Tears Of Devotion

Tears Of Devotion

By:  Anais Smith  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ilaria. A sweet quiet girl with a traumatic past that has left her scarred and afraid to get close to anyone. Moving to New York to start a new life, what will happen when she meets the one person to push her out of the shadows and into the light? Alessandro. A billionaire who is arrogant, threatening, and deadly. He is the CEO of Vito Enterprises'. And a father. He's never believed in love and is constantly closed off. What happens when the timid and scared girl meets the famous billionaire Alessandro, and what happens when his son takes a liking with Ilaria?

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22 Chapters
Chapter One
My head pounds as I hang upside down in this small space, blood rushing to my head. Glass shards can be seen strewn about me, some of which are entangled in my hair and bloody clothes. I put my hands on my chest and pull on the seatbelt across it in an effort to release the pressure. I can hear shouts in the distance, as well as a siren approaching. I try to crawl out of the cramped confines, but I come to a halt as a pain-filled cry leaves my chest, tears streaming down my face. Dizzying black stars erupt in my eyesight, causing me to close my eyes in the hopes of stopping the nausea. The loud wailing sound of a siren approaches, exacerbating the pain in my head. As I hear footsteps coming, I close my eyes and fall off into the comfort of the darkness.I jolted off the bed, gasping for air, a drip of sweat pouring down my brow. When are these nightmares going to end? Not any time soon apparently, I've only been having them now for what... 4 years. I enter my small white and mint green
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Chapter Two
I've been working for a few hours now, and aside from our regular clients, the bakery has been relatively quiet. Lucas left not so long ago, he said, and I quote he needed "to babysit the lion." aka his little sister. Abbey had just finished her shift as well, leaving me and a few other co-workers to operate the bakery.I am disturbed from my reverie by the bell's jingle, which alerts me to the presence of a customer. Looking across to the entrance, I observe a young child attempting to open the large, heavy doors while shoving his body through the narrow opening. The doorknobs were just slightly out of reach of the top of his head. Where are this boy's parents?I move around the counter moving towards the small boy slowly, and crouch down so I'm eye level with the young black haired boy. His silver grey eyes were full with curiosity as he looked around the bakery before his eyes met mine, his tiny body taking a step back."Hey there little guy. Where are your parents?" I ask softly, g
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Chapter Three
Matteo's small body falls from my lap and dashes behind my chair, the blanket falling to the sides of the chair he was just sitting on. Standing up, I carefully turn around, my gaze meeting the most stunning silver eyes I've ever seen. His arms were wrapped around the miniature version of himself. Matteo. Behind him stood multiple men in black suits. Some standing by the door and other standing outside. Shiny black cars lined up outside the bakery."What did I tell you about wandering off? You don't leave your babysitter's side. Ever. Got it?" Matteo politely nods in response to the man's deep voice, not seeming scared of the giant figure in front of me, Matteo then turns to face me with a broad smile. He bounces on his feet as he releases his grip on the giant in front of him."Dad! Daddy! You have to meet someone! I have a new friend." Matteo exclaims enthusiastically, seizing the man's hand and tugging him over to where I was standing. Matteo's hand practically disappeared against t
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Chapter Four
"I um... I d-don't need a driver. And um... m-move in with y-you?" I manage to get out through my panicked state, as I look back at Alessandro and then back at the floor when I see his face change to frustration. He wouldn't be like him, would he?"You will be living in with us, yes. How do you expect to look after Matteo while you live somewhere else?" Alessandro says with a bigger scowl on his face, my body starting to shake under his gaze. I see Matteo out the corner of my eye looking between his father and I, stopping on me with a worried frown. I'll be ok Matteo, if your father doesn't end up killing me first that is."But my a-apartment. And -""Your apartment and belongings will be taken care of." This time he said it frustratedly, his foot tapping impatiently on the floor. His shiny black shoes making a steady tapping sound on the wooden floors of the bakery."I really don't n-need a driver." I shakily say. I'm not sure how to tell him I can't get in that car without sounding l
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Chapter Five
I'm currently sitting in front of my apartment complex watching the cars go by. I try to calm my racing heart by encircling my knees in my arms, taking in large deep shaky breaths. The only sound I can hear is the pounding sound of my heart booming against my chest.Looking back at me feet once more, I rest my cheek on my knee looking at the small scar poking out from beneath by trousers, almost taunting me at the situation I'm putting myself in. I grab the zipper on my bag next to me, playing with it as a way to keep me from nervously scratching the skin on my hands. The skin by my nails turning slightly pink from the scratching yesterday at the bakery."Ilaria Parker?" A man said to me in front of me, jolting me out of my reverie. With his salt-and-pepper hair and black suit, this man, who appears to be in his forties, met my eyes. "Yeah that's me." I say confused. As I watch him approach me and motion toward my luggage, I respond while getting up on wobbly legs, holding onto the ba
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Chapter Six
"Welcome to the Lombardi residence."I watch as he gives me a small nod of the head, before leaving the large living space. I'm now left alone in the silence of un unfamiliar place. What does he exactly suggest I should do next? Looking around the room, I take in the expensive furniture, and the large stone fireplace to the right of me.I move slowly in the direction I saw Matteo go earlier, trying to find him in this massive maze of a mansion. But instead of moving into another room, as I expected, I'm faced by a long meandering corridor. That's just my luck. I take slow steps down the corridor, my palm trailing across the smooth paint of the spotless white walls. Bare. They are all naked. There are no decorations, art, or family photos. Nothing.Turning around the corner, I collide with a towering figure, my head colliding with his slightly unbuttoned shirt. As I raise my gaze, I notice the same blonde man from the bakery the previous day.... Tio? Yes, that was his name. His blonde
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Chapter Seven
"Come in." Taking in a deep breath I open the heavy doors to his office stepping into the large dark space, the door shutting behind me. Small warm lights line the walls, lighting up seconds of the room.I should have realised that his personality would be reflected in this room. The walls are black, and the flooring is such a rich dark brown it looks black with this lighting. One side of the room has large bookshelves, while the other appears to house many bottles of alcohol. Multiple glasses lined up on the side. There's also a gigantic black desk in the back of the room with a huge comfy chair that holds Alessandro Vito Lombardi's massive frame, who looks to be engaged in some important work. His hands flitting across numerous pieces of paper before quickly typing on his computer next to him, barely even looking my way. The only sound in the room being the ticking of a clock, and his shuffling.Deciding to make the first move, I take slow steps forward my footsteps echoing across
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Chapter Eight
My alarm clock is blaring next to me, alerting me to the fact that it is already 7 a.m. I groggily open my eyes, meeting the blackness of my room, a sliver of light peeking in through the gap in the white curtains. I slide my hands out from under the heavy sheets, blindly seeking for the alarm clock on my right. Finally finding it, I swipe my finger across the screen of my phone, turning off the cacophony and giving me some quiet. Staring up at the ceiling, I bring my blanket closer to my body, snuggling into it. I sigh knowing I'd have to get up soon.I shuffle out of bed, my foot contacting the warm smooth soft carpet of the room, remembering I need to get Matteo ready. I sift through my outfits in my walk-in closet before deciding on a floor-length flowy flowery dress and a little cream cardigan to cover up my arms. Pairing it with just a pair of converse trainers. I've never m
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Chapter Nine
Who is this?I take my gaze away from Alessandro and this blonde-haired woman kissing near the counter. We certainly don't need to witness you two smacking lips together, especially Matteo. He'll be traumatized for the rest of his life. As I approach Matteo, I notice the disgust on his face, as well as the hard glare he's casting at the blonde woman in her skimpy red dress.I mean really her boobs look like they're about to spill out at any moment.Matteo extends his arms to me, making small grabby hands. I pick him up and place him on my hip before stepping around the counter away from them and onto the floor. His little hand clutching mine, a look still directed their way."Ah Matteo... aren't you a cutie." The blonde woman says this while bending down in front of Matteo, with what looks like a forced smile. Matteo takes a step back closer to me, his hand tightening around mine as her arms spread for a hug. This causes her smile to fade, and she turns to glance at me with a glare bef
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Chapter Ten
It's now evening, and I'm sitting at the dining table with Matteo, who appears to be chatting nonstop about what he's learnt today. I believe he is one of those persons that simply enjoys learning. If he were to be assigned to a Hogwarts house, it would be Ravenclaw.I stare down at my lap, my right hand covered with the bandage from earlier, zoning out from what he's saying. I recall Alessandro's irritation and anger in his eyes, but his hands were so gentle against mine, a sharp contrast."Ilaria?" Matteo's voice snaps me out of my trance, and I withdraw my fingers away from where Alessandro's hand was on mine. Looking up, I notice Matteo asking me a question."Yes?" I inquire, turning my body to face him."What do you think? The chicken or the egg?" He asked with wide eyes, as though he's fascinated by the topic he's asking. I come to a halt while I mull over the question. No one, not even professional scientists, knows the answer to that question."Um.. I don't know that's a hard
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