Struggles And Obsessions

Struggles And Obsessions

By:  eaglenerd  Completed
Language: English
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"Before you get too excited, Mom, I turned him down. Forget the dress, and the dance," added Gwen. "You turned down a date with that hunk, Gwen? What on earth were you thinking?" asked a stunned Kate. "Girls will kill for a date with that guy. I know I would!" .......... No one had ever asked her out so soon after meeting her. In fact, only a couple of guys had ever even hinted that they would like to date her and she had quickly dashed their hopes. Gwen was very accomplished in her studies and was on track to graduate first in her class. She wanted to be a surgeon and she had long ago decided that fleeting emotional entanglements would not advance her career plans. She was also an avid reader and a born romantic. She was determined to not settle for some mundane romance. In fact, she would settle for nothing less than a love like Juliet had with Romeo. The boys that had shown any interest in her thus far had simply not measured up. She finally sees her path to redemption. Both of them will stop at nothing to change the world. But will the passion they discover in each other be enough to save the world?

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Maggie Peeler
Excellent book. I am looking forward to the sequel.
2022-12-26 18:47:49
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Great work. Well done Author.
2022-12-04 03:07:09
user avatar
thumbs up to you author. nice one
2022-11-29 22:34:55
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Classic Writer
this story reminds me of my college days. such a sweet memory coming back again. nice one author.
2022-11-29 22:27:41
user avatar
nice one. reading more
2022-11-29 14:23:49
user avatar
amazing story. well-done author
2022-11-29 14:10:28
default avatar
boring, boring and boring compared to all the other book on this plattform not waste your time on reading even one chapter
2022-12-13 00:32:36
76 Chapters
Chapter 1
Paula Anderson was exhausted as she made her way back to the food court in the mall. She had been clothes shopping with her younger two daughters for the last four hours. Kate, her youngest daughter and a few months shy of 16, was determined to be the best dressed girl in the sophomore class. Paula had accompanied Kate as she spent the last three hours looking at hundreds of outfits and trying on dozens of them."How is it that Kate is such a slave to fashion while Gwen could care less?" wondered Paula to herself. "I don't think it took us half an hour to select Gwen's entire wardrobe for her senior year. Of course, it was much easier since Gwen still insists on those bulky, loose pants, baggy jeans, and oversized tops and sweaters. She just doesn't seem to have any interest in fashion, or boys for that matter."As Paula and Kate rounded the corner by the Radio Shack store, Kate let out an audible gasp and stopped in her tracks. Paula turned to look at her daughter, who now stood stil
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Chapter 2
"Gwen! Listen to yourself," responded an exasperated Paula. "Not many girls your age would want to get off his hook, given the choice.""Mother!" proclaimed Kate and Gwen simultaneously."I'm just saying!" laughed Paula. "It sounds to me like he was very determined to secure a date with you, Gwen. It might be prudent to formulate a plan B for Saturday. He might win that game all by himself, just so that he can take you to the dance."Steve had gone to the mall to pick up a few items for the start of school. He was excited about attending a regular high school in the United States and about playing football in his senior year. He knew it would be a big adjustment, but it was one to which he looked forward. He was idly considering getting some fries at the food court when he first saw her.Steve had seen lots of pretty girls in the mall. He recognized and appreciated beauty the same as any normal 18 year old boy would. That said, he was still pretty well flabbergasted when he saw the da
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Chapter 3
"Gwen, you only went to a couple home games last year. Kate went to everyone that she could, and I attended a few with her," pointed out Paula. "It isn't all that unusual for Kate and me to go to a football game, and Lisa was a cheerleader when she was a senior, so I can understand her wanting to go. How is it that you're going to an away game now?""I'm a senior this year, Mother," replied Gwen somewhat testily. "You're the one that told me I should enjoy my senior year more. That's all I'm trying to do.""Sure. You just want to watch Gifford kick our butts up and down the field. It has nothing to do with a certain stud football player that's blinded by your beauty," teased Kate."I don't know if I approve of you going out with this young man, especially under these conditions. No woman should be forced to do something like this against her will," reasoned her father. "Maybe I should have a talk with this Steve person and nip this situation in the bud?""Yeah, Dad! Every girl wants h
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Chapter 4
"Coach wants us to ride the bus. Otherwise, I'd take you up on that offer, Lisa," replied Steve as he placed his hands on the noticeably silent Gwen's elbows and smiled. "Thanks, Gwen, for giving in and letting me take you to the dance."Gwen felt like she was in a dream. Who knew how many people had just listened to the star quarterback practically beg her for a date! Steve's hands on her arms made her skin tingle where he touched her. She saw Lisa hand Steve her phone and he punched in some numbers and returned it to Lisa."Thanks for coming to the game," added Steve as he bent close to Gwen. "I'll see you tomorrow night. Call me with the time."Steve turned and stepped back down to the field and trotted past the stunned cheerleaders and headed for the showers. Gwen felt hands turn her around and gently push her toward the exit. As she walked, she once again became aware of her surroundings. Lisa held her hand and was smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Her mother and Kate wer
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Chapter 5
By this time Gwen wanted to crawl into a hole and die. She had all she could do to keep from crying as Lisa patted her hand and tried to calm her. Meanwhile, Paula was horrified. What had gotten into her normally quiet and reserved husband? She struggled to find words to diffuse the situation. What a way for a young man to be treated the first time he meets a girl's parents!"Sir, I respect your conditions and will abide by them without hesitation," replied Steve calmly as he extended his hand to Ted Anderson. "You've done an incredible job raising your daughters and I will do nothing to bring dishonor or harm to any of them, and especially to Gwen. You have my word."Ted Anderson beamed as he shook Steve's hand. It was always best to clear the air in the beginning, before any misunderstandings occur. He had taken the bull by the horns and laid the foundation for his daughter's well being. It was only as he looked for admiration on the faces of the other folks in the room that he sens
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Chapter 6
Steve couldn't help but appreciate how cleverly the disc jockey had placed everyone at the dance in a position to be auctioned off. A lot of people would have not raised their hands if volunteers had been sought, but by asking them to move to an area, they would have had to be proactive in not participating. People too shy to participate would be reluctant to be seen removing themselves from the fray. Steve had already learned something useful for the future."Okay! We're ready to begin the dancing. Please be sure to obey the rule that absolutely no one under the age of twenty one is to have any alcohol. There are no exceptions. Break this rule and you'll be asked to leave immediately. As I mentioned before, I'll be auctioning off dances with various attendees over the course of the evening. All proceeds will go to the Archer benefit and it's all in good fun. The winning bidder can select the music that I'll play for them, if I have it, and I can't imagine any song I don't have," boas
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Chapter 7
Steve bowed and thanked Mrs. Davis and returned to his table. This time there were friendly jibes and smirks tossed his way. Gwen was seated, waiting for his return."Tell me Steve, how did you enjoy that dance? It looked like her "girls" were attached to your stomach. Do you like older women?" quizzed Gwen."Gwen, please believe me. I tried to hold her back without being too obvious, or seeming too rude. She was pretty determined," explained Steve.Suddenly everyone at the table burst into gales of laughter. Steve realized that he had been teased and that Gwen was not angry and he felt immediate relief."You should have seen yourself, Steve. The more she tried to lean into you, the more you leaned back and grimaced. You acted like her boobs were hot irons being pressed against your stomach," chuckled Mark. "I can't imagine how much you must've suffered.""You're exactly right, Mark," confessed Steve. "It isn't easy having two giant implants pushed into your abdomen. Not many men coul
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Chapter 8
Half an hour later, Steve and Gwen pulled into the Anderson driveway. At least they pulled into the bottom of the drive, as it was full of cars. Gwen looked the cars over and turned to Steve."I'm so sorry. It looks like every relative and friend my family knows has decided to meet at our place. I think it may be to inspect you and maybe grill you as boyfriend material. I'm not saying you're my boyfriend or anything, but I know everyone inside will say it. I have to invite you in or they'd give me the devil, but you can leave if you want. I wouldn't blame you," admitted Gwen."For some reason, you don't seem to understand that I really enjoy your family. I'd be glad to meet all your family and friends. In fact, I want to meet them, if you're okay with it.""Okay, but don't say that I didn't warn you. They'll talk like we're getting married next week and ask all kinds of embarrassing questions. The Inquisition was a walk in the park compared to an evening in our house when you're datin
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Chapter 9
Steve had to park his car down the street because the Anderson driveway was filled to capacity. Kate greeted him with a hug as he walked up the driveway."I'm so glad you came, Steve. I've got a few girlfriends here, and I kind of told them we're real close since you're dating my sister. I'm not going to embarrass you or Sis, but it would be greatly appreciated if you'd act like you really liked me," begged Kate."Kate, I really do like you, but let's make this clear. I like you like the sister that I never had. I may start loving you like the sister I never had, but it's always going to be like a sister, okay?""Oh, Steve! You'll be my big brother? I never had one before, but I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot! That sounds perfect. I'll be sure to tell Sis that I'm not trying to steal you away. Thanks so much!" squealed Kate in delight as she led Steve around to the pool area behind the house."I think this guy is stalking me!" called Charlotte as she walked up to Steve and gave him
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Chapter 10
For his part, Steve wasted no time catching up to Gwen as they left homeroom for their English class. Gwen felt a tingle of pride to have Steve walk her down the halls where the other students could see for themselves that the star quarterback was, indeed, walking with the class "braniac".Steve took a seat directly behind Gwen, who sat in the front row. Charlotte sat across from her in another front seat. Mark, Bev, and Barry came in together and sat nearby. Steve saw a very attractive, petite blonde girl enter and look around at the gathered students."You're Steve Hammer? Did you receive the required reading list for this class? If so, did you have time to read all four novels? Will you require any extra time to complete the assignment," quizzed the pretty girl."I'm on the last chapter of the fourth novel. I'll have them all read by tomorrow morning. Thanks for asking," replied Steve politely, but with some confusion. "How about you? Did you read all of them, or will you need more
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