Sinful Temptation: Their Addiction

Sinful Temptation: Their Addiction

By:  Pinkblue   Ongoing
Language: English
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Emma is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. She’s torn in-between the two men she should never love – her stepbrothers. The forbidden attraction is a fire she can’t put out. Can she navigate the wild terrain of her heart without breaking the bonds that tie them together?

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8 Chapters
EmmaI yawned and looked at the old leather watch strapped to my wrist before turning my head to Caleb. "Hurry, will you?” I urged.I moaned each time he thrust inside of me, not that I felt anything but to boost his manly ego. Truth is, my boyfriend Caleb, was small down there. His cock was the size of my index finger. It only teased and barely made it past the entrance of my channel. And when he asks if I came each time we fucked, I'd say yes just to make him feel good about himself. I would tease my mold when he was done to get myself off. I had become skilled at self-pleasure at a young age, getting to know my own body and the kind of touch that worked best for me. Caleb never quite grasped it. Not only was he lacking in size, but he was always in a hurry. leaving things unfinished.Didn’t that apply to most boys? But only one man set the bar high, or should I say men because it was the two of them - my stepbrothers, Liam and Aiden. It was the night at the movies, they had take
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EmmaI had only one job and it was to keep the ranch running no matter what, and I failed. The price of fodder had jumped significantly over the last week. We could not afford to rely solely on our pastures for fear of overgrazing. Even the hundreds of acres were not enough to keep the cattle fed.We had only two options, to sell the ranch or to find investors. I could not afford to lose the ranch. The place was special to me. It was my heaven on earth, Although sometimes it seemed like I was the only one who appreciated it. My Mom gave up on it the moment my father passed. She was never really interested. She taught In a school and was barely home during weekdays.I had gone to the old field store a couple of times, but despite being an old customer the owner was set in his ways. Cash payments. Up front. Why did everything have to fall apart all at once? Maybe having the boys come back wouldn't be a bad idea. Liam seemed to always have a solution to every problem. I looked around
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EmmaI remember my first encounter with the boys, it was on the day Mr. Hasting announced his engagement with my Mom. They had flown in from New York City for dinner. I was sixteen at the time.It was an awkward gathering because they didn’t seem to approve of their relationship as well. We had sat around the table in silence, but I didn’t fail to notice the way they looked at me. Their expressions didn’t betray their wanted interest. At that age, all men looked at me the same way. They couldn’t seem to help it. No matter how inappropriate they knew it was, I always drew their attention. With my wide, plump lips, innocent black eyes like I knew no sin, and a shape that belonged on a twenty-plus. While most of my age mates were straight and flat-chested, I was curvy and had round boobs and pointy nipples. I knew what I had, but I never used it. Even though most people thought I was rotten, I stayed pure and didn’t lose my virginity until Caleb. They had casually thrown it to me tha
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Emma A few hours had passed, but my head was still light from all the orgasms I got from Liam eating me out in the kitchen. He went on and on with it until my knees gave out, yet he didn’t stop. The entire time I cooked, he couldn’t keep his hands and mouth off of my body. For two fucking hours, he kissed, squeezed, fondled, and would spread my legs apart to suck my pussy. I began arranging dinner into a serving tray, my legs were still wobbly so I sat on the countertop because I could barely hold my feet on the ground.I surrounded the now golden brown and crispy chicken with veggies and fries, sprinkling fresh parsley on top to give it that professional look. There was nothing special about eating together, so I didn’t quite understand the need to do it. We didn’t connect much as a family. No matter how hard our parents tried to push it, it just never worked. I was giving the food tray a finishing touch, making sure everything looked perfect when I heard the heavy, sure footstep
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Dirty Dinner
LiamThe first time I saw Emma must have been six years ago at my Dad’s engagement dinner with her Mom. I knew the moment our eyes met that I had to own her.But there’s nothing childlike about her now. With her beautiful black hair and black shiny eyes, creamy skin, and full, pouty lips, she was stunning. Easily the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. And her curves. Fucking hell. Even in jean shorts and a cropped t-shirt, I could tell she had the kind of body made just for me.The fact that she was my stepsister should have stopped my sinful thoughts in their tracks, but I found I didn’t give a single fuck about that, especially after tasting her. I remembered Aiden and me devouring her luscious lips in the movies before we traveled back to New York. It was our last day at Bullvalley and wanted to leave her with something to think of. Ever since then, she has been stuck in my memory. I dreamt of kissing her lips again and I fucking did.I smacked my lips, still feeling the taste o
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Under the stars
Aiden The rest of the dinner went by without incident, and Grace was right. Emma’s apple pie was delicious. I had a feeling that the sweet dessert between her legs would be a lot tastier. I somehow found my hand inching higher and higher on Emma’s leg as the meal went on, stopping only when I slipped a finger underneath the hem of her shorts. To my complete surprise and delight, she loved it when Liam’s hand joined. We didn’t dare risk anything else at dinner, but I loved that she was willing to let us share her. Maybe little Emma wasn’t as innocent as I originally thought. Liam and I helped her clear the table and I sat with her on the front steps taking whiskey. “So, you’re a real cowgirl,” I asked Emma. “You’d look better in a bikini on stage contesting for Miss World.” She grinned and the smile reached her eyes, those beautiful, captivating eyes and I immediately imagined her in a bikini at the beach. She’d look sexy with her sweet round ass bouncing and the sun tanning
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Twice the pleasure
EmmaI moaned softly, melting into Aiden as he trailed kisses up and down my neck. His hands roamed up my curves until he cupped my breasts. "I’ve been thinking about what’s under your dress. I have been since I saw you come into the dining room.”I could feel myself throb as his words reminded me of our kiss in the kitchen and how badly I wanted him to fuck me.Our eyes met and he groaned, “Even though I shouldn’t, I can’t stop thinking about how you would taste.” He looked at where his hands were cupping my breast with a flushed face and lust-filled eyes. “You’re all-natural, sugar,” he whispered, licking his lips unconsciously. He pushed the soft material of my nightwear up, revealing my bare breast, “Such a treat.” Bending down, he swiped his tongue over my hard nipple.The warmth of his mouth sent shivers through me as he sucked my breast into his mouth. I gasped as another pair of hands slid along my stomach. Liam was pressed up against my back, his lips gently trailing kisses
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In Heat
Emma I Sat at the kitchen table, gently tapping my pencil on the books sprawled out in front of me. As perused the page, my eyes widened in shock. The prices of fodder had once again soared, now three times higher than when I last bought it. “This can’t be happening,” I muttered to myself, flipping through the papers to find the number I’d hastily jotted down. “How did things deteriorate so quickly?” My Mom entered the kitchen, holding a glass of whisky, her yellow straight-cut dress giving her a formal appearance. Unsteadily, she leaned on the counter, looking different, having lost weight. Her luscious brown hair cascaded down her back in waves, and her dark brown eyes gleamed with a sense of pride. “I’m fine, Mom. Just trying to figure out these enormous numbers,” I sighed, dropping my hands in frustration. “I don’t know what to do.” Mom downed the whisky in one swig, slamming the glass on the counter. “Or maybe you don’t have to do anything,” she remarked, pulling a Chair ba
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