Forbidden Dance

Forbidden Dance

By:  Amber Kuhlman  Ongoing
Language: English
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I'm a dancer, trapped by my stepmother's decree. Discovering a hidden school troupe introduces me to Theo's intensity, Mark's charm, and Danny's allure — igniting a fire I thought long gone. Battling my stepmother's anger, I risk it all not only for dance but for Theo, Mark, and Danny who've brought back my world. Within the troupe, we share dances that defy imagination, deepening our bonds with every step. Despite the taboo, their touch sparks electric desires. Risking everything, I embrace my passion and the love Theo, Mark, and Danny offer. Our unity grows daily. Together, we surrender to music and each other, dancing with abandon. Amidst the whirlwind, I find my purpose and an all-encompassing love that defies limits.

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1: Faith
The weather outside is frigid, matching my mood, as my stepmother Sadie runs a single manicured finger over the windowsill of my dorm room, lifting it to her face a moment later to inspect the dust that has settled on the tip of her perfect finger. She makes a face, shooting a glance over her shoulder at my father who has been standing awkwardly to the side as she tears apart every little thing about my room.“It’s dirty,” she announces to no one in particular. My new roommate isn’t here yet, thank God, and I’m hoping she won’t show up until after my dad and step-monster finally leave me in peace.“I don’t mind,” I say, trying to usher her along faster. “It just needs a little wipe down. I can do that.”Sadie turns in my direction, her nostrils flaring like they do when she thinks I’ve said or done something stupid, which is almost always. “Your father and I aren’t paying for you to be here and clean,” she huffs. “That’s the school staff’s job.”I bite my lip to keep myself from remin
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Chapter 2: Theo
As we finish up the short routine we’ve just done on the lawn, I watch in mild amusement as the girl in the Dancer shirt shakes her head at Danny and folds the flyer in half before cramming it into her back pocket, looking less than enthusiastic about the prospect of trying out for the team. The girl standing next to her with the pixie cut and face jewelry looks embarrassed like she can’t believe her friend is acting so standoffish. Both girls are cute, but the one I have my eye on is the blonde. She’s pretty in a subtle sort of way, the kind of girl that you might not pick out in a lineup, but who probably cleans up well. Humble. Sweet. Quiet. She seems like the type who might want a steady relationship instead of a one-night stand, and that’s exactly the type of woman I am not looking for. I don’t do relationships. Not anymore.Beads of sweat drip from my brow as I grab a towel and a bottle of water and pop the cap, momentarily forgetting about the girls Danny is talking to as I chu
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Chapter 3: Faith
“You’d be crazy not to go to this thing, you know.” Tara is lying on her bed in our dorm, flipping through a grunge fashion magazine as soft music plays from my laptop in the background. I’m cross-legged on my bed, munching on a bag of chips we’d snagged from the dining hall, pondering her words. Since we’d run into Danny and his team earlier, she’s been relentless in reminding me that I’m a big girl now (her words) and that if I want to dance, I can fucking dance. Also her words. And while I know she’s right, it doesn’t make the prospect any less intimidating. I haven’t even started classes yet. If Sadie caught wind of my tryouts before my first homework assignment, shit would hit the fan. “Yeah, you keep saying that,” I remind her, licking Cheeto dust from my fingers. Chips aren’t the only thing we’d snagged from the dining hall. Cookies, pastries, crackers, and an assortment of other junk food currently litter my bed. Sadie never allowed it in the house, so it’s safe to say I’ve be
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Chapter 4: Danny
“Well, that was a shit show.” Theo looks over at me a few hours later and rolls his eyes. We’re still sitting in the auditorium, going through potential dancers that had tried out tonight. And while his words are harsh, I have to silently agree. Aside from a very, very small handful of dancers, Theo is right. Tonight was a shit show.I can't stop thinking about Faith. I don't know her well, but I feel like she could be an asset to our dance troupe. Mark and Theo had been right about her inability to loosen up. She seemed insecure on the stage, wary, like if she messed up it would be the end for her. It was clear to me that Faith had demons, ones that were so severe she took to hiding instead of facing them. But as my friends already knew, we all had demons among us.“I think we should call Faith,” I say as the three of us pack up our bags and make our way out. It’s dark out now, and very few people are still walking around. Home for us is a ramshackle house off-campus. It’s not fancy,
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Chapter 5: Faith
Thanks to Tara, I now own more than a handful of ankle-length skirts and knitted sweatshirts, so I’m already feeling more confident walking into class dressed in a sleek pair of black leggings that accentuate my butt and a hip sweater than hangs off one shoulder. I’ve done my hair today, letting it fall in golden waves down my back, and the small pallet of makeup I invested in lights up my features today.If Sadie saw me, she’d have had a stroke. I won’t dare tell her that my food allowance went to clothes and makeup. Eventually, I’ll have to come up with a better solution, because Sadie will cut me off the first chance she gets.I feel extra giddy today due to Danny’s text message last night. I had been certain they wouldn’t even consider me, so I’d been pleasantly surprised to see the message come through.But I was still hesitant. If Sadie found out that I was dancing, she’d cut me off. As of right now, she and my father were funding my college experience, and that had been one of
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Chapter 6: Mark
“Danny says you’ve been assigned to me,” Faith says, stepping into the auditorium where I’m waiting the next day to practice with her. She’s not wrong. Danny has officially made me Faith’s gatekeeper because Theo is too much of a dick to do it without scaring her off. I hadn’t realized I’d been so welcoming to get the privilege of wasting my time with her, but here we are.“Yeah,” I mutter. “What fun.” Today, she’s dressed in black and gold leggings that show off the dancer muscles in her thighs and calves, as well as another off-shoulder sweatshirt that openly gives a peek of her black lacy bra. Her blond hair is pulled up in a messy bun today, and while she’s not wearing any makeup that I can see, it doesn’t really matter. Faith’s beauty is natural, and I’d be lying to myself and everyone else if I said I didn’t find her attractive, despite my feelings about the team.“Look,” Faith says, dropping her dance bag at her feet. She puts her hands on her hips and glares at me. Gone is the
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Chapter 7: Faith
Sparks feel like they’re flying from the tips of my toes as Mark kisses me, but just as soon as I’ve fallen into his seduction, I pull away, wanting to slap myself. I raise my fingers to my lips, feeling where his lips were against mine. Mark is staring at me, and I can practically see the wheels turning in his head. For a moment, I think he might try to kiss me again, but after a second he shakes his head and shuts the door before walking around the car to get into the driver’s seat. For a few seconds, neither of us says anything. We don’t know what to say. The car becomes a stifling cocoon, filled with an uncomfortable silence. My heart pounds in my chest, and I struggle to catch my breath. The intensity of Mark's kiss still lingers on my lips, sending a jolt of confusion and desire through my veins. But as the haze of the moment begins to clear, a wave of guilt washes over me.I turn my gaze towards the window, trying to compose myself. Thoughts race through my mind, my emotions co
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Chapter 8: Theo
Can you train Faith today? I’m taking a break.Mark’s text message pops up once more in my head as I walk, the rays of the morning sun pierce through the thick canopy of trees, casting dappled shadows across the university’s quad. Today is the day I have decided to take matters into my own hands, determined to drive the new girl, Faith, out of our lives. We don't need another liability, another person to be responsible for like my sister. The weight of Sasha’s decisions already burdens me beyond measure, and I can't bear the thought of taking on more. I don’t know what’s up with Mark, but it doesn’t matter. If he can’t drive her away, then I will.Faith stands a few feet away when I arrive at the auditorium around lunchtime, her eyes filled with hope and an eagerness to prove herself. It irritates me, that spark of enthusiasm she possesses. I am determined to extinguish it, to show her just how futile her efforts are. She is an outsider, a disruption to our carefully cultivated team.
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Chapter 9: Faith
I hobble out of the doctor's office, my right foot encased in a clunky black boot. The sprained ankle is a painful reminder of my clumsiness during dance practice, but I know Theo feels bad. Mark, Danny, and Theo are by my side, their concerned expressions reflecting their genuine care for me. Yesterday, I was sure that not a single one of them even gave a damn."I can't believe I have to wear this thing," I grumble, my voice filled with frustration. "And I won't be able to dance for a few days."Mark's gaze flickers towards me for a brief moment before he averts his eyes, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. I notice the subtle tension between us, remnants of the unexpected kiss shared between us last night. The memory sends a shiver down my spine, but in front of Danny and Theo, I have to keep my emotions in check. What would they think if they found out about the kiss?Danny shoots a glare at Theo, his irritation evident. "You should have been more careful, Theo. You know how im
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Chapter 10: Danny
I can't believe I'm doing this.I stand outside Faith’s dorm, fidgeting with the flowers in my hand. I’ve already spoken with Tara and arranged to have her gone for a few hours tonight, but I’m nervous, anyway. Will Faith be happy to see me? Annoyed? It’s been two days since the run-in with her parents, and she’s basically been stuck in her dorm nursing a swollen ankle and doing her homework online.Something has to change.Taking a deep breath, I knock on the door, my heart pounding with anticipation. This is a bold move, but I want to show her how much I care. She deserves to be treated like a fucking queen, and I intend to make her feel like royalty tonight.A moment later, before I lose my cool and bolt, Faith answers the door. Her gaze takes me in, her eyes traveling from the smile on my face to the bouquet in my hands.“Danny,” she says softly. “Hi.”“Hi, Faith. Can I come in?”She hesitates, but only briefly, and then steps aside so I can step through the threshold. Just as she
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