Sharing Kate: The Twins Desire

Sharing Kate: The Twins Desire

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“How long does it take for you to orgasm?” The first interview question took Kate by surprise. She looked over at her potential boss and blurted. "Excuse me?" "Or are you a virgin?" He asked again. Then ordered her to strip when Kate agreed she wasn't a virgin. ** Kate Migrated from New Orleans to Sin city looking for an acting role after she received an email from the company. Unknowingly to her, the company turned out to be a very popular Porn company owned by the twins, Alex and Aiden, who were popularly known as the sex gods. Initially, Kate wanted to reject the job but she became too desperate after she found out her father's condition. One thing Kate never knew is that she'll get tangled in the struggle between the twin brothers, who were fighting to gain her love and own her heart. When the tension between the brothers became too hot, secrets started coming to light. The exact secret that ruined Kate's life years before. Who among the twin brothers is the father of her son?

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Sandy Williams
Amazing story very well written. keeps you on your toes. loved every minute of it. xxx
2023-11-01 18:17:13
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Riz Agabon
OMG!!!!this story is amazing ... it written well..Good Job Author I literally squirming while reading all the hot chapters... Highly recommended guys but if your not into trouple relationship or your not comfortable with, this book is not for you..
2023-09-09 09:20:34
98 Chapters
To act porn videos? Kate stepped out the cab and handed the cab driver his paycheck. She feels heat clawing deep inside her at the thought of stepping into the movie industry she got an email from last week. Kate had migrated from New Orleans to Sin city last week to achieve her dreams as an actress but she feels shy, worried maybe, about the upcoming interview and the audition they might ask her to do. Her friend's number that she had tried to reach isn’t connecting through out last week and Kate was supposed to squat at her place until her filming job begins to pay. Well, she banks on the fact that she job will definitely pay which was why she lodged in a hotel. In her hotel room she had memorized all the necessary interview question they might ask her. She had watched how to pass an audition videos on YouTube just to perfect herself. Now, she assumed she’s ready. Ready to go into this movie industry, answer their interview questions and act as much role given to her as p
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Shh, let me feel this.... “Turn around.” Aiden’s deep voice blared in the room filled with camera men and other crew members. His whole naked body is sweating and his long, thick cock covered with rubber jerks as he flipped the girl lying underneath around. “Okay, Aiden. You seem energized today.” The lady at the receiving end of his thrust said and turned to lie face down on the mattress. When she positioned just the way Aiden wanted, he pulled her hips up and palms his cock and drove into her again. The girl jerked and a moan escaped her mouth. Aiden began to thrust, plunder deep into her. “Fuck, Lisa. Your pussy is so fucking wet.” Aiden said as he fucks her cunt, Lisa’s inner walls clenched around Aiden’s cock, making him grunt. He slapped her ass cheeks and muttered in a sensual voice. “You clench my cock too much, fuck.” He continued to drive into her, harsh thrust and sex scents filled the room. The camera men continued capturing the scene as Aiden drives his cock in
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Be a good girl and fuck her... It took Lisa only a moment to sprang up from the bed she's sprawled on and plant her buckling feet on the marble floor. The movement is so fast, sharp, her whole body jiggled especially her breast. Chuckling, Aiden faced her. His cock is still rock hard as he held it in his palm. He licked his pink lips, one of the things he does that turns girls on. “Have any issue with that?” He asked and his voice holds a note of amusement. Lisa doesn’t act prideful in front of the sex gods only when she’s in the midst of other pornstars. With a quickening breath, she utters. “We’re not done acting? Have you…come?” She ensured to tamp down on the irritation floating through her. Letting the sex gods know that she acted like she owns them might implicate her, however, she can’t let another pornstar take her position. Not in Brazzers not ever. She took calculated steps towards Aiden who now gave his attention to the camera that muttered something like,
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Do that again... The other pornstar that Lisa just fucked as per Aiden’s command got up from the bed, her chest heaving as she glared daggers at Lisa. She concluded on one thing inwardly and that’s the fact that Lisa can fuck a girl well. That gave her answers as to why the sex gods loves fucking her because she’s good both ways. Fucking a man and fucking a woman. Overtime, Lisa has been promoted to senior actors category and people had often concluded it’s because of her proximity with the sex gods but now the girl confirmed it. Lisa can handle people well. Though she saw the fiery rage gleaming in her eyes she managed to rein it in and fuck her pussy. The girl is still reeling from the intensity of the pleasure. Her cum is still dripping from her thighs as she attempts to gravitate behind the camera while watching Alex devour Lisa’s mouth. The scene is highly arousing, though she’s yet to recover from the aftershock of her recent orgasm, she’s already feeling her cli
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She has potentials... “What Lisa?” Aiden’s deep masculine voice speared through Lisa, making her cheeks to flush. She’s lucky she painted her face with powder and bronzer, if not the twins would have figured she’s into them through the warm flush across her cheeks. Well, not that they don’t have a hint of her actions towards them but you know, they’re not into emotional shit. So entangling with someone on an emotional level isn’t their thing. Moreover, since they’re of age they had been sharing woman so it’s nearly impossible for them to entangle with someone individually. “A friend of mine is launching her project today in a party and you know…it’s always good with have a partner that can…” She wasn’t able to finish when Alex cut her off. “Nah…I’m out. Have somewhere to fly to.” He shrugged, his response knifing Lisa’s heart. They could hear people’s footfalls in the hallway. The other actors coming in for their own show while some actresses are walking around naked, so
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Visit Weakened to the bones, Kate slipped out of the taxi, her chestnut hair haggard, shirt creased and plaid skirt rumpled. She fisted the envelope that contains the contract and her tiny bag and moved to the driver’s side, handing him his money.Seriously, she doesn’t have enough money and the one she’s with is being spent in the hotel, foods and transportation.At the moment, Kate only has fifty dollar with her and none in her account. She arrived Sincity with just three hundred dollar, paid one hundred and fifty dollar for the hotel room she’s staying in.She doesn’t know how long she'd stay in the hotel, which is why she paid such amount. She had wanted to squat at her friend’s place but she couldn’t reach her which prompted her to lodge in the hotel. The remaining one hundred and fifty dollar was spent on food and the dress she’s putting on and also the transport she used today.Now, with just fifty dollar…she definitely should tread carefully. The cost of living
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Teen Sneaks on horny dad....Warm liquid slipped past Kate’s throat down to her churning stomach. Hell,this is apparently her first timevisiting a porn site. Back at the bar which we resigned from before moving toSin city, her colleagues, girls precisely takes every chance they get to watch porn. Worst of all, they don’t bother to hide it. Watching pornwas a norm for them all and their boss was no exception. Sometimes, he practicedwith the girls too. Back at the bar, they only had one Male and he haslittle interest in that lifestyle maybebecause of his girlfriend. Yeah, theguy, Greg, by name had told Kate about his girlfriend a lot and because of their close affinity, he deviated from thewild activities at the bar. Actually, Greg and Kate are disciplined whereas the othersare too brazen to give a shit. When the bar is empty, especially during theday, the girls entertained themselves with porn. Needless to say, they end up eating their cunt and masturbating,thou
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Never gonna change....“You've got to be kidding me, man. How in hell is that evenpossible?” Aiden gushed, surprise ghosting across his features as he burn Michael with his gaze. A tinge ofsmile appeared on his lips as he watch Michael lift his glass to down a goodamount of his tequila. He looked at Aiden’s surprised feature over the rim ofhis glass. Michael had planned to surprise the twins with this news until he comesback. He wanted to see the look of shock etched on their features and it worked.Aiden couldn't believe his ears now. No, c'mon Michael’s gotto be pulling his legs. He doesn’t meanthis. Aiden convinced himself especially when Michael’s cheek spreads in a grin. He wanted to blurt something but his thrumming phone made him halt, holding Michael’s gaze, Aiden lowered his hand into his pocket to brought out the phone. Alex’s name hoveredover the screen. Sliding his finger over the receiver tab, Aiden shoved the phone to his ear. Hismovements are rega
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Favorite pornstar...“What?” Aiden snapped, brows scrunching up in disgust. “No.Way!!” He emphasized, tapping his hand on the table. “Yes, way. C'mon man. You should own up to your mistake.”Michael advised, but Aiden brushed into laughter. What Michael said now just madehim remember some shits about his teen years. Owning up to his mistakes is never what he'll do. Never!Seriously? Michael’s telling him toown…up to some shitty mistakes? Like hell he’ll.“Dude c'mon. You pushed her down and I sure as hell knowthat was when she lost the I.D.” Michael parroted his words over again but Aiden was strong-headed, hedoesn’t want to accept he did that. One thing about Aiden is that he hates someone telling himhe made a mistake. Nah. He feels he's always right and others are wrong. Hemight be outgoing but he’s quite prideful. Very prideful. And right now, that mountain of pride couldn’t pave way forhis friend’s words to sink down. “Now, you’re wrong there. She bumped into m
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Needs operation...“Just eight buck.” An old woman replied to Kate, standing upto move closer and attend to hercustomer. The shabby kiosk sells snacks but from the looks, the snacks havebeen baked for two days. Still, Kate insists on buying it. Hell, it’s been over an hour she’s walking around the night, searching for aplace to buy a snack or something. “Please can I have it?” She nodded, sputtering. The oldwoman walked to the enclosed glass where the snacks heaped and fluttered itopen, wrapping one of the sausage into a paper. Eight bucks. It’s better. Atleast she'd still have two bucks left and use it to purchase a can water. Goodidea. Kate muttered, taking the wrapped shit from the crone. After getting the can water which was her last order, Kate veeredon her heels and began to file back to the hotel. She could feel the tinge ofpains on her ass and she sighed rememberinghow the arrogant man pushed her off without an ounce of remorse. Hell, shehas met two arro
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