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BLURB: " Look into my eyes and tell me that you've never loved me before?" Emiliano replied, "I've never loved you and I will never love you so it's best you leave my life and stop pestering me because I have someone I love!" " Let go of me!" " No! You have to donate blood to Rachel, you're our only hope" " How could you want me to donate blood to your lover forcefully!" " You have no choice but to do as I say" What happens when two myriad folks meet?. Rhea, a calm and beautiful young lady with a lot of dreams before she met Emiliano. Everything came crashing down when she heard that she would be getting married to a stranger to strengthen her father's new new project. She couldn't run away because she knew he would take it out on her mother so she was left with no choice but to get married to a monster who used her for his gains. Would she be able to tame him? Would his stepbrother successfully kill him so as to inherit their father's property ?

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Rhea's povI sigh tiredly as my fingers type fast on the keyboard, ' that stupid team leader intentionally gave me a lot of work!' I thought, snorting in annoyance. My fingers felt cramped up, so I stretched my body tiredly. Two hours later, I was finally able to get the work done. My eyes were dropping on thier own, I was so tired I could sleep at work but I had to go home.I stood up and packed my stuff, I left the office and began walking towards the parking lot." Good night, madam." One of the security guards that was passing by greeted." Good night, sir," I responded, waving at him.I settled in my car and drove off, heading home.I pulled up and hopped out of the car. Immediately I got in, I was met with my family, all seated in the living room discussing. They clearly haven't figured out that I was home yet, I cleared my throat loudly, making them jump in thier seat.I frowned my face in confusion, wondering why they were startled.Rachel, my step sister seemed angry but w
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Chapter 2
" Oh darling! You are not getting married to me but someone else!" He continued still smiling widely that I almost found it creepy. " Who would I be getting married to then?" I asked, getting impatient at the suspense." you would be getting married to my son" he revealed making my eyes almost bulge out.I looked beside me, trying to find answers from Stella and my father but they looked away and I scoffed loudly. I laughed gently, " I'm sorry sir but I think you are mistaken! I do not have a boyfriend so I don't think I'd be getting married to anyone anytime soon" I explained. " I know darling, I want you to get married to my son. You might not know him but you'd love him when you meet him" he said reassuringly. " Dad! What the heck is he saying! Please explain to him that I would koto be getting married to anyone, at least not now!" I urged my dad." Honey, please listen to me! You have to get married to his son. Its for the good of the family " my father whispered in my ear ple
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Chapter 3
" You have no choice but to do as I say or else!" He threatened. " Or else what!" I replied without around. " You'd hat me for what I would do to her!" He concluded and I froze in shock.I turned around sharply and met with his murderous stare." What do you mean by that?" I asked curiously." I'm sure you know what I mean! I can destroy your mother's life with just a word.I raised my head up sharply you could almost hear my neck snap." you would do no such thing!" I roared, tears blinding my eyes." Watch me! " he threatened glaring intently at me making me shiver at the amount of hate I saw in his eyes. " What have I ever done to deserve this?" I asked choking on my tears." The mistake you made was having a slut like Marilyn as a mother who would do anything for money" Stella retorted making me more angrier." Don't you dare call my mother a slut! You should take a good look at yourself before talking about someone else!" I shouted heaving out angrily." How dare you!" She sho
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Chapter 4
EMILIANO'S POVI twirled the pen in between my hand as I listen to the trash one of my staff was blurting in the board room.My gaze turned colder by the minute, I was beginning to get frustrated. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I banged the table loudly making them jolt in fear." What the hell is this?" I roared, I could see her shaking on a spot as more fear consumed her and I felt satisfied. I was a kind of person who loved when people fear me."Raymond!" I called out and my personal assistant rushed towards me." Yes boss" he answered bowing next to me." Give them all thier paycheck and have them fired" I muttered lazily. I hate incompetent people, they knew better than to plead with me so they just left with a solemn look on thier face.I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose feeling frustrated. Rrrrring, my phone blarred out and I picked it up to see the caller id, I groan deeply seeing it was my mom." What does this woman want from me again!" I muttered to my
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Chapter 5
RHEA POVI sat in front of the mirror, staring at myself blankly, I was void of emotions and I felt empty.It's three days to the wedding and I felt more sad than ever, it's supposed to be my happiest day but how can it be when I was forced into this. After what happened that day, I felt horrible having these people as my family. FLASHBACK After I hit my head from the push, I slipped into unconsciousness and woke up several hours later.I trued standing up but I was restricted, I frowned my face I confusion and looked around. I was tied to my bed and myself called father and his wife were sitting in front of me.I looked further and saw Rachel standing with a paper in her hand and a wide smirk on her face." What are you guys doing in my room? Why am I tied up?" I asked fearfully but I was ignored. " Answer me!" I screamed clearly frustrated from thier silence and the creepy looks they were giving me. Rachel laughed out loud and walked towards me, " How does it feels to be tied
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RHEA'S POVI sat in the brides car with my heart racing, it was finally my wedding day and the bride would soon be called upon. I don't even know who the groom is, I sniffed in the tears that were threatening to slip out.The door was pulled open and I looked up to see Stella. " Come out, the bride is needed " she said eyeing me badly and I sighed. " It is time! You can do this Rhea!" I muttered some words of encouragement to myself as I stepped out of the car and began walking towards the aisle. I stared at my feet the whole way, I didn't want to see the faces of people. I soon got to the aisle and Mr Madriguez handed me over to the groom.I finally raised my head to see the groom and I was mesmerised by his handsomeness. ' Is this my husband to be!' I thought shocked, I was jolted out of my thoughts when he snorted coldly. He looks disgusted at me and I wondered why, was he also forced to get married like me?I was lost in thoughts during the whole readings of the priest only
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"This is your room ma'am," ma'am, Eloise muttered, coming to a halt in front of a room.I nodded in appreciation and stepped forward to go into the room." If you need anything..." she dragged, trying to ask for my name." Rhea... My name is Rhea, " I completed with a smile. " I would rather call you madam since you are the wife of the master " she insisted, and I smiled stiffly. " Thank you ma'am Eloise," I mumbled in appreciation, and she smiled, turning around to leave. I took in a deep breath and pushed open the door, taking my first step into the room. It looks incredible and huge.It's triple the size of my room back at home. It has the rosy smell and a cosy feeling that makes you want to slump on the bed immediately. It's painted in light blue and white with a large queen sized bed placed in the middle. I love this room, but that still doesn't mean I'm interested in this marriage. I need to go take my bath to ease myself from all the stress I've been through. I walked ar
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My head felt fuzzy for a moment, and I shook my head desperately, trying to clear my gaze.He pressed down on me and resumed sucking my boobs like a baby while fondling the other.I felt weak in the knees, and I could feel my panties become wet.I was losing strength, and this could be dangerous. Somehow, this stranger was making me lose my senses. He traced kisses down my stomach to my pussy and began extending his tongue to lick my Clitheroe making me jolt in shock.He was giving me forbidden pleasures I have never felt before and I badly needed this to stop as much as I needed it to continue. " Please stop while you still can" I begged feeling myself loose control I was trying so hard to build but he ignored me.He used one hand to open up my pussy and pushed his thumb in.I gasped at the imapact suddenly feeling slightly full, I've never had anything up in there before so it felt strange.He began to thrust his finger in and I winced in discomfort, the pain reminding me of what
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Hours later, I woke up with my whole body aching. It feels like I've been run over by a truck.The light is back on and I hissed at the sharpness still feeling pain from the cut on my head. I racked my brain trying to recollect what happened and it hit me like a storm making my eyes lace with tears.I dragged myself from the bed, wincing in pain at interval all from what I experienced in the hands of that monster. ' I had lost my virginity just like that!' I thought bursting into tears.I took a glance at the wall clock and saw that the time was approaching twelve am.I felt terrible and in pain, I dragged myself to the bathroom and sat in the tub still crying profusely. I felt irritated with myself, I took a sponge and began scrubbing my body hard trying to get rid of his touches on my body but it was futile. I could still feel him inside me, my pussy was still vibrating with tremor." How could this happen to me!" I muttered feeling disgusted with myself. This time I had make
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I was jolted awake by the whispers from the maid, I squinted my eyes, trying to get used to the light. I looked around in surprise, ' I was just in the bath tub, how did I get here?' I frowned, trying to think of a tangible reason. My whole body felt hot, not in a good way but in a bad way and I groaned. I think I'm down with a fever, previous memories rushed in and I shivered in fear.The maids turned thier attention to me when they figured out that I was awake and they all rushed towards me.They looked scared and I wondered why, I took a glimpse at the wall clock and saw that it was almost noon and I wondered how long I had slept.I tried sitting up but I winced after which I felt the effect on my head.I touched the injured part and saw that it was bandaged.Madam Eloise stepped forward, " How do you feel madam?" She asked worriedly and I smiled faintly. " Why is everyone in my room?" I asked curiously and she took a deep breath in." Emiliano's father found out that he didn't
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