot clothes ready." Leilah replied."*Look at her, pathetic witch." Aisen murmured."Did you say something?" Grandma Amelia asked."Nothing." Prince Aisen replied and rolled his eyes."You better not, Leilah, you had a very rough day taking care of these grown-ups adults, so you should have something to eat too." Grandma Amelia said."Thanks your majesty, I will eat later at my room."
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