The Hidden Souls Trilogy

The Hidden Souls Trilogy

By:  J. P. Uvalle  Ongoing
Language: English
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Join Xandra and Liam on an exciting journey as they embark on a challenging investigation into the mysterious disappearance of seven young girls in North Carolina. As they delve deeper into the case, they uncover a complex network of lies and corruption within the local community. With each new discovery, their understanding of the situation becomes clearer, and they begin to realize that their destinies are intertwined in ways they could never have anticipated. Witness the captivating story of self-discovery and passion that unfolds throughout the Hidden Souls Trilogy. Part One: Resurrection of Sin Part Two: Descendants of Arcos Part Three: Fury of Five

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10 Chapters
ProloguePearls of rain trickled down Cassie Harbor’s supple skin as she ran to her car. The rain began to fall out of nowhere and quickly turned into a relentless storm—the heavy drops, flooding the street within seconds. Growing up in Groverton, North Carolina, she had never experienced a rainstorm like this. It almost seemed unnatural.“Is this rain cloud following me?” Once in her car, Cassie glanced up to the gravel-gray clouds, which pulled over the lush, green mountains. A crackle of lighting sounded in the distance, and this made her heart jolt forward and her body shudder from the loud boom. Startled, she placed the key in the ignition and set off toward the interstate. As a storming array of clouds chased behind her like a ravenous beast out for blood, she sped up; the windshield wipers worked furiously to clear the blur of rain.“What is happening?” She struggled to scream as tears began to form in her eyes. The fear, a noose around her neck.Panic mixed with the u
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Liam HendrikThe detective division and the first-arriving officers convened in the white-walled conference room to examine the particulars of the infamous "seven" case. This extensive congregation was not usual, but with the already burdensome number of cases we had, we required everyone on the team.Xandra took the chair beside me, without glancing my way. Just perfect. I thought I had breached the barricade she had put up around her heart, only for Riley to crash in and ruin everything. We were back to where we began. Fantastic, she was going to overlook me for the duration of this gathering.Much obliged to you, you prick! I glared at him. He returned the look. Then Somers joined in; the testosterone levels were through the roof, and everyone in this room was cognizant of it. Why had these two dunces decided to sit opposite us at the meeting table, when they generally sat farther away?To torment me.Somers hated me. Quite frankly, I didn't give a shit anymore. Yeah, I fucked his
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Past Meet Future
Xandra KallanWhen I opened my eyes this morning, I felt unusually refreshed, considering the day before had been hectic. I hadn't slept that well in ages, and I wasn't sure if it was just exhaustion or the presence of the special man in my bed. But when I rolled over, his side of the mattress was empty. I wondered where he had gone, and as a beam of light shone through my sheer curtains, I sensed it was a beautiful day outside. My phone on the white oak nightstand began to vibrate, which excited me like a teenage girl with a crush. I picked it up and saw I had received a text from Liam. In his sweet message, he said he had to leave but I could call him if I needed anything. I appreciated his thoughtfulness.I took a deep breath and smiled, feeling blessed by life's surprise gifts, allowing gravity to pull me back onto the coziness of my bed made of silk, wishing I was still nuzzled up against his warm, broad chest. Safe. This made me realize, with all that was happening, I needed him
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Liam HendrikWe managed to drag Sasha out to the parking lot, kicking and screaming as if she were a five-year-old drama queen denied of candy. All because she didn’t want to stop shoving her tongue down Felipe’s throat.She is a slut; didn’t she just meet this guy?It seemed the girl would latch on like a leech to whatever guy she could get her sucker onto. And when I say sucker, I mean her mouth with invisible fangs that would suck the life force out of you. I still can’t believe she had the nerve to come on to me yesterday.Okay, maybe I didn’t help the situation by flirting with her at Xandra’s surprise party, or by giving her my number; I regret that; she’s been texting me non-stop. I was just being cordial. I mean; she’s Xandra’s sister after all. And naturally, anyone she cared about, I cared about.Regardless, of whether she’d invited me or not, I would’ve found Xandra anyway. I had a tracking device planted inside the hood of her car, and it was linked to my cellphone. It dro
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Secrets Don't Stay Buried
Xandra KallanAfter arguing with the airlines to reschedule her flight, I was thrown off kilter when I discovered Sasha had arrived in town, two days earlier than she’d told me.Why did she lie to me?And what was she doing here for two whole days before my surprise birthday party?Sash, you have a lot of explaining to do.Putting my anger aside, I paced back and forth nervously, waiting for Sasha’s blood results. Looking across the room at her, she had fallen into an incoherent sleep. I couldn’t believe my twenty-three-year-old sister was unrecognizable, withering away before my very eyes. The thought of our last memory being one of us fighting was destroying me on the inside. The last thing I wanted was for our last words to each other to be ones of anger.Sasha, please come back to me!A knock on the door ended my mental torture and pacing.“Hello, Miss Kallan, I’m Dr. Sanders. I’ll be taking over Sasha’s case.” He put out his hand.“Nice to meet you, Dr. Sanders,” I said, shaking
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Following a Lead
Liam HendrikIn the end, I was able to persuade Xandra to take the rest of the day off from the chaos that was our professional lives. I was aware of her resolve to find the truth in order to protect her sister. She really just needed to be there for Sasha, though. She appeared reluctant to exit the car after I had parked it close to the hospital entrance. I fixed her with my full attention as we sat in the car for a while, as though that was all she needed to summon the courage to make the first move."You still don't believe me after everything we saw today, do you?" She glared at me as she said this.I struggled because a part of me didn't want to believe that spirits existed. “I don’t know what I believe.”She groaned in frustration before slamming the door of my car. My phone buzzed inside the pocket of my pants before I could respond to her sudden departure."Detective Hendrik speaking." I looked back at her retreating figure in confusion, not sure of what had just happened."He
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Xandra"Liam," I yelled into the phone, startling my sleeping sister. I was completely shaken. What did DeMarco say to Liam?I couldn't shake my nervousness until Sasha's faint voice said, "Hey, you're back." Her lips were pursed in a weak smile."Of course, I've returned." I swept her bangs away from her dull green eyes gently. Then I sat down next to her, took her hand in mine, and squeezed for dear life."I overheard your conversation with the doctor," she forced herself to say.I struggled to keep my tears at bay. "Regardless of the blood tests, you'll always be my real sister," I winked, a tear streaming down my cheek.She broke eye contact to stare out the window, appearing lost in her sea of thoughts.I brought her eyes back to mine with a subtle touch to her cheek. “Sash, say something.”“While you were away at college, I overheard mom and an older woman arguing in the living room.” She had a gleam of fear in her eyes.“Wait, when did this happen? What did you hear?”Was this
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XandraMy vision was blurry when I awoke in a state of confusion. I realized I was in a hospital bed when a light beam illuminated the hospital room. I noticed an IV pump after turning my head to the left. Oh, no! I must have been gone for several hours.My thoughts began to spiral as I turned around. My last memory was of falling into a depressive lull next to Liam. Knowing that the devastation would once again overwhelm my body with a crushing wave of grief, I needed to know how he was. My reality was a never-ending nightmare from which I desperately wished to awaken. I finally mustered the courage to look to my right. There was the man, still in a coma, whose love overpowered every ounce of my stubbornness. Tears stung my eyes once more. I couldn't possibly go another day without his unmistakable love-filled smile. His eyes spoke a language that only I understood. His lips rendered my entire body boneless. Everything that bothered me was chased away by his hands. His passion lifted
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Alpha of the Night
XandraMy mind was buzzing with so much noise on my way home that I couldn't even hear the music. I returned my attention to the road after turning off the radio. I yanked on the steering wheel at that precise moment. In the middle of the street, a shadowy figure appeared. I didn't have time to think as I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting a tree. My neck began to burn as a result of the sudden stop.What the hell was that?It took a few moments for me to catch my breath, slow my heart rate, and clear my head. Then I got out of the car. A dog appeared, taller and more muscular than the average Doberman Pinscher. His black and tan coat glistened in the dim light of the street lined with long-leaf trees, ears, and tail uncut. It had fiery eyes that would make even the toughest man flee for the hills. This beautiful dog was a male, and he kept sitting in the middle of the road as if he owned it.Squinting to get a better look at him, I noticed a brown studded collar around his thicken
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Liam HendrikMy confusion continued as I woke up; still unable to remember anything about myself. But one thing was certain: I loved the beautiful woman lying by my side. I remember feeling this intense connection to her, but I don't know who she is. I saw some guy choking the life out of her. How did I know that was going on? And what's with this ring?My head was swimming with questions and they were suffocating me. I needed air, so I left the room without disturbing her sleep and found what appeared to be my black shirt and jeans in the bottom drawer of her dresser—alongside a pair of black Jordans on a shoe rack.I snuck out of the bedroom, only to find her dog standing next to me wagging his tail. He took an instant liking to me, following after as I searched for a leash—but I was annoyed that one couldn't be found. "I'm sorry boy,"He barked and ran towards the door, but at my command to be quiet he immediately ceased his barking. “Good boy,” I said. He seemed to respond well to
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