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"I reject you, Alpha! I reject you!". Elizabeth is an Omega ranked wolf; however, she does not realize she is an Alpha by birth. She has been rejected by her family, and her Pack, having suffered years of abuse from them. She is about to be given to the Pack Beta as his chosen mate when her fated mate finds her. Will her fated mate reject her as well?

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Moni Begum
Interesting Story ... ...️ ...️ Ready to go Ahead with this Book.
2023-09-24 23:31:46
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Satisfying villains’ death!! So far so good!!
2023-09-05 13:38:20
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Delinda Schumacher
76 chapters 9-1-23
2023-09-02 06:28:21
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It’s a well pace book, well layered of emotions, lovely Elizabeth, highly recommended
2023-08-31 06:24:03
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Interesting book, well written, bringing up how the heroin determination to survive and fight for herself yet is realistic on her insecurities. Luv it!
2023-08-30 17:13:51
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The story is wonderful!! I can't get enough of it. I love Elizabeth's character and her wolf Ashley. Even though her past emotional bullying affects her she grows stronger and feistier each day. I would definitely recommend.
2023-08-17 07:31:19
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Brenda Brian Bishop
Love this story so far.
2023-08-02 09:28:47
default avatar
Brenda Brian Bishop
Love what I am reading so far. Keep up the good work.
2023-08-02 09:27:25
default avatar
Loving this story so far!
2023-08-01 19:52:39
115 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Abused
Elizabeth POV “No please, Alpha, I can explain,” I scream as I am dragged by my hair toward the courtyard of the Red Woods Pack. Nothing good ever came from being dragged to the courtyard. This was not the first time I had been taken here but every time I prayed it would be my last. I had scars from years of visiting this courtyard. I tried to be strong, but as an Omega, there were times I could not hold in the pain of the whippings I had received. I was angry and scared. This was not my fault. It rarely was. This time it was the Alpha’s daughter who spilled food on herself and blamed me for having done it. I was not even near her when I supposedly did the deed. The Alpha knew this as he was sitting at the table. But as he always told me, “Omega, I cannot let this slide. Then the others will try to abuse the ranked members,” he growled at me numerous times. I never understood why he compared me to the other Omegas. The other O
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Chapter 2 - Unfairly Punished
Elizabeth POV Trying to forget the event a week and half ago was difficult. It was on my mind constantly. How could the Alpha promise me to someone else? What about my own mate? I would be happy with an Omega of my own. Someone stronger than me but my rank. I would not survive being Beta Carl’s mate. Or perhaps that is what they are all hoping for. With all the excitement of the upcoming Gala I had been able to stay under the radar of everyone. With all the dress fittings and dieting going on I rarely saw my main tormentor. Until I did. I was walking through gathering dirty laundry when I stumbled into Sydney’s room. She was supposed to be at school but instead she was at home and had the Beta in her room. Her voice was shrill, “What the hell are you doing in here?” she demands. Muttering, I look down to the ground, “Laundry,” I reply. Stomping off to the bathroom she comes back tossing all her dirty clothes on me. Her dirty, stinky u
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Chapter 3 - Unexpected Help
Elizabeth POV “Why do you always seem to piss them off?” I hear the Beta demand of me. I do not look up for fear of what I would see. The desire in his eyes for something I hope he cannot have. He opens the cell doors slowly. The creak of the doors screaming in my ears. He takes a step inside the cell, and I can scent his lust. I feel physically ill at the thought of what is to come. “I see the guards did not do their duty. It does not look like there is even a mark on you,” he says as he kneels in front of me. He reaches out to gently touch my face. I flinch at the feeling wanting to pull back, but I was already tucked in as close to the cement wall as I could be. He shocks me when he slaps my face and my head crashes back against the cement barrier. I let out a startled scream as he backhands me making my head bounce off the cement wall once again. He stands and kicks me to my midriff, as I feel another rib break at the brutality. I a
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Chapter 4 - Alpha Carter
Alpha Carter POV I stand in front of the mirror fixing my tie. Goddess how I hate these events. I am a twenty-six-year-old Alpha and have been coming to these galas since I was eighteen. Eight years of trying to find my mate. Searching the various Packs in our region. Our allies, who are plentiful and still have found nobody. Either she has died or is not of age yet. I do not want a young she-wolf for a mate. She will not be able to handle my appetites. She will not be confident enough to be a Luna. Regardless of if the Moon Goddess has selected her as my chosen. It cannot go well for either of us. I can only hope that tonight goes as I expect it will … without finding my fated mate. And then I will go about selecting a chosen mate. My wolf, Max, growls at that thought. He has always held out hope to find our fated mate. He wants his mate. He already loves his mate without knowing who she is. I wish I had his confidence in finding ou
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Chapter 5 - Rejecting the Beta
Alpha Carter POV I scan the crowd, holding my whiskey. I am looking for my Beta. We have been here for over an hour now and I have not scented my mate yet. I knew this would be a waste of time and I am getting fidgety ready to leave. As I look around, I look towards the dance floor and see Stan dancing with a she-wolf who looks to be close to his age. She is beautiful and he only has eyes for her. I do not want to interrupt his night, so I toss back the contents of my glass, placing the empty cup on the tray of an Omega who walks by me. Looking around I see the Alpha’s daughter waving and making her way towards me. I quickly look away and make my way out of the hall. I hear her call my name but ignore her acting as if I do not hear her. Making small talk is not my forte and even if I could she would not be someone I would want to talk to. I walk past the Alpha and Luna as they continue to welcome new arrivals. I smell the air an
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Chapter 6 - The Beta's Rage
Beta Carl POV As I crumble in front of my mate, I see the smirk on the Alpha beside her. I feel a rage overcoming me and I leap forward to tackle the male. I know my chances of beating him are limited but a good beating is what I want. I can hear my Alpha yell through our link, and I can feel him coming towards us. The Alpha is caught off guard, so I get a couple good punches in hearing the satisfaction of his nose breaking. My mate is yelling at me, begging me to stop. At this point the Alpha has come around and takes a few good swings at me. I can feel my ribs breaking and I know my jaw is dislocated. I am not worried as I will quickly heal. I wanted him to suffer, but I knew that was futile. Before he can go for a kill shot, my Alpha jumps in between us. “What the hell is going on?” my Alpha yells at us. Everyone around us has remained silenced as they watched everything unfold. “He is stealing my mate,” I say under my breat
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Chapter 7 - Mate?
Trigger Warning – physical violence; no rapeElizabeth POV The tightening hand around my wrist caught my breath. My wolf, Ashley, growled but that only made the Beta laugh. “Is your wolf going to try and fight me, Omega?” he says with a cold laugh. I try to pull my hand away, but it makes no difference. I am trapped. He pulls me towards his body and slaps my face. My head snaps to the side, and I feel blood leave my mouth and I see it spatter on his suit. He does not care. He pulls be back leaning his face into the spot between my shoulder and my neck. I whimper thinking he would instantly mark me, but he slowly moves away dragging his foul tongue from my shoulder, slowly up my neck and landing at my lips. I keep my lips closed tightly as he runs his tongue along the seam of my lips. He growls when I am not granting him access to my mouth and pushes his lips hard against mine. I fear he will break my teeth, but I do not relent. I cannot h
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Chapter 8 - Protecting his Luna
Alpha Carter POV A growl came out of me I had never heard before. It was enough to distract the wolf from my mate. The wolf I now recognize as the Beta of the Red Woods Pack. He steps back, “This is none of our concern, Alpha,” he growls back to me. I see his hard member hanging out of his pants and look to my mate. She is breathing heavily with tears rolling down her cheeks. I cannot tell if she has been violated but first, I must deal with this threat so I can get her help immediately. I step slowly towards the Beta, “She is my concern,” I reply. “She is my mate,” I add as the Beta looks at me with disgust. “She is my chosen mate. Tell him,” he demands of my mate as he drags her up to a sitting position by the arms he was holding over her head. I could tell she was in shock at the abuse she has endured. I could see the handprints on her face where she was hit. Rage was overtaking Max, he wanted to be let out. “I got this one, Max,” I r
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Chapter 9 - What's Her Name?
Alpha Carter POV I rushed my mate to the Pack hospital and was appalled at the service we received. While the Alpha did nod to the Pack doctor to assist us, there was no desire to be helpful. They patched up her wounds and left her with machines connected to her. “When will she wake?” I demand of the doctor who was trying to exit the room. “It is hard to say, Alpha. She is a weak Omega,” he replies as he opens the door to exit the room. “Do more for her!” I Alpha command him. “I have done all I am permitted by my Alpha to do,” he murmurs as he closes the door and walks back towards to me. “There are things that have gone on in this Pack. Your mate was abused for many years; she will need more care than I will be allowed to give her. My best recommendation is getting her to your own Pack sooner than later,” he says and walks out the door of my mate’s room. Looking down at the beauty before me, I realize she is very thin and has not
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Chapter 10 - Safe
Elizabeth POV I can hear the machines beeping. I am not sure what they are or where I am. I cannot remember everything that happened. Except the last thing I saw was a strong, gorgeous man with beautiful green eyes holding me in his arms. Did he call me his mate? Had I called him my mate? Was it possible that the Moon Goddess had given me a mate? Was it even possible he would want me? Of course not. Look at me. I was a wreck. Scars all over my body. As anyone who spoke to me reminded me, I was thin and ugly. What time is it? I am late. I have to make breakfast for everyone. The punishment I will endure for not being on time with everything. As if on cue, the door slams open and I hear Luna Nancy yelling at me to get my lazy ass out of this bed. I slowly open my eyes trying to adjust my sight, having not opened my eyes yet when I felt her latch onto my arm, and she starts pulling me out of the bed. The machines started goi
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