Pregnant Too Young — Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

Pregnant Too Young — Daddy Is A Billionaire Jock

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
81 ratings
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Michelle Henriksson is afraid of men. Something tragic happened, and she hasn't been able to look anyone of the male gender straight in the eye since then. She keeps to herself, hoping college will be quiet.Maddox Daniels isn't interested in relationships—friends and a girlfriend would keep him away from his goal to be taken into the NFL. He is unfriendly and doesn't need anyone. So why can't he get Michelle Henriksson out of his head?They are opposites. They shouldn't get along. Yet chemistry sparks between them after their professor pairs them together, which pisses off the angry football player.How will he survive his project partner?

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The book is great and I appreciate the diallogue-it flows and matches the characters personality.the only ridiculous thing is the love for the herculean men, and even that feels natural as it matches the characters' personalities. the honesty one has with their own emotions helps readers empathize
2023-12-13 09:54:30
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Nancy Reed
This book is good so far
2023-09-24 22:07:50
user avatar
Ariel Hernz
Lovely book. Glad I clicked.
2023-04-25 06:39:20
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2023-01-28 10:28:55
user avatar
Christine Harrison
Very enjoyable book to read.
2022-10-28 06:14:56
user avatar
Rebecca Callicutt Hudson
l absolutely love this
2022-10-16 08:27:07
user avatar
Archel Jheiz Braceros Monje
I just hope the story will have happy ending and not circling around with a lot of chapters.I like this book.
2022-10-12 10:39:05
user avatar
Go and read "A virgin for the player" while waiting for updates ~ updated daily too ~
2022-09-29 02:53:21
default avatar
Sharon Delgado
Just looking that’s all
2022-09-27 02:05:34
user avatar
Angela Mathis
Yes I'm loving this book! The collection of stories and how they all tie into each other. It is well written, funny, and touching!
2022-09-24 10:08:19
user avatar
Rebecca Callicutt Hudson
love this one of the best I have read
2022-09-22 23:08:26
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Dee'Kandis brown
Absolutely love this book. Very easy flow or story line.
2022-09-21 21:00:12
user avatar
Every couple will get their own epilogue/ bonus story after Zane story.
2022-09-17 07:32:17
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DS Nedsong
Realistic characters that are easy to relate to and root for, The language makes for smooth reading as well as smooth character development.
2022-09-15 15:16:59
user avatar
Betty Lladones
it flashback my first close friend
2022-09-14 05:05:10
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361 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Michelle I'm afraid of most men. I haven't told anyone, and I'm not seeing a therapist about it, but it all started after I was sexually assaulted. Of course, no one knows about that either. I'm scared no one would believe me. Especially since I'm not beautiful, tall, or attractive. I'm a shor
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Chapter 0002
Michelle It's gotten late, and I'm still at the library. Unhappiness is all around. I've barely gotten any work done because of my jittering nerves. And it's all thanks to this big guy, Maddox. He is feasting on the last pizza slice while sitting next to me in a chair to see my display. Perso
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Chapter 0003
Michelle "Do you live over there?" Maddox nods at a house up the street, his big hands holding the wheel in a death grip. "Yes, but you don't have to drive the entire way..." I nervously laugh and face his stern expression. "Why not?" "Um... Because my roommates would freak out if they saw you
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Chapter 0004
Maddox I need a freaking doctor. Something is seriously wrong with my head. Did I hit it or something? Possible brain damage from birth that didn't show up until now? I don't know what is happening to me, but I'm acting weird! I don't date. I don't do relationships. I don't want a WAG, a partn
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Chapter 0005
Michelle I hate walking into the classroom every morning. I'm the quiet girl, and when that door opens, I got all eyes on me. The spotlight makes it harder to breathe. It's making my skin crawl. My heart beats faster, and even though there isn't straight-up laughter or name-calling like in high
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Chapter 0006
Maddox The library is peaceful and serene. I'm here with Michelle and eating an apple while she is working on our project. Everything would be damn near perfect. IF ONLY THAT GLASSES-WEARING GUY WOULD STOP STEALING GLANCES AT HER! The bloke is sitting at his own table. Tie and slicked-back hair
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Chapter 0007
She hasn't "accidentally" touched my abs even once, and that happens all the fucking time with other ladies! Which means... Oh-my-god! HAROLD MIGHT STAND A CHANCE! "Why don't you read it later?" Harold asks sweetly. "I have to go now, but... Look at it later, okay? I know you don't like close pr
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Chapter 0008
Michelle I'm running, and I manage to make it outside the library before tears run down my chin like rain. I wipe them away with a trembling hand and dry my cheeks with my sleeve. "I'm stupid, so fucking stupid for thinking Maddox could be nice!" I yell at myself and quicken my pace down the stree
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Chapter 0009
But since I'm a prime example of a mature person, I lower my voice to pick my following words carefully. "Listen, when you're with your other friends, do you usually take their stuff without permission?" "Yes." Jesus fucking Christ. "Well, don't do that with me ever again." It's a miracle I manag
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Chapter 0010
Maddox "Please just put me down..." Michelle begs. I'm still carrying her like a hunting trophy. She is seriously lightweight and needs to eat something. But the fact that I can handle her so easily kind of turns me on. What is wrong with my head? Michelle keeps squirming. "This is embarrassing! P
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