Sexy SEALs

Sexy SEALs

By:  SarwahCreed  Completed
Language: English
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I graduated from college with no job lined up nor prospects. We had to go into quarantine. The cases were rising once again with the new variant, and the vaccines were not helping at all. 
Could it get any worse?
It did. 
Two hot, sexy SEALs turned up at my door. Two of them I’d been writing to for the last few months, and the other one…let’s just say that he turned up for the ride.
What ride?
Adonis loves to make me wet.
David wants to strip me and put me into submission.
Chaz sets my insides on fire every time he opens his dirty mouth.
This was too much to handle. I didn’t expect to see Adonis or Chaz, and now I have all three of them banging on my door asking me to choose.
Why choose one…when I could have all three?

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Rebecca Farmer
is there a book before this one?
2022-10-25 09:11:54
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Lisa Colter Bishop
Great book
2022-10-15 00:27:42
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Jenny Rebeccah Kleinschmidt
I enjoyed it
2022-09-30 01:14:37
default avatar
Not well written. Abrupt ending.
2022-10-28 04:12:00
23 Chapters
“One at a time…” I wanted them to slow down. Both Adonis and Chaz put their hands on the back of my bra, ready to snap it off. Adonis, with his deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, had nothing but lust in his eyes. I couldn’t believe they were both in my bed, by my side, ready to get down and dirty. Chaz’s dark eyes glowed as he moved toward me. I’d been writing to them for months, and here they were, ready to fulfil their promise to take me. I turned as my bra dropped, and I stood half-naked in front of them. The boys’ hands dropped, and they felt their cocks. “Kinky Kiara, you’ve been writing to us for so long, promising us all the nasty things we can do to you.” “Your breasts are just the right size; they could fit in the palms of our hands!” Chaz blurted out, and no longer did I feel self-conscious about my body as I had so many times before. He was so athletic; they both were. With their perfect abs on full display, they both clearly had six-packs. They made me feel sexy, so
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Back to Reality!
I was in my final semester at Stanford, then I would be on my way home to the B&B my nan bought and renovated back in Oregon. I came to Stanford thinking I would have a job waiting for me when I finished and a boyfriend by my side. And hey, we would get married as soon as we graduated and have 2.4 children, or whatever the average was at the moment. It was 2025, and my reality hadn’t changed; I was the same Plain Jane the kids used to tease in high school in Iowa, who then moved to Oregon, and the very same one who was currently studying at Stanford. No one noticed me, and no one really spoke to me apart from my roommate, Lucy, who was everything I wasn’t. She was the popular one. Her hazel eyes and Japanese heritage, small frame and stylish fashion made me feel as if she was the pretty one. I just had dark hair and matching eyes. There was nothing special about me. As I sat on my side of the dorm room - the side had a few famous quotes of literature and little else: a desk, chair,
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“You need to leave this room!”I shook my head. I really needed some sleep. I didn’t tell Lucy about staying up all night writing to them. I was too embarrassed. Besides, there were some things that you shared with your bestie, but not everything.“No, I’m comfortable,” I lied. I couldn’t get up and walk. I couldn’t find the ice to even try and heal myself down there. I couldn’t tell her the real reason that I was lying down. Rambo was nearly broken and out of action for the foreseeable future.She shook her head. “Seriously, this is not healthy. Out!” She commanded as she held the door open. I was dressed, and, if the truth be known, there wasn’t much difference between my staying in the dorm clothes and going out at all. Lucy asked me when I first moved in if everyone where I lived dressed the same. If all they wore were black T-shirts and matching jeans, which was what most of my closet consisted of, apart from the times that I went shopping with Lucy. Lucy’s shopping rules with me
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A few days later, I was heading out to class, when I saw another email. I decided after going out with Lucy that sending emails wasn’t working for me. Then, I had a notification, so I checked my phone and became completely distracted. To: KKSubject: Wrong emailHey,Just wanted to say that it made me laugh getting such an email in a critical situation, even if it wasn’t meant for me. It’s a bit tough out here in Iran, and seeing your email put a smile on my face. Pretty hard to do that when you’re a SEAL on duty.Take care, and I hope that your email finds Adonis.ChazI re-read the email about three times as I slumped in my chair and pondered on whether to go to class, or skip it. It was the nicest email that I’d ever received. He was polite, even if I put the wrong name the first time, and he had asked if I meant to write in Japanese. He must have felt guilty for writing it. He had no reason to feel that way when I was the idiot, putting the wrong name and doing a copy and paste.
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The next day, as soon as I woke-up, the first thing I did was reach for my phone and email both of them with my number. I put my phone down after I’d done the deed and headed to the bathroom. Lucy wasn’t in. I wasn’t sure if she was with Ben, Tom or the other one. She hardly spoke about him; he seemed to be more into her going to his place, watching a movie and then ending the night there. She did worry that he was ashamed of her, because everyone on campus knew Lucy had three boyfriends, but no one really knew who the third one was. I didn’t really, and I was her bestie and roommate.“You have a smile on your face?” Lucy asked as I came out of the shower, surprised to see her here. “I just sent the guys my number. Waiting for one of them to text me back.”She winked. “Oh my, how we’ve grown!”“Don’t be such a tease. You heading to class?”She nodded. “Yes, we should have left by now. I forgot a book, just came in to get it. Surprised you’re just getting out of the shower. Get dress
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“What do you feel like doing tonight?” I asked Lucy. She was lying in her bed across the room from me. She wasn’t going out, even though it was a Saturday. She said in her words, not mine, “I’m giving my pussy a rest.”She said that as much as she tried not to sleep with them, all the time, sometimes it was too hard not to resist. I couldn’t imagine what that even felt like. I could only dream about it and have my dirty fantasies about Adonis and Chaz.“I say that we get dressed, go out and get drunk.”She laughed. “Who’s speaking to me? Kiara? You want to go out and get drunk?”I nodded my head, thinking that I couldn’t believe as well that the words had left my mouth, but it was what I felt like doing, and nothing else would do.“No emails tonight?”I smirked. “No. Remember? They have my number. We’re in the twenty-first century, you know. No one emails these days…your words not mine.”“I hate it when you do that, smarty pants.”I laughed. “If you’d seen my grades lately then you w
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I had a long and exceptionally boring day in classes today. So, I met up with Lucy. I didn’t feel like going back to the dorm. Sure I could do with some studying, but I was feeling like my time here was ending, and I should do something else than study for a change.Our moods changed as soon as Amanda walked past us. I could tell by the smirk on her face, and the blue eyes staring in our direction, she wasn’t just planning to walk on by. She had evil written all over her face. The students standing near us laughed and approached, and it hit me…she was going to put on a show, and we were the stars of it. Then Amanda exaggerated her walk and swayed her hips until she reached Lucy. That was when she came to a dramatic stop.“Let’s get out of here!” I demanded. But Lucy was in a fighting mood, as she stood her ground and waited for Amanda to draw near. “I see the slut was busy in the hot tub not just with one of her men, but two!” Amanda laughed as more phones near us chimed, and I rea
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There was a loud roar as we finished our final year exam, and the examiner had collected all our papers. It was tough, a lot tougher than I’d expected, but the feeling of relief had reared its head and all I could think about was doing all the things that I’d put off doing for the last few weeks, which had mainly consisted of sleeping and talking to the guys. I’d gone on radio silence because I needed to study and concentrate. Besides, after the argument with Lucy a few weeks back, it hit me hard, and I didn’t feel like socializing, even with them. She had been avoiding me like the plague, going to the room when I was in class, and vice versa. If she was my friend, she would be outside right now telling me about all the ways we would go out and celebrate, but we weren’t besties let alone friends anymore, and I felt exactly the same way that I did in high school. Alone.I picked up my bag, but then my cell chimed, and I thought that by some chance it was Lucy calling, and it put a sp
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I woke with a hangover so strong, but also with memories of my final exam ending, it made me smile, knowing that I didn’t have to study again, even if it meant that I had to go out into the actual world and find a job. I struggled to open one eye, only to discover that we weren’t in our dorm. Somehow, we ended up in someone else’s room. The question was, whose?“Kiara, you awake?” a familiar voice asked. I rubbed my eyes and blinked several times to see if my ears were deceiving me. I looked at her blue eyes which were facing mine, revealing that I was where I suspected I was.“Amanda, yeah, I’m awake.”She smiled. “Good. I’ll make you guys coffee. Lucy’s in the bathroom.”I tried to get up from the floor, and she stretched out a hand to help me up. I stood up with my skirt back-to-front and my bra sticking out of my top. “Damn!” I said as I stood up and tried to straighten myself out.“Yeah, you were trying to undress, then you just passed out on the floor. We were worried, but we w
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I was heading home and thinking about writing to Adonis. It seemed to be so natural with him, I just said exactly what was on my mind, and I hoped he was everything that he said that he was and more. Going home. KI sent the message to him and repeated it to Chaz. It felt like cheating, copying and sending the same message to both of them, but I didn’t know what else to say. I had to pack, and part of me hated myself for being so late at enjoying the college experience. Until four weeks ago, I only had one friend, now I had two. They let us stay in the dorm a little longer, because the government was trying to stop people moving across country, because the cases were rising and they didn’t want to do another lockdown. Well, not an official one, where we couldn’t leave our houses let alone our dorms unless for food and basic necessities.Four years and two friends. One thing was for sure, Nan had been more than generous with my monthly allowance. Sure, I’d never rushed out and bought
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