The Billionaire’s Red

The Billionaire’s Red

By:  J.J Kris  Completed
Language: English
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After leaving Mexico for a better life in America, Hera Garcia finds herself trapped in the clutches of Amelia Johansson, a cruel and snobby employer. As Hera endures Amelia's mistreatment, she discovers how kind hearted Dylan, Amelia's husband was and instantly became drawn to him. Hera's life takes a dramatic turn when she realizes her forbidden love for Dylan wasn’t one sided. Following a betrayal from Dylan, she escapes for her life and crosses paths with Aziel, a cold, good looking billionaire who unveils a whole new world to her. Years later Hera crosses path with Amelia and Dylan again, but she was no longer the naive maid they once knew her to be.

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Nice and interesting book. captivating plot too.
2022-12-21 00:38:38
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Omisore Olumide
I love this book it is so interesting
2023-03-26 00:48:32
104 Chapters
Chapter One
Crash!Crash!Crash!"YOU FUCKING BASTARD! TELL ME WHO THAT BITCH IS NOW! WHAT, YOU DIDN'T THINK I SAW YOU FLIRTING WITH HER?" Amelia's voice yelled from the next room. I let out a sigh as I hugged a shuddering Brie to my chest tightly. Her short arms wrapped around my torso and I winced a bit when her hand touched the bruise on my back. "It's gonna be alright honey, you shouldn't stress those beautiful eyes of yours." I pulled her back a little to wipe the tears off her face. Her big blue eyes were red and puffy from crying, her lips were curled downward and they shook from fear. Seeing her sad and scared broke my heart. "Why do my mommy and daddy quarrel every time?." The four-year-old asked, her innocent big blue staring up at me. They used to look so lively and bubbly but now, they were just as dull as dishwater. I would do everything to make them sparkle brightly again, even if it meant taking her out of her room to mine where she wouldn't have to hear her parents fight. "Brie
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Chapter Two
"Buenos días Bonita! (Good morning beautiful)" The gardener, Carlos greeted me as I got to the garden with a tray containing his food in my hands. Carlos Rodriguez was a forty-three-year-old man. He was the first friend I made in the US. It was about five years ago, I remember that night I had been around a dumpster searching for plastic bottles to be recycled for money when this guy walked up to me and stole all my plastic bottles. I took off chasing after him and ended up bumping into this man that appeared out of nowhere. I had immediately brought out my knife to defend myself as I had thought he was one of those men that tries to take advantage of young girls, I had encountered a few of them before that night. Carlos had raised his hands and said 'I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to help you' in Spanish and I had been a bit surprised by his Mexican accent. 'Are you Mexican?' I had asked in Spanish and he had replied 'Sí'. To cut the long story short, Carlos was the reason
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Chapter Three
“Where did you get your dress, Hera?” Nina asked me for the umpteenth time that evening. Her hand ran over the fabric of my dress. “I told you that already.” I said, looking ahead. We were currently on a hummer bus, Gabriel one of the chauffeurs of that house was driving us to the location of the event. “No, you didn’t. The fabric feels so silk and real. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said it was an original. I only know it’s a clone because I know you could never afford the real thing but not many people at the party will know that. You might even get convinced for one of the guests. It’s just so…so real that it makes my dress look shabby. Tell me where you got it from?” I squirmed in my seat knowing that I would have to lie to her about the dress. I’d never felt comfortable lying to people ‘cause I didn’t really see the point of telling lies but then again I couldn’t exactly tell her that the boss gave it to me. I couldn’t tell her that Dylan gave me the dress because
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Chapter Four
“M-Mr Marshall.” I stuttered. My heart was beating frantically in my chest. I unconsciously held my breath when his eyes fleeted across my face and then trailed down to my body. “The dress looks…perfect on you. You uh, you looked beautiful.” He said before meeting my eyes again. I should say thank you. I should thank him for the compliment and for gifting me the dress but I couldn’t. I couldn’t say anything because I’d temporarily lost the ability to speak. All I could do was look up at him with wide eyes and a stunned face. I was ridiculous, I looked ridiculous I know. I couldn’t understand how one man was able to make me lose the ability to control my own body. I looked away when I realized that I was staring more than what was appropriate. The last thing I wanted was for him to find out that I was attracted to him. I could lose my job if that happened. “Mr. Marshall do you—” “I told you to call me Dylan, Hera.” He cut me off, his breath hitting my cheek. My heart jumped a litt
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Chapter Five
The dance started about twenty minutes ago. It was a waltz dance where you switch partners with every song. Normally we waiters aren't supposed to be on the dance floor but who cares, it wasn't like anyone was watching besides, I promised to save a dance for Dylan. The song finished and I let go of my partner. He was the fifth man I'd danced with that night and my feet were starting to hurt. The shoes I had on were a size smaller which made it difficult to keep walking around or dancing in them but then again I couldn't pull them off, not when there were disdainful elites at every corner of the room. Besides, I felt that bit wearing shoes would ruin my dress and whole look. I knew the wise thing to do was to go sit down like Nina did and leave the dance for the professionals but I couldn't, not when I was yet to dance with Dylan. The thought of having his arms wrapped around my waist was starting to make me jittery. In a good way of course. The next song was about to start and mos
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Chapter Six
Nina and I arrived home late like every year. And that was because we had to clean up after the guests.The first thing I pulled off when I entered my room was my shoes. A soft sigh escaped my lips. I had never felt more relieved than I did at that moment. I almost thought I was going to lose my toes. I pulled down the zipper of my dress and was just about to pull it off my shoulders when I heard a knock on my door. It was Nina, I knew that much ‘cause Amelia and her family were asleep when we got in. I opened the door for her even though I didn’t know what she wanted. I was stunned when I found out that it was Nina at my door but rather, the man of the house. “Mr. Marshall, what are you doing here?” The words left my mouth before I could stop myself. I couldn’t even hide the irritation I felt toward him and I was sure he could tell that I was mad at him. Maybe I had thought too highly of him. He wasn’t a man of his word and certainly wasn’t the gentleman I thought he was. Becaus
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Chapter Seven
“Hera!” Nina exclaimed and I jumped, startled. I had been so deep in thought that I didn’t realize that she was talking to me.“Please tell me you heard everything I was saying?” She looked up at me with slightly wide eyes. My blank stare was enough to answer her question. “Oh my God! So I’ve been talking to myself since? Oh my goodness I can’t believe this.” “Sorry.” I said meekly before continuing with the dishes I was washing. “What were you thinking about? Was it about what happened this morning? What Amelia did to you?” She asked and suddenly memories of that morning came rushing in. I had barely slept a wink, sleeping was a hard task when I couldn’t stop thinking of the feel of Dylan’s lips against the corner of my lips. His manly scent and the feel of his strong, hard body against mine consumed my mind. I kept tossing around the bed, switching positions to find the right position to sleep in but still, sleep wouldn’t come. Dylan fucking Marshall was all I could think of.
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Chapter Eight
I wanted to believe that I heard Dylan wrong, I desperately wanted it to be my mind playing tricks on me. I wanted to believe that Dylan hadn’t just told me to not leave, he hadn’t just told me to stay. I wanted it to be my ears playing tricks on me but it wasn’t. Dylan had really told me not to go, he had really begged me not to leave. But, why?Was my massage really that good or did he want me to stay for other reasons?If so, what’s the reason? “Um, I’m not sure I heard you correctly, sir.” I said. “Hera, you don’t have to use that word with me. I’m not that much older than you are.” His eyes were still closed and I found myself wondering what word he was talking about. “I’m not sure I get what you mean, sir.” “Stop addressing me as ‘sir’” he breathed. “It makes me uncomfortable.” My lips formed an ‘o’ shape and I just sat there thinking about what to do. I mean do I continue massaging his temples or do I leave like I initially wanted to do? “I, um I thought you were asleep.
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Chapter Nine
“Yes sir, alright sir, I will do that, sir.” Nina said into the telephone speakers with a wide smile on her face. Her cheeks were tinted pink, she was blushing. Yes, she was talking to Dylan on the kitchen intercom. The telephone had rung just a few minutes after he got back from work and like every time that he had called that telecom, she picked up the telephone before I could. “Yes, sir.” She nodded before dropping the call. The smile on her face got wider and she squealed loudly, embracing me in her arms. “Oh my gosh, his voice is so sexy! The way he called my name, oh my goodness Hera it’s the best thing I’ve heard today.” She had this dreamy look on her face. Nina had never hidden her attraction to Dylan from me whereas I, I’ve done nothing but hide the fact that I was in love with him from her. She would gush about how good-looking she thought he looked any time she gets. She always had this dreamy look on her face and whenever she asked what I thought about him, I would act
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Chapter Ten
Crash!Crash!“YOU THINK SHE’S PRETTY? YOU FUCKING THINK SHE’S PRETTY? WHY THE HELL ARE YOH MARRIED TO ME THEN? WHY DON’T YOU GO FUCK HER YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” I and everyone else living in that house heard Amelia shout from her and Dylan’s room. Brie whimpered, sobbing quietly into my shirt before she hugged me tighter. It was a rainy Saturday night. Amelia and Dylan had started their infamous argument about ten minutes ago and I’d immediately rushed to Brie’s room to stay with her because I knew she would be worried and sad. “For goddamn sake Amelia, you asked me a question!” Dylan's voice rang. It was crazy how thin the walls of a house as huge as that were. “AND YOU ANSWERED LIKE THE CHEATING BASTARD THAT YOU ARE! GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF ME! IF IT’S HER YOU REALLY WANT THEN GO BE WITH HER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.” Crash!!!Crash!“LET ME GO DYLAN MARSHALL.” Crash!“Hera, is my mommy going to hurt my daddy?” Brie asked. Her big blue eyes filled with tears. I shook my head. “
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