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She ends up with a man who regards her as nothing. He cheats on her and always reminds her that she is bad luck to him. Sarah was hopeless, she hated that he wasn't changing despite her efforts to make him love her, and those struggles ended when she lost her baby through miscarriage because of the hell she was going through. Thinking that it was the end, she caught her husband on their matrimonial bed with his assistant, and before she could say a word, she was forced to sign a divorce paper. Overwhelmed with heartbreak, Sarah left the marriage, but what neither of them was expecting was that Sarah was the heiress to a Billionaire's fortune. Joe, a man who had supported and cared for Sarah during her difficult times, was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Mark, Sarah's ex-husband returns and begs for a second chance. Sarah recalls the child she lost because of him, and that made her more bitter. To handle all those fortunes, she needs a man by her side, now she's left with two options and choose just one.....forgive her ex-husband or marry Joe to be her contracted husband.

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59 Chapters
Chapter 1
SARAH'S POV:As I sat comfortably on the couch in my sitting room, I was completely engrossed in the program being shown on the television. The show was really interesting and I was thoroughly enjoying it. However, all of a sudden, I started experiencing a sharp pain in my stomach. It was completely unexpected and took me by surprise. The pain was so intense that it made me feel quite uncomfortable and uneasy. I couldn't understand what was causing it and I started to worry.The pain was persistent and did not seem to subside despite the changes I made in my breathing. As I have not experienced anything like this before. I suddenly started bleeding. I felt helpless, not knowing what was happening to me. I screamed for help, hoping someone would hear me and come to my rescue. Despite calling out several times, it seemed that nobody could hear me. The sound of my voice was the only response I got.I began to feel weak and dizzy. I know I needed help urgently. When I thought I couldn'
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Chapter 2
SARAH'S POV:The response was devastating - Overwhelmed with anger and sadness, I couldn't control my emotions and began to cry, and the doctor came to comfort me.It's been hard for me to accept the fact that my baby could have been saved. He was my hope and everything- my reason for living. And now I am left to wonder. I keep thinking about how my daughter, Mabel, will react after having hoped for a brother. The thought of having to tell her that her brother is no more brings tears to my eyes. There are so many questions going through my mind, and it's hard to find answers to any of them. All I know is that I miss my baby, and I wish I could have done something to save him."I am leaving the hospital and heading home now,". I told the doctor who was standing facing me. As I tried to pull out the IV drip and blood transfusion connected to my body, the doctor stopped me, "You cannot remove those on your own," he warned. "If you want to be discharged, I will have to do it for you."
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Chapter 3
SARAH'S POVThen I ran up to Jennie and punched her square in the face! Ahh! Jennie shrieks in pain, clutching her nose."You stupid b*tch! You will never get what you want". But I don't stop punching Jennie, I don't know where the strength is coming from.“Mark, help me!” Jennie begged my husband for help and Mark, who until now was immobile and in shock to see me in this wild state, came to me. He puts himself between her and me, protecting her. Letting me know that he is on her side and that he cares for her, not me.“Don't you f*cking dare to touch her…. Or I will throw you in a punishment cell until I think of what to do with you, Sarah”.“What do you mean? You are the one who will be thrown in a punishment cell for believing this b*tch instead of me, so f*ck you two?" I then walked out of the room bagging the door.As I stepped outside, I walked down to the swimming pool, and as I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks and a look of frustration on my face, I couldn't help
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Chapter 4
MARK POV;"Let's get rid of this wench," Jennie said to me with a look of bitterness on her face, referring to Sarah, who had just left the room. I could sense the hatred in her tone and I knew she had some sort of grudge against Sarah.“Do you have any plans for it?”I asked her as I was curious to know what plans she had in mind. It was clear that Jennie had a personal vendetta against Sarah. However, to me, Sarah is someone who not only belonged to a lower class but also someone who couldn't fit my kind of personality. Therefore, I was willing to do whatever it took to get Sarah out of my life, and I could tell that Jennie was determined to see this through, and I was ready to help her in any way I could."I had come up with a plan with a doctor to modify Sarah's medication," Jennie mentioned to me. Sarah had just been discharged from the hospital and was prescribed some medication by the doctor, which she will be taking regularly. "However, we will get Sarah's drugs changed to
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Chapter 5
Mark POV:As soon as I arrived at my office, I was taken aback by the large crowd that had gathered outside. It was quite chaotic and disruptive. Among them, I spotted Dave in the distance, who hurried over to me to explain the situation. It turned out that the source of the commotion was one of my clients, who had come to protest against the high fees I had charged her. This particular client was a woman whose son was involved in a legal case that I had been handling for her.Unfortunately, she was having trouble paying the amount of money that I had charged her for my services. It was not uncommon for us to charge high fees for complex cases, and it seemed that this was one of them. At our law firm, we often charge steep prices depending on the complexity and severity of the case at hand. Despite my client's discontent, I knew that I had provided her with the best legal representation possible and that the fees I had charged were fair and reasonable given the circumstances."I need
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Chapter 6
SARAH'S POV:My friend and I were still enjoying ourselves on the same beach. We were having such a great time that we decided to attend a party. As soon as we got there, the sound of music filled the air and Brenda immediately rushed to the dance floor, eagerly joining the dancing crowd. I stood there alone for a moment, taking in the scene, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling out my name and turning around. I was pleasantly surprised to see Paul, who happens to be Mark's cousin, approaching me with a warm smile."Hello, Sarah," he said, extending his hand for a handshake. I couldn't help but smile."Paul, what are you doing here?” I asked as I opened my arms to give him a warm hug. It had been a while since we last spoke, and I was worried about him."I just came here to let loose and have some fun." He replied. His answer put my mind at ease, and I was glad to know that he was here to enjoy himself. But I could sense that there was more to the story, so I asked him,
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Chapter 7
SARAH'S POV;As soon as we arrived at the dancing ground, Joe turned to me with a charming smile and said, "Shall we?" Without hesitation, he took my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. As we began to move together, I felt an unexpected flutter in my stomach and realised that I was starting to develop feelings for him. The music was loud and vibrant, filling the air with its infectious beat and making it impossible not to dance. Our bodies moved in perfect harmony, and it felt as though we had been dancing together for years.After the dance, Joe led me to the bar where we ordered drinks. As we sat down, I couldn't help but feel grateful for his company. It had been a long time since I had felt this happy, and Joe was the reason for it. He had a way of making me forget all the troubles and heartbreaks I had experienced in the past. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't want the night to end.Although it's Sunday night, I had to go to work on the next day, and my daughter
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Chapter 8
MARK’S POV:As I was about to be taken away by the police, I could hear Dave and several security guards in the office loudly protesting. They were demanding that justice be served, and I could sense the tension in the air. However, I managed to calm them down and assured them that I will be back in no time.Just as I thought the situation was under control, my client who had caused my arrest suddenly, without any warning, clapped her hands, and I felt the sharp sting of her palm against my face. The force of the blow sent me reeling, and I stumbled backwards, my head spinning. I couldn't believe what had just happened.The situation was tense, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was being accused of taking away my client's money, and she had called the police on me. Before I knew it, my client who was visibly angry, slapped me hard across the face, pointed at me and her voice rang out shrilly. "I will make sure you pay me every dime you owe, you wicked person!" she sho
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Chapter 9
MARK'S POV:As Jennie and I were leaving the police station, I heard my phone ring. I reached into my pocket to answer it, but Jennie stopped me abruptly by saying, "Can we please enjoy some time together without interruptions?" She then took my phone from my hand before I could even respond. I couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed at the time, but I knew that spending quality time with her will be more important so that I won't make mistakes again. As soon as we arrived at the spot where she had parked her car, she turned to me and uttered just one word, "Drive." Without wasting any time, she flipped her car key in my direction and I quickly caught it. As I held the key, she stepped aside and waited for me to take the driver's seat. The urgency in her voice made it clear that there was no time to waste and we needed to hit the road as soon as possible. I noticed that there was a hint of worry on her face, as if something was bothering her. Despite her demeanour, I remained calm and
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Chapter 10
SARAH'S POV:"Mum” I turned around as I heard my daughter Mabel calling out for me, using the affectionate term that only she could get away with. I couldn't help but wonder how long she had been standing there and if she had been listening in on my conversation with Joe. "I have to go," I eventually told Joe, hoping to end the conversation before it became any more awkward."Allow me to drop you off," he suggested."No, don't worry," I told him with a smile. While I appreciated his offer, I didn't want him to know where I lived. "I can find my way home."As we said goodbye, I turned to my daughter. "Let's go honey," I said, and we headed back home.Upon my arrival, I realised that the house was eerily quiet. I called out for my husband, but there was no answer. I decided to check up on his room, but he wasn't there either. I couldn't help but wonder where he could have been with his mistress.As I walked out onto the veranda, I noticed the chief maid passing by. Curious about the wh
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