Sold to My Alpha Mate

Sold to My Alpha Mate

By:  Fechi Rynn  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Listen here old friend, I'm buying this lady and you're selling her over to me. You know better than to waste my time, Helen.” He turned to face the old-lady using the tip of his gun to lift her chin up. My eyes widened at his words, tears cascaded down my face. I felt the uneasiness flow in my veins. Just when I thought being sold died along with Michael. "Get.Up." he seethed. I remained immobile, freezing from his intimidating but sexy voice tone. "You sure don't want me to repeat myself, Rainfall." he gritted out. "M-Mia Rivers, that's my name." I replied stuttering, though a bit afraid. "Mia Rivers, you are now mine." * * * Mia Rivers gets sold to Alpha Corey Lee Denvers at an auction. She's completely oblivious to the werewolves’ community growing up in an orphanage. Alpha Corey being able to catch the scent of a strong wolf in his mate takes her to his Pack, White Fangs to be his Luna. Mia gets confused on how strange and odd the pack house seem to look. Alpha Corey tells the truth to her leaving her devastated. The bond between Mia and Alpha Corey becomes stronger, but is soon crushed when Corey receives threats warning him for his mate. When the worse happens? Would she be willing to forgive people that hurt her? How about people after her wolf powers? Seems like they might need intervention and the Moon Goddess' mercy on their love fate.

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Fechi Rynn
It is a nice book
2023-10-18 07:17:54
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Kaitlyn Boluwatife
I just cant stop reading this.........
2022-08-05 22:13:35
41 Chapters
Chapter One- Captured
Mia  I opened my eyes casually blinking to erase the blur vision. Everywhere seemed dark; only a dimmed light came in sight from the end corner of the unknown room.  I steadily lifted my head up to sit upright but ended up hitting it on what felt like a metallic surface sending me back to the bed. I winced in pain rubbing the spot gently knitting my brows in absolute confusion. I hardly remember having any obstruction in getting up from my bed. Where am I? Recent occurrences begin to flash rapidly in my head; a man dressed in black hoodie and jeaned shorts came asking for direction from me. I was about giving a warning to get away from me when I felt something like a stick hit my head forcefully, a sharp pain went round my head then everything went blank So waking up in an unknown place….I have been kidnapped. I started to panic; I could feel my heart beat faster than usual. I realized I was on a lower bunk a
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Chapter Two- Claimed
The sound of gunshot were everywhere with no body knowing who was shooting them. It was aiming Michael’s guards. The alarm immediately went off as Michael had people check places to figure out the intruder. The main door which was locked opened shattering into pieces of wood. It was blown up. A gang of men dressed in black holding guns in their hands stepped in shooting in diverse locations. My heart skipped in fear when they were killing the multitude and Michael’s men. Were they also going to kill me too? Memories of the past flashed in my head. I placed my hands on my ears trying to stop them from deepening. I began trembling, my legs felt wobbly. I started moving back zoning out completely on what was occurring around me. My back hit a hard platform; I slid down sitting on the floor. They hadn’t come in years, why now? Mum and dad’s death, the sound of the gunshot, the scream… the blood splattered everywhere touching me. I glanced
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Chapter Three- Concerned
“When is she really going to wake up, Riley?” a deep masculine voice asked in what sounded like concern. “You said she was going to wake up anytime soon. Why isn’t she waking up already?” the voice added. “I don’t know, Alpha. She was just hypervilating, it’s nothing serious” a feminine voice retorted. Everything seemed dark to me, I began to open my eyes bit by bit, and I winced due to how my throat felt. “Good to hear, she is awake” the feminine voice whispered in a low tone. I gazed around the room I was in; it looked like a clinic or so. I was on a hospital bed; everywhere was painted white, light reflected from the window. I stood upright on the bed staring at whose voices I heard. It was a young raven-haired lady; she made her way towards me. “Drink this, it will help your throat feel normal again” she handed me a glass of water. I nodded taking the glass from her and gulping down all the content. I sighed in relief. &nbs
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Chapter Four- Complicated
“Why were you looking for me, Mia?” “To umm… tell you that I-I don’t know what to do, you brought me here. What am I expected to do?” I answered his question with one. “Yeah, that’s true. You’re expected to do just what in particular?” he began to scratch the back of his neck like he had nothing to say. “You wait till I give instructions and a list of your duties” he added. “Okay” I nodded. “If I’m asked who I am what do I tell them?” I added. “Tell them it’s none of their concern” he uttered casually like it was no big deal. “I don’t think I can say that with the way they appear quite intimidating with guns” I stated staring at the bare floor. He glared at me for a while trying to grasp   my statement while chewing on his lower lip. He was obviously had charms. He looked more like a demi-god but he had an impure inner mind.   “Tell them simply that you’re the Alpha’s mate and they know better to tou
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Chapter Five- Corey
Mia I opened my eyes after hearing a noise from outside. I let out a yawn stretching lazily before getting up from the bed. I rubbed my eyes tiredly walking around the room aimlessly till I finally settled on the couch coming back to reality. I noticed a paper on the couch; I took it and opened it to read: “Change into those. Meet me in the room four doors away from yours heading right. -Corey” There were clothes resting on the hem of the couch; it was a maroon long sleeve top along with a black shorts. It seemed like ladies’ dress causing me to wonder how he got hold of it. I got into it; it was fitted on me shockingly. I headed to his room wondering why he needed me. I opened the door stepping outside slamming it shut before heading to his room. I was staring at the paintings to master my way back, four doors away heading right. I began to head right counting the number of doors but it was as though the door
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Chapter Six- Confused
She looks at me in pure disgust. I scrunched my face on why she was holding me down. She leaned closer to me staring directly into my voice. “I don’t know who you are or what you are doing but I’m warning you for the first and last time. Stay away from my man. Alpha Corey is not on your league, Whore” she whispered. Who is this lady and what is she talking about? I pulled away from her grip staring away from her. "Excuse me? I have no idea on what you’re talking about” I stated plainly. She doesn’t have the rights to call me names, does she? “Really?” she smirked folding her hands. “Then I don’t think you’ve heard of me yet. I am Allison Jameson, Corey’s girlfriend. I am the next Luna of this Pack and I don’t like seeing bitches like you hung around him” she grabbed my jaw with so much force causing me to whimper. She is so strong I couldn’t even pull away her hands. “Got it?” she asked only to get no response from me. When she
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Chapter Seven- Curiosity
“What do you mean Corey is in the right position to tell me? It’s so confused staying in an unknown place” I supposed turning to face them. “You don’t understand, Mia. It’s not something we can blabber about. Period. Now back to our initial reason for coming here, aren’t you a little lonely staying here?” Ella questioned folding her arms. “I-umm…it’s just been a day” I responded her. “Well now you’re no longer alone because we’ll be here with you; chatting with you, playing games and all those shit. Now brazen up and stop investigating us like we stole your meat” Sharon uttered bringing live into the air. Was I supposed to be living good like this? I was sold to a mystery man who brought me to an unknown place and now I suddenly have friends and eat delicious meal. “Corey bought me at an auction. How do you expect me to forget all that and feel comfortable?” “What do you mean he bought you?!” Ella screeched. “Was it at Michael’s auction? You were there as one of his victims?” s
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Chapter Eight - Chaos
He tucked my hair to the back once again before he continued to play with my hair. It felt nice to have my hair in his fingers. He drew closer to my ear causing the tip of his nose to graze my ear. I shivered a bit at his actions.“It’s because you’re my peace, Rainfall. When it rains, everywhere is always at peace so as when I met you. I felt peace with you, baby girl” he stated causing my cheeks to redden. I bit my lower lip biting back my smile.I needed to leave now. I didn’t know this man and for some reason he had the biggest effects on me he wouldn’t even dream of. “Umm…I got to go” I was surprised I was able to form sentence. He stared at me for a while before he pulled away walking towards the door. I followed him walking behind him.He opened it gesturing for me to step out. I sent him a small smile before walking out. I turned around to look at him again. He was leaning on the door wi
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Chapter Nine - Comfort
CoreyI stared at her as she laid on the clinic bed unconscious with bandage on her head. How could this happen right under my nose? I should have felt it. I should have felt the rate of her heart beat but I just wasn’t focused on that.My wolf, Max, was angry with himself that he couldn’t protect mate. I swear I’m going to rip Allison to shreds. How dare she lay a finger on her Luna?“Alpha, you need to calm down. She is going to be fine, trust me” Riley stated. I stared wildly at her.“I should be calm? How can you be telling me that, Ril? It took place just a few doors from my room and I couldn’t do any fucking thing about it. Do you know how useless it makes look” I poured out.“Alpha, she is going to wake up in a few minutes. What do you think will happen if she sees you like this? How will you comfort her when you are yet to become calm?” she stated crossing her arms
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Chapter Ten - Condition
Mia“We would leave you to rest, make sure you have a sound sleep” Ella whispered. I just smiled at her.“Thank you, Ella” Sharon had left a while ago to fix some things. She gave me a small smile before closing the door. It felt so lonely in here. I no longer had bandage wrapped around my headSharon had removed it saying I wasn’t looking attractive. She had replaced it with her plastering the spot of the injury. She had given me pain killers.I smiled at the fact that for some reason, I had someone to look after me.The door creaked open causing me to lift my gaze at the intruder. It was Corey.For some reason, there was a sudden joy in my heart on seeing him.“Hey” he let out.“Hi?” it sounded more like a question than response.He walked over to me causing me to sit upright. I winced in pain of my injured arm. He leaned closer to support me.“Be careful, Rainfall” he whispered. It felt nice seeing this part of him. He sat on a stool close to me stroking my hair to the back.“I kno
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