The Violet Fox: The BeastWorld Prophecies After Bai Qingqing

The Violet Fox: The BeastWorld Prophecies After Bai Qingqing

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It's been seventeen years since Bai Qingqing and her spouses left their mark on the World of Beasts, her human knowledge forever changing the Second Great City. The world itself is vast and wild, with more beasts and threats than Qingqing had ever had the time to encounter. As unique as a human transmigrating in their world, another mystery has been born - a fox female with the ability to shift into a beast like the men have been able to since the beginning of time. Is she a bad omen, or a miracle? Join Shuule and her mates as she navigates her own adventure, becoming loved, strong, threatened and hunted, as the city and its citizens try to reconcile what it means to be both human and animal.

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61 Chapters
What Are You
It was the first time she had felt real, true fear. Growing up, Shuule thought she had, of course, but now, the deep, rumbling exhaled hiss of the serpent slowly stalking the girl was the first time she knew, truly, that she was in danger, and that nobody else was around to protect her. Shuule paused her barefooted steps on the thick jungle floor, desperately trying to be as quiet as the fox she was, but her fatal flaw was her pet - the pack horse her mother begged her not to take along. The poor thing was purely animalistic, and a prey animal at that. While Shuule didn't move a muscle, not even to breathe, Xunsu kept shifting her weight, stamped a foot, snorted, drenched in sweat and ready to flee. But Shuule knew they could not outrun.... a snake. ...SSSSSSsssss... The 'horse,' a short, green pelted creature with horns, exploded the same time the serpent did, ripping her braided vine reins out of the red haired woman's hands, bolting into the thicket. But the snake was not here f
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How It Started, I
Shuule was not discovered until her 10th week of life.She was born in a small village, with three other siblings. Male siblings, kits, as expected. Nobody would have considered to assume she wasn't anything other than a boy kit, as nothing else existed.In this world, beastmen had two forms; that of an animal and that of a human. Women, however, did not. They could not shift to an animal form, and for the most part could be mistaken as an average woman walking down the street. The boys were born as animals, in litters growing up as such until around their sixteenth birthday, when they were able to transform back and forth as they pleased. Girls, however, were far more rare, being born as single children, and always human. They were treasured, begged for, blessings, protected at all costs and the pride of their communities. Fertility being scarce and annual, and female pregnancies being even more so, if Shuule had been normally born, she would have been celebrated in the womb for nine
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How It Started, II
There was no easy answer to this, an unprecedented discovery. The four adults stood in a circle, their faces lined with worry, staring down at the baby fox who was curiously looking up at them with her bright new eyes.Aaron, who was the oldest out of all of them, often took a sense of control because of it. He sighed seeing the stalemate. "Tell the tribal head I guess. If he wants to get rid of it then it's not our fault."Instinctively, Iris snatched her child back and rolled her into her arms possessively, as low growl hummed in her throat and her eyes narrowed on her spouse. Just because she couldn't shift to a fox didn't mean she wasn't a fox, and she wished she had the fangs to bite him suddenly. He had inadvertently made the decision, snapping her motherly instincts back from her shock."WE WILL NOT BE GETTING RID OF HER" Iris barked, baring her teeth even though there wasn't anything threatening about them."Then you'll want to keep your voice down before the whole village hea
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How It Started, III
The Beastworld had a reputation of not being adaptable except, in the rare example of the second Great City, and only with the help of the Earth Woman. In reality, that wasn't entirely true. Like any other civilization, survival was key above all, and learning to highlight your strengths was an asset. Some species of beasts were lucky; many of the large predators could be entirely sufficient on their own. But there were many other types of Beastmen, and the fox were ones to find themselves often disadvantaged. While a Beastmen male transformed into his animal form was far larger, faster, and capable than a wild fox, they were still smaller and weaker than an angry beastmen lion of similar skill. Likewise, Peacocks found themselves even more in peril - they were large, had large claws, and above all else, could fly. However, they were not the fighters and killers that hawks, eagles, and owls were, and their heavier build did not make them as fast. The neighboring Peacock and Fox vill
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How It Started, IV
"How long have you known? Or. I don't know why I'm asking you that." Cain sat on a stool, which was up on a platform, the way he formerly held meetings in his house to seem more imposing. The large man leaned over onto the wooden table next to him, holding his temple in his hand. It was clear the family knew for years. Iris wasn't a new mother, yet she acted like she was possessed when it came to her kits. She had a previous litter when she was a very young mother, and as soon as those kits could fend for themselves, they were allowed to pack up with the others as was normal. Her peacock young were also already sparring with the other males their age. And yet, this litter of four were kept under lock and key, like they were frail eggs. She had turned in on herself, not being nearly as personable, and while females always relied on their spouses, Iris had become insistent, needy; paranoid. These weren't uncommon adjectives for difficult wives, but she was far from difficult until ...
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How It's Going, I
---- As a fox, she was fast. Faster than a snake, if she tried with all her might. Heart pounding out of her chest, she pushed her feet as fast as they would carry her. She was a weak beast, with no stripes, but that was because she was young. She had trained for this. She felt more alive in her animal form, which seemed common among the males as well - the difference being she more often stayed human than them. In truth, that was a large part of why she left. She was tired of projecting, protecting, keeping up appearances even if her hometown insisted they accepted her as she was. Being chased by a two striped feral was not part of her dream, but using her natural given skills of swiftness of both body and mind, was. In a split second, Shuule made a hard 90 degree turn, attempting to throw the predator behind her off her scent, off her direction. Every time that large serpent had to change direction, she would gain some ground. Eventually, she would shake him off her trail, she fi
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How It's Going, II
Every part of the man wanted to tell her what she had done wrong, tell the girl in front of him that she wouldn't have lost all her clothes if she had just talked to him to start - well, she would have still lost her horse, but that wouldn't have happened if she wasn't wandering in the forest all by herself. Everything about this was unprecedented. Never mind the shifting, what was a female doing by herself? What was a fox at all doing by itself this far out? They know better. Survival of the fittest was the law of the land, and the fox - the female? The anomaly in front of him had lost on every front. On top of his pondering, intrusive and instinctive thoughts were rippling up, clawing at his spine, his mouth, his entire insides. -Take the girl.- -Bite her. - - Mark her. Either way is fine. It's what you were born to do. - His eyes dilated even more, if it was possible, giving a long, low hiss, bringing his face nose to nose with the woman, teeth itching to bite into her, to coi
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How It's Going, III
... What the hell just happened? Shuule stood, mouth fully agape, as the snake left her. It was a beastman's entire purpose to find a mate, of which they could only have one their entire lives. She was told the ferals, beasts who lived in solitary with no clan or city rules, would mate the first woman they found, forcibly or otherwise, because the chances of them ever coming across another in their entire lifetime was slim. So again, she asked, what the hell just happened? A miracle, like herself, she figured. In a world with some sense of magic, but no concept of higher power, she wasn't so convinced that someone invisible wasn't watching over her. With a huff, she brushed off her skirt, and picked up the leather bag that was strewn on the ground when she had shifted and fled. In truth, there wasn't anything in it. It was an empty bag she could put her clothes into before she turned into a fox on purpose, with a strap on it that she could throw onto her shoulders even in beast form
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How It's Going, IV
The next month was the best time in her life. On the exception of one time when she had the sudden desire to bathe in the stream as a human, Shuule never shifted from her fox. For the first time, she felt fully independent and self sufficient, something she had longed for. She stalked down and caught wild prey to the point she felt like a glutton, and the season also allowed for the foraging of berries and fruits, which fox also consumed as omnivores. She swam in the stream, just to see what it was like, since she had never attempted to do such in her animal. She also caught a small silverfish, her first taste of fish ever, though it was somewhat an accident. Only once did she ever feel in danger, when a large brown bear lazily crashed through her territory. Immediately aware of him before he was her, she stopped her play by the water, and scampered up her tree, hunkering down under its thick canopy. He did take a few pauses, raising his head and snorting in the air, but eventually w
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Serpent Playing House
The missmatched pair traveled downstream for a fair distance, the ground so saturated with rain that the snakes smooth body created a muddy trail behind him, though the fox was still light footed enough to barely leave tracks. They reached a right slanting curve in the bank, when the black figure came to an abrupt stop, turned, and submerged himself into the water, head first, swimming out until just a few feet of his tail remained on the shore. He brought his great head back out and looked behind him. Shuule tilted her head, thinking she would much prefer to swim herself, as it wasn't that far, but she also had her bag with her, that was waterproof enough that her clothing was probably still dry, but not if she submerged it. The fox gritted her teeth, and climbed onto the snakes' tail, ready to leap off if attempting to drown her or something was part of his plan. Nothing of the sort happened however, and when they reached the other side, there was just a very swift walk that broug
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