CEO's Darkest Secret

CEO's Darkest Secret

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warning ⚠️ mature content. only for 18+ "You can take my body by force, Aron Fringe, but you'll never be able to gain my soul." "I'm not interested in your soul. Miss Grace, please slake my lustful appetite." He tied a rope around my hands and feet and sealed my lips with his before I could attempt to stop him. Words like "love" and "emotions" don't make any sense to him, and he has only one strong feeling in his life: lust. This is the first thing that 28-year-old billionaire Aron Fringe thinks of whenever he lays eyes on a woman anywhere in the world. When he's not busy overseeing a multibillion-dollar company, he enjoys indulging his libidinal desires. After reading the articles in the 18+ magazine, he gets so enamored with the author that his world comes to a complete stop. As a result, he finds it difficult to quench his thirst for other women. He thinks his life will be perfect if he can just track down the magazine's mystery author and try out the fantastical experience he read about, but then he meets Sara Grace. How emotionally Sara and sex offender Aron Fring will interact? Will Aron and Sara fall in love, leading Aron to see that there are other emotions outside lust, or will Sara develop a sex addiction similar to Aron Fringe? Find out who will prevail in this conflict between love and lust by immersing yourself in the story.

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Clara J. Stari
Beautiful work, keep going, can't wait for more.
2024-06-09 23:57:44
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aansha takfif
Awesome book ...️ keep up the good work ...
2024-06-05 20:03:19
user avatar
such an amazing update.
2024-06-05 17:57:51
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Just dream in
I just finished reading your chapters and I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your wonderful work. The way you crafted the romance between the CEO and the protagonist was truly captivating. Your characters were well-developed and relatable, I loved it...
2024-06-05 17:12:02
66 Chapters
Mysterious author
"Aron's point of view,""Come on, Mr. Fringe, I'm waiting for you to find your way inside me.""Are you sure? Why do you need it so quickly?" I asked the woman, who was lying naked in front of me. "Yes, Mr. Fringe, I've lost all self-control; my body is already craving for your enchanted touch, and my lips and mouth are eagerly anticipating the feel of your tongue."To calm herself, she clutched the bedsheet hard in her fists. "Why are you in such a rush, baby? I didn't even touch that sensitive part of your body."I merely used the handcuffs to tie her hand and the spreader bar to split her bare, creamy white thighs. She wanted to kiss me as soon as she walked into my room, but I forbade it. I feel very anxious about her lustful gaze as it wanders over my shirtless physique. Such a desperate woman is not what I desire. I'm not looking for a lady who is willing to do everything I want with her, but one who will make me desperate to touch her. A tiny part of me feels offended by t
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3 million views
"Sara's point of view,""Congratulations, Authoress Naughty, you nailed it once again." Neil's cheerful voice pierced my ear as I was typing my new article on my laptop. "What happened? What makes you sound so joyful?" I looked up to see his face. "3 million people read your recent article." This is astounding news.I find it hard to believe."Alright, fine, if you don't trust me, then check it out for yourself." In front of me on the laptop screen, he flipped to the page of my previous work. "Three million views and 1 lakh comments. Wow, this is a source of incredible joy for me.""Sara, I bet the last article brought in a ton of money for you." I checked my author's account after listening to his inquiry. "Yes, my publishing house has given me a considerable sum this time around. With this much money, I could pay college fees, rent for my apartment, buy medicine for my sick mother, and yes, even buy myself some new clothes. And..."I put my hand on my chin and started thinking
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"Aron's point of view,""Mr. Fringe, Miss Grace, arrived." My PA informed me while I was waiting at my office door. "After ten minutes, send her to my office." I responded while keeping my gaze firmly fixated on the laptop's screen. It's finally time to meet that mysterious authoress. Despite feeling giddy on the inside, I stifled my enthusiasm in the presence of my PA. After all, I am the only owner of a reputed multi-billion-dollar business empire. I've been excited to meet her ever since I learned about her, but my investigator warned me she is quite reserved and has strong morals, so it wouldn't be a good idea if I suddenly went up to her and offered. She undoubtedly would have rejected me. This is how I plan to meet her since I can't afford to hear the word "no" come out of her mouth. Considering her financial situation, I knew she would be devastated to lose her job, so I took advantage of her vulnerability and bought the publishing house where she worked. In response to my
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Marry me
"Sara's point of view,""You called me, sir?" I waited patiently for quite some time outside his office. "Yes, Miss Grace, you can come in." He kept staring at the laptop's screen. "I'm ready to sign the agreement, Sir." I began fidgeting with my fingers to calm myself. I was a little worried when he asked me to create a fresh 18+ article every day because I had to do a lot of research before writing the content. I was going to reject his offer, but a man interrupted us and allowed me to give it some more thought. The salary offered by him is very high considering the cost of my mother's medicines, my tuition fee, my apartment, and my daily needs. If I accept his offer, then in a few months, my financial crisis will be completely over, and at the same time, I will accumulate some savings for myself. Neil's internship will be over in six months, and then we'll both get married. By the way, there is no harm in accepting his offer; if I work harder on improving my writing, I'm sure
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Two ways
"Sara's point of view,""I don't know what to do, Neil, because that man is quite dangerous."Caressing my hair, he said to me, "Don't worry unnecessarily; everything will be fine." "But what if he tells everyone my real identity?""Sara, you're overthinking things; nothing of this will happen.""He won't be able to blackmail me like that after we're married." "I'm sorry, love, but I have to leave for my internship in Germany this evening, and while I'm sad to leave you, I promise that as soon as I return from Germany, we will get married." "But what if he reveals my true identity to everyone?" "Relax and don't give it too much thought." After giving me a forehead kiss, he left, leaving me all by myself. Neil has not met that man, which is why he is taking his words casually. But I saw in his eyes that he would do everything to appease his particular stubbornness. What happens if everyone finds out my secret? I don't ever want to sleep on the streets or spend days without food
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Golden opportunity
"Sara's point of view,""You may get dressed, Miss Grace. I'll wait outside for you." The driver abruptly applied the brakes in front of a building. I looked at the building in confusion. I don't want to get out of the car, but his driver looks at me strangely through the rearview mirror. Even though I still have time to escape this unwanted wedding, I don't know how I'll end up getting away from the monster that caused all this misery in my life in two days. Hesitantly, I stepped inside the elegant building. I had never been inside such opulent buildings before. Every inch of the building is a reflection of the saloon's opulence and impeccable taste. Why did he send me to this saloon? He wanted to flaunt his wife in public, but it's just a contract between us. They draped a large, flowered white gown around me and adorned my neck with a diamond necklace. They finished applying makeup and tangled my hair into a French braid. Although I dislike having makeup applied to my face,
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Just a Starter
"Aron's point of view,"She made an effort to get free of my hold, but my grip was so firm that her struggle was ineffective. I sucked her pulpy lips until I was completely satisfied. Like an anaconda surrounding its victim, I want to cradle her body in my arms. She is finally here with me today after I searched for her for a very long time. I thought that marrying her would be like winning a war. I didn't believe in the cliché of marriage and love; instead, all I believed in was satisfying desire. If I want to win her over, I have no choice but to marry her. When I invited her to meet with me in my office, I discovered that she was getting married to her boyfriend in less than six months. She only belongs to me, so how can I let her be with someone else? I offered her some money in an attempt to get her to agree, but she turned me down. She surprised me by turning down my offer and leaving my office. Her rejection of my offer only served to exacerbate my already intense desire
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Main Course
"Sara's point of view,"Like a ravenous wolf, he was sucking my lips. I attempted to break free of his hold, but he had such a firm grip on my knuckles that I could not even move. I had no idea he could be so terrifying. Before meeting him, I had never encountered a man like him. He seemed indifferent to other people's sentiments and emotions when he was furiously kissing me. Just because I feel obligated to kneel before him doesn't give him the right to rule over me. I couldn't stop him from kissing me in church, but he shouldn't have touched me inappropriately without my permission. I got so exhausted from everything that was happening in my life that I fell asleep the second I stepped into the car. Or maybe I should say that I wanted to avoid him, so I slept off to avoid being near him. But when I felt a harsh touch on my thigh, I immediately opened my eyes. When I asked him to remove his hand from my body, he gave me a firm squeeze on my thigh. His touch has left such an unpl
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Her triggering point
"Aron's point of view,""Sorry, I slapped you. Aron, please let me go." Her tears, glistening in the red-hued room light, resemble a red diamond amidst the white snow. Her resistance to my physical contact only intensified my desire to feel her all over. Her wedding dress still blocked my view of her stunning milky white thighs, no matter how much I tried to open her legs by tying a leg spreader between them. I was trying to put her at ease by gently touching her, but she smacked me across the face, which hurt my man's pride. Sara's resistance only served to heighten my attraction to her body; I've never met a woman who didn't enjoy my touch. Junior Finge was quite excited to explore her pussy's depths. However, I intended to make her plead with me to let me inside of her. Once again, I lay down on her to feel her pulpy lips. I have no idea what it is about her lips that makes me want to keep kissing her. It wasn't even our kiss; I was the only one who placed her lips in my mouth
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Weird sensation
"Sara's point of view,""I wanted to touch his magnificent physique so badly, but he tied my hand. I want to feel his kisses all over me. Please come to me, darling. I can't wait to feel you inside of me. Please free my hand from this tight hold." He turned on the light and started reading the first paragraph of my written story. I felt uncomfortable exposing my bare body to him in the bright light of the room. Handcuffs and a leg spreader still bind me, despite my best efforts to escape his lustful stare. My thighs began to ache due to excessive spreading. My eyes lingered on his torso. His figure is undeniably stunning, with 8-pack abs, muscular arms, and a sparkling chest, but it isn't enough to make me drool over him. No amount of his attempts to make amends will ever remove the monstrous impression he has in my mind because of everything he did to me. I took my eyes off his body and looked around the room. It was unlike any other opulent room I'd seen or read about in the
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