Forbidden Bonds: A Stepbrother, Stepsister Love Affair

Forbidden Bonds: A Stepbrother, Stepsister Love Affair

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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When Mia Armstrong's mother got remarried, she knew she would have a new family, but she never expected Aaron Boyd? A boy who hates everyone and make it a point of duty to bully her, to be her new stepbrother!! The two vowed to never get along, until one day, both their parents couldn't make it home because of a storm. Soo, tension runs high, and with just a simple touch of their lips changed everything. With stolen kisses, touches and a forbidden love. What will happen between the two?

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Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn
Mistake fixed. I was mixing past tense and present tense in my story, thank you to my dedicated reader for pointing that out. you are awesome
2023-08-23 07:38:02
63 Chapters
I nervously waited in the living room, wringing my fingers. Soon there would be two additions to our family, and I really didn’t know how to feel about all this. But at least I would finally meet the mystery man my mother was married to and his even more mysterious child. I couldn’t want to see how this played out, because I had no idea how we would get along with each other. As far as I know, this man was only coming here because he saw a big house and wanted to make it his. I could see myself being like ‘Cinderella’, having to work and be locked away while his child gained it all. My mother finally told me about this man, but it was too late. He was slated to arrive any moment now, so all it does was work on my nerves. And apparently, I wouldn’t be having a stepsister as I originally thought but a stepbrother. I really didn’t know which would have been worse. My mom’s new husband had been divorced for some years now and had decided to move back to town due to his son having some
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‘’So, is it too late to let you both know about all those times Aaron bullied me at school?’’ My mother frowned. ‘’You go to the same school?’’ Of course, she wouldn’t know. Of all the times I told her that a boy at school was always bothering me, she brushed it off and told me that it’s because he liked me. ‘’Yes, well, we did. He was the reason I switched schools. Remember the hair on fire thing?’’ Mom’s eyes widen and I guess there was also a little regret mixed in with her fright. Maybe if she had told me who she was getting involved with, we wouldn’t be living with a potential killer right now. I wonder what happened for him to be living with us. I remembered his mother; I could even picture her face now. She was a beautiful woman, but it seemed as if she had hit the crack pipe a few times too many. Maybe that’s why Johnathan left? ‘’Anyway, I’m going to my room, give you two some privacy and scream.’’ I made my way to the third floor. Just as I was about to close the doo
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“How is your new stepbrother?” Christina asked as soon as I answered the phone. I could fully say that she was my only friend. Since transferring schools, she was the only one to ever say a word to me. While everyone seemed too up themselves and acted as if they were better than the rest. She was the only down to earth. ‘’It’s Aaron Boyd.’’ I heard muffled sounds on the other end. ‘’Come again?’’ She finally said. ‘’Aaron Boyd is my stepbrother.’’ ‘’Should I know him?’’ ‘’Remember I told you about a boy that used to bully me so badly I had to change schools? You know, the reason I came to Middleton High in the middle of the ninth grade?’’ ‘’Holy cow!’’ She lets out. ‘’ ‘’A cow is putting it lightly.’’ I began to tell her everything, minus for the dick staring contest in my bathroom. I was too embarrassed to share that piece of information. Even though I wanted to tell her so badly about his nipple and dick piercings. ‘’Damn, I can’t imagine being in your situation. If he was
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Had he been eavesdropping on what Christina and I had been saying about him?My mouth fell open. He sneered. “Close your mouth. It's weird to have you standing here like this.'' My face heated up, and I wished the floor could just swallow me now. ''Look at your face! It's so red.” Aaron laughed, and I felt as if I was about to cry. ''You prick!'' I said, then immediately left to go back downstairs. "You think this prick is hot!!" He yelled after me.I ignored him as I made my way down the stairs and sat around the table. He was so irritating. Aaron prepared himself a plate without saying a word, and all I could do was sit there and stare on his stupidly cute face, that I didn't know if it wanted to ride or slap. Johnathan kept glancing over at him with a look of hate. Mom refilled her wineglass and took a big gulp. She didn't drink that much, but I knew all this might just turn her into an alcoholic. And I didn't see why she didn't tell Johnathan to get his son out of here. Cle
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Aaron gave me a long, hard look, and I tried to match his glare but couldn't.‘’You and your mother are the same thing, aren't you? Taking things that don't belong to you.’’ ‘’What?’’ ‘’Don’t act like you don’t know.’’ “Because I don't.” “Your mother,” he said. “She stole Johnathan from my mother. They slept together, and that was what messed her up."“That never happened!” I yelled.“How would you know? You weren’t there.”“But you were?”Aaron looked away from me.“Exactly, so don’t come in here talking shit.’’“Just give me my vape back, I hate being anywhere so close to you.”“No.” Aaron groaned.“You owe me an explanation and an apology because my mother never stole Johnathan from yours. You are just making things up."I was sure of that because she mentioned it to me, saying that the guy she was going to marry had been divorced three or four years ago.Aaron laughed. “Fall for their lies if you want, I know the truth."“You are just being stupid and trying to find a reason t
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Right after school, I hit the mall without Christina because she had cheer practice. I bought clothes that were more my style, not because I wanted to fit in. I was so over that. I didn’t care if anyone at Middleton High School liked me anymore. They were all the same, just copies of each other and I like standing out from that. When I got home, I hurried upstairs with my bags, removed the tags and acted as if Aaron the scum bag never stole any of my clothes. Besides, I was on top of the world. I heard a rumor that someone wanted to ask me out and might even want me to be their prom date, and it’s not Coby. The asking me out to prom seemed somewhat far-fetched since it was still so early in the year and the principal said we wouldn’t get a prom unless our attitude and grades improved. Not me though, I was the top girl in school, never got anything below a B and had made national news for getting good grades three years in a row. But I was just glad I have a date, that’s if it was
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After the kiss, we ignored each other like one of us has the plague, even though it had been running constantly through my mind. I was pretty sure it didn’t mean anything to him. Still, the sensations I experienced were the same as if the kiss had been based on genuine passion. Now, knowing how his lips felt on mine and how he tasted, it wasn’t a memory that I could just as easily erase. I wanted that feeling again, which only made the battle between my mind and body much more difficult than before. It was the worst thing ever to have a crush on someone I had to live with. Then on Sunday I almost snapped. I stayed in my room for a while after waking up, not wanting to face Aaron, but the noises my stomach made had me up and brushing my teeth. When I made my way downstairs, I found a note from my mother saying that she had to go to work and wouldn’t be back until late. It also stated that Johnathan was out as well. I balled the piece of paper and went back upstairs, about to knock
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I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked to my right and saw no-one then I looked to my left and was met with the smiling face of Tyler, the swim team captain. ''Hey Mia,'' he gave a smile and I could tell he was nervous. ''Hey, Tyler,'' I smiled at him. ''Hmm, I was wondering.'' He paused as if unable to get the words out. I tried to do a little flirting and bit my lip, but that seemed to make things worse because he gasped and his face went red. "I... hmm. Would you like to go out on a date with me? Maybe catch a movie or go skating.'' ''Skating would be nice.'' Tyler nodded and continued nodding. ''Cool, cool.'' ''We should exchange numbers,'' I told him. ''Yes, that's a good idea.'' After giving him my number. Tyler gave an awkward laugh. ''Cool, I'll see you then?'' I watched after him, and a smile was plastered on my face, so the rumors were true. To be honest, I was glad he asked me out because things were starting to get awkward with me and Coby. We had been friends f
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I turned back to Tyler and tried my hardest to not look at Aaron, but with him and Christina being so close and her forcing him to hold hands, I lost focus and almost fell. I held on to Tyler when I lost balance again, but the part I grabbed a hold of. Let’s just say that it was hard. I bit my lip and tried to straighten. ‘’I am so sorry,’’ I told him. ‘’It’s ok,’’ his face was blank as if not even phase by what I just did. I couldn't believe I just grabbed his cock, accident or not. It’s so weird, and why was he hard? I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thought, but then I remembered that time Christina and I watched porn to know what to expect when that time came. Only Christina had experienced sex so far. She told me that it wasn’t like in the xxxmovies. She never told me how she felt, but from the way she was with boys, I guess she enjoyed her first time. ‘’I’m hungry,’’ Christina suddenly announced. I nodded, thinking that I could grab a bite. While skating out of t
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I was thrown into a sense of confusion after exiting the bathroom. Aaron was beating the shit out of Tyler, and all people did was just stand around and watched. ‘’Stop!’’ I screamed, running over to them and pushing Aaron off my date. ‘’What the fuck is your problem?’’ I pushed at Aaron again. Aaron pushed me out of the way and continued beating Tyler again. A teacher from school and a few other men came over to pull him off while I helped Tyler to his feet. ‘’All of you, out!’’ The manager yelled, pointing at the door. ‘’And never come back here!’’ ‘’Are you ok?’’ I asked Tyler on our way out the door. ‘’No, he just start beating on me for no reason.’’ And I believed him. Aaron was showing signs of jealousy. I didn’t get it though; he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in me because I had an uninteresting face. So why beat my date up? ‘’I’m so sorry.’’ My eyes began to water. ‘’I’ll be fine.’’ Tyler tried to smile. But I could see that he was not. He kept holding his
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