Reclaiming My Broken Luna

Reclaiming My Broken Luna

By:  Selene Souchon  Updated just now
Language: English
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Astrid knew that her mate doesn’t want her, but it did not stop her to hopelessly believe that Killian, her Alpha mate, would learn to love her back in the long run. Until reality slaps her with the truth when Killian’s ex-girlfriend Giselle, the love of his life came back to ruin their married life. Astrid realized she had no place in his life anymore. From being a Pack Luna and a powerful warrior, she became the poor unwanted mate who is forced to leave their Pack. After her rejection and divorce, things got more twisted when Giselle’s lies and her true identity are uncovered. Killian realized that letting Astrid go was the worst mistake of his life. Will Killian be able to reclaim his Luna even after he broke her?

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Wth Astrid's baby dies while Giselle is still pregnant ugh author is so unfair!
2024-06-18 17:22:02
100 Chapters
Chapter 1: Pregnant
Astrid’s POVMy husband and mate Killian, who is also the Alpha of the Silvermoon Pack, left the assembly and went somewhere with his ex-girlfriend leaving me behind. As the Pack’s Luna, I dutifully prepared for our annual pack assembly, but he nearly ruined it because he couldn’t wait to spend time alone with Giselle. Giselle was Killian’s ex-girlfriend. She was his one true love, a woman who is better in many ways than me. Giselle and Killian were in love with each other. Even after Killian found out that we were mates and marked me as his mate and Luna, Killian only had Giselle in his heart.As his mate, it kills me to know that my mate who is supposed to love and cherish me is in love with someone else. Killian had always reminded me that he felt nothing for me. In the years that we were married, he treated me as nothing more than his mere subordinate.Aside from being a Luna, I am also Killian’s right-hand man in the military. I am in charge of the Pack training and I always wo
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Chapter 2: Unwanted
CHAPTER 2Astrid’s POV“I am not just a warrior in this Pack, Killian. I am also your wife and your Luna. Why should I apologize to your mistress that is not even a part of this Pack,” I blurted out as I pointed an angry finger at Giselle. Killian only scoffed in response. He looked at me mockingly like I was a joke to him. “You are so delusional!” He answered back frustratingly. “When have I ever seen you as my mate and Luna?” He questioned taking me aback and causing a sharp pain in my chest. “If it wasn’t for you, Giselle and I wouldn’t have separated.” My body ran cold when I heard his blunt response. I never thought that he was blaming me for what happened between him and Giselle. “Killian… I’m your mate,” I retorted with my lips quivering. “A mate that I never wanted!” He yells back and shatters what is left of my broken heart. “K-Killian, the moon goddess chose us to be together. How could you choose someone else over me?” I asked back as my wolf whimpered inside of me.
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Chapter 3: Funeral
Astrid’s POVMy eyes had been swollen red and puffy from endless crying. My grandmother was the only family member I had left. Now that she’s dead, I am left all alone. Since I’m the only one left, I am in charge of her medical expenses and I have been busy preparing for her funeral all alone. I’ve never stopped crying since my grandmother died.Still, I hated myself. What’s the purpose of preparing for her funeral and crying after she died when I wasn’t even there by the time that she needed me the most? In her last days, I wasn’t even there to comfort her.My precious grandmother doesn’t deserve a granddaughter like me.I held back my tears as I gathered my grandmother’s favorite foods together and placed them near her casket. In the happy memories that I had when I was little, I wasn’t all alone. I always had my mom and grandma to rely on. That didn’t last long though, eventually, my mother died and my grandma had to shoulder all the responsibilities and raise me on her own.
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Chapter 4: Divorce
Killian’s POVDivorce? I couldn’t understand. I sighed and raked my hair in frustration when I caught my mind drifting off again instead of focusing on the paperwork that I had to finalize for the day. My mind kept on going back to Astrid’s words. I couldn’t believe how she easily asked me for divorce. Astrid has always been responsible and obedient as a Luna and as my right-hand man or commander in the military. I couldn’t believe that she would easily file for divorce knowing that divorcing me would mean she would have to give up her Luna title and it would also make things awkward between us. I leaned on my chair and shut my eyes as I felt my headache coming. She must be talking purely out of her emotions. Once she had calmed down and saw the whole situation with a clear head, she would realize that the divorce would be too much. I was just late for her grandmother’s funeral and I have a reasonable excuse for that. If I really didn’t care, I wouldn’t have shifted to my wolf a
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Chapter 5: Bracelet
Astrid’s POVMy heart was heavy with grief and my body was fully exhausted when I returned to the packhouse. Being pregnant made me become more emotional, and it also made me tire more easily. With everything that had happened to me lately, being pregnant made things more difficult for me. Returning to the packhouse was the last thing that I wanted, but I had to. I had left all my things behind when I suddenly decided not to come back anymore. Right now, I just don’t want to meet anyone who would ruin my mood even further. I came to the packhouse to pack my things and that’s it. I have no intention of meeting Killian or even seeing his face. I also do not have any intention of telling him about our unborn child anymore.I instinctively touched my bump as I had that thought. I bit my lower lip as I felt sorry for my child.As someone who grew up without a father, I do not want my baby to experience that also. However, I couldn’t also let him grow up with a father who doesn’t want h
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Chapter 6: Rejection
Astrid’s POVKillian turned his face away in shame when he heard my words. His hands trembled slightly as he reluctantly pulled the lilies away from my face, giving me the chance to breathe much better.I remained silent as I covered my nose. My nose felt itchy because of the damn flowers that stirred up my allergies. Killian suddenly scoffed after a moment of silence. “These flowers are not for you,” he spoke angrily.I slowly looked up at him through the corner of my eyes when I heard him speak. When he came here holding the flowers, I really thought it was meant for me.“For whom was it then?” I asked him since I really thought that he had come all the way here to give me those flowers as his way of apologizing. “For Giselle of course,” Killian blurted out. “As you have said you have never received any gift from me. Did you really think I would give you a flower now?”A bitter smile spread across my face when I heard his answer. It was foolish of me to expect that the flowers he
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Chapter 7: Fall from Power
Astrid’s POVMy mind went blank as I wandered mindlessly, not knowing where my feet were taking me. Now that I have divorced Killian and now that I got the freedom that I wanted, what now? How long will I be able to survive as a rogue when I’m pregnant?A bitter smile rose to my lips as I lifted my face to the sky, thinking that if I tilted my head up my tears would stop from falling. Instead, my tears blurred my vision even more when I saw the dark heavy clouds above me who were just like me, keeping in tears instead of letting it all fall out.A soft cry escaped my lips as I continued walking. I’m pregnant and I had nowhere to go or no one to help me. It’s going to rain soon and I don’t even have a safe shelter where I could stay at. “There is a small pack nearby, maybe we can stay there. You need to walk fast before the rain catches us.” Ingrid, my wolf, spoke inside my head. Since I’m pregnant, it’s dangerous for the baby if I shift into my wolf. I really had no choice but to
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Chapter 8: Family Ties
Astrid’s POVI groaned in pain when a pounding headache entered my senses as soon as I woke up. I fluttered my eyes open and squinted in confusion when I found myself in an unfamiliar room. I placed a hand on my head as I slowly stood up and looked around. For a moment I felt hazy until I blinked my eyes and collected myself together. Soon enough, memories from last night flooded in my head, explaining why I was in pain, but it didn’t explain where I was. “Astrid.” I looked up when I heard someone call my name. I came back to my senses when I saw Drystan enter the room. “Are you okay? What do you feel?” Drystan asked me worriedly as he approached me. Looking at him, I finally recognized the stranger last night before I fell unconscious. I couldn’t believe that it was him and he saved me. I openly stared at Drystan for I was too stunned to speak. I did not expect that I would see him this soon. I had just stepped down as a Luna and divorced Killian yesterday. I’m sure he had al
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Chapter 9: Stranger
Killian’s POV It has been three days of restlessness, waiting for Astrid to come back and beg for my forgiveness. I wasn’t expecting that she would even last for a day out there to realize her mistakes and eat back her words. She is too arrogant and prideful that she would rather sleep in the streets than admit her own mistakes. I had sent a word to all of the surrounding Packs and told them that I would break my alliance with them if ever they allowed Astrid inside their Pack. So far, all of them listened, they did not even allow Astrid to set foot in their Pack.Now, I wonder where Astrid is staying at. As the days passed by with no news of her, I hated to admit that I was getting worried about her. I had no idea where she had gone to hide, and I couldn’t even contact her through the mind link. “If you really want her to come back, why don’t you just lower yourself and search for her instead? Nothing will happen if you just wait in here!” Liam, my wolf, screamed angrily inside
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Chapter 10: Nightsong Pack
Astrid’s POV I held my breath as I waited for Drystan’s answer. I have already made backup plans in my mind in case he insists on telling his nephew about my pregnancy when he suddenly lets out a huge breath.“Fine,” he muttered making me look up at him with wide eyes. “I won’t tell Killian anything if that will make you feel safe in my pack.” Drystan finally turned around and faced me with his hands inside his pockets. My shoulder relaxes upon hearing his agreement. I let out a huge sigh of relief. “Since you have left your Pack and had nowhere to go, why don’t you join our Pack instead?” My jaw dropped as his offer hung in the air. Is he serious? Did he just invite me to join his Pack when I’m his nephew’s ex-wife?“You don’t have to worry about Killian. I promise you, I wouldn’t tell him a thing. You are pregnant. It is dangerous for you to live without the support of a Pack,” Drystan explained when he saw my bewildered expression.I pursed my lips and lowered my head as I thoug
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