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When Storm's whole family was murdered at a young age, she swore that she would avenge their deaths, every single one of the wolves involved, and see to it that they suffered as she did. In the years that follow, she transforms into an unstoppable hunter, with no one standing in her way until she finally finds one of the last on her list: the four pups. The Ridgewood boys are kings themselves, royals, and dangerous and they have mates. Storm's plan to infiltrate the boys, make them choose her, and make her their one and only mate starts to have cracks when she starts to find herself falling for the same men who watched her father being murdered and her life being torn apart. The boys are closer and closer to finding the real reason behind their strange connection and why it has intensified ever since the raven-haired wolf entered their life like a storm. Even after the deaths of their first chosen mates, the ones Storm killed to have the boys all to herself, they don't question the coincidences of events... until Storm starts to slip, her lies slipping out. Will the truth be so close that they will really find out who she is and why she is really in their lives? Will it be too late when storm realizes she can never destroy her lovers as they turn out to be her destined mates? Will true love prevail? **THE BOOK HAS GRAPHIC SEX SCENES, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR NOT INTO REVERSE HAREM** *i do not take full credit of the book cover as it's not originally mine

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182 Chapters
STORMI am running so fast the trees are blurring and my sharp focus is ahead, taking turns and leaping through the tree trumps and fallen trees. I hear a howl not so far behind me and then the obvious sounds of someone not so far behind me, catching up on me.“Got you!” a voice says from behind me and I feel hands brush on my shoulders but I duck, and swerve past the person laughing.“No, you don’t! Try to keep up!”And that’s when I hear the obvious ripping of muscles as he shifts and then I know the chase has just gotten so much better. He is playing dirty, but I can still prove to him I am not an easy catch or prey.With his now heightened senses and speed, I double up my speed, my inner wolf stretching ready to be let out but not just yet, so she helps me in my human form and I smile as I run wind in my hair, a carefree laugh echoing through the woods and an enormous grey wolf behind me, chasing me.I trip, and I see the ground coming in fast, so sure that with the spee
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STORM I am close, I can feel it. I have been looking for them for more than 6 years, and now, I can feel them close by. I smirk as I watch the road, stretching for miles without any car in sight. The weather is perfect for hunting, foggy, cloudy and the trees are making the area even eerier. This is my perfect playground. I get out of the car when I see the headlights of the car I am waiting for. Looking at my wristwatch, I smile, they are right on time. Flexing my hands out, always come out and I roll my neck, feeling it pop as I stretch and then advance in the middle of the road. I know they can see me and they are probably wondering what a girl like me is doing on the road, as I have parked my car where they can’t see it. I stand in the middle of the road, the car tires screeching as they avoid hitting me. “Are you okay?!” I am about to be. A small smirk plays on my lips as my eyes scream blood thirst, and I pounce. *** One year. That’s all I have to do, to gain their t
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STORMThey are not supposed to be this way. I wasn’t prepared for THEM! I look at my almond-shaped sparkling blue eyes framed with thick eyelashes in the rearview mirror. Then I fluff up my hair one more time, the thick tresses falling past my shoulders to the small of my back.I have always used my looks to gain upper hand, and mark the prey easily. One looks at me and they think I am a damsel in distress wanting to be saved, little do they know that I am the predator, a wolf in sheep’s skin.My gaze finds itself on the boys in the parking lot several feet away from where I am as they talk, together with the girls in their hands.Of course, those are their types. The first girl with my first boy is tall and slender, with long, blonde hair that falls in perfect waves down her back. She has bright blue eyes and a sharp, angular jawline. She is impeccably dressed, in designer clothing and accessories, and her sense of style is impeccable. She exudes an air of confidence and superi
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COLE The air is different today, I can feel something in the air. Not to mention the shit we have been going through with the pack, my father’s handling my uncle’s death, who was the beta and in-house leader of his pack in Louisiana, then Landon’s family… shit! There is an imbalance that’s happening and I cannot just put my finger on it. It’s not helping that since I stepped foot in this school Sarah has been talking, I swear the girl cannot shut up. She is really cute when she rambles on but I cannot help but feel irritation, because my mind is going in circles, marking and revisiting anything I might have missed. Then she walks by. The world stills and I can feel the others as well become dead silent and watch her. She is smirking like she has a secret joke and then notices us looking and plasters the fakest nice smile like we can be fooled by it. I have never seen her before because if I had, she would be someone I would remember. After all, she would be right next to me all da
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STORM The receptionist is cheery and talkative. She has asked me who my parents are, where I was studying before, all this before I have even been handed my timetable. After trying so much to try to make me talk and seeing it futile after giving her one-worded answers, she finally hands me over the class timetable and I bid her goodbye with a tight smile. I am walking looking at the sheet without really knowing where I am looking when I bump into something solid, hard, and tall that smells so good like rain, and freshly cut grass and I want to sniff and get lost in it. My bag slides across the floor the sheet getting torn and me falling on my butt. Hard. I look up, only to find piercing green eyes looking right back at me. And he is not smiling, nor apologizing for making me fall. Worse, he is not helping me stand up! “Watch where you are going,” he says this all while looking at me, a wicked smirk on his perfect pink lips. I part my lips to say something but nothing comes out,
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STORM I need a minute alone. On the first day of school, I didn’t even get to finish the whole day. I didn’t know it would be this overwhelming and worse, my emotions are a wreck, all over the place. I get in my impala and roar it to life. I need to get out of here and gather my thoughts. I miss my family so much, I miss my dad every day and it’s the constant ache and deep seeded loneliness in my core that has always motivated me to keep on pushing, avenge him and see to it that they all die, the ones that took him away from me. Seeing them sure was a surprise and a slap in my face. You would think that people the same age as me when that horrible night happened would be somehow affected by all the horrible things they did. Sure, I am no saint I am far less than a saint but still. To see them so happy and in love with their girlfriends, living life like it is all roses pushed a button inside of me. They saw the destruction of a young girl and they somehow forgot all about it. Th
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DEAN“you fucking lost her!” Kyle slaps the dashboard so hard it rattles.I grit my teeth to keep from retorting back and tighten my hands on the steering wheel. We didn’t expect her to know we were following her let alone evade us like she just did.I pack on the side of the road and they both look at me like I have lost my mind. I will be the one to lose my mind if I stay in this car one more second with Kyle talking shit like that and then we will cause a fucking wreck on the road.“What the hell?” Cole asks as I climb out and they both get out as well. I run my hand on my shaven head and look at the sky trying to calm down.“He just let her go and now he is giving her time to escape us even further,” Kyle snide, and with a step, I push him into the car, and hold my fist up ready to punch the smug off his face. I look at his maniacal smiling grin and know it will not do any good hitting him. in fact, pain is a fucking turn-on, on this psycho and he is just riling me up.I step away
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STORMThey are doubting me.I know this because I realize it was them that was following me yesterday. I was not counting on them to start questioning me so early on but yet again, if they didn’t, I would be surprised how they go the title ‘royals’ in the first place.It might be because they come from the leading pack families but they are widely known by people all over. I had heard of them long before I knew it was them I was looking for.But I cannot have them doubt them, or even question my presence, so I have to present myself to them in a way they don’t see me as a threat. I am yet to meet the fourth one, hopefully, he will be present.Then there is the issue with the mates. I did my research on them and I got to know they are their true mates. Not a deal breaker to me, I need them to see me as their only true mate and so that means I will have to eliminate every single barrier one by one to get close to them.But first, less of a threat, more of a sexy hot alluring girl. Every
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STORMI can’t believe I let the jerk rile me up! I fix myself and get out, sidestepping the sandwich and my stomach grumbling now even more. I am not so friendly when I am hungry, and it doesn’t help that the bastard just told me I am not desirable.I realize that we had an audience but they don’t seem to have heard our conversation. Standing taller, I pass by them and realize they are four but I don’t get to see the other one as I pass them, a little sway on my hips and a flip of my finger towards the jerk as I pass him by his redhead girlfriend who sneers at me.I can’t help but smirk a little when I see his eyes widen a fraction, as he didn’t expect me to flip him off let alone retaliate back. I don’t look back either, heading straight to the cafeteria to get breakfast if I have any way of surviving through the first break.As I enter, I am struck by the grandeur of the space. The ceilings are high and adorned with beautiful chandeliers, and the floors are made of polished marble.
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KYLEShe smells so intoxicating, like a mixture of honey and floral flowers, a scent that should be too much sweetness but it’s not. It makes you want to draw in and sniff her even more, a dark rich scent. Her hair, is so thick, it catches the sun and I see the dark brown glints, so long I want to wrap my fist in it as she takes my full length in her mouth, choking and gagging.I loved how she looked at me with those puppy sparkling blue eyes that I see the fire in them anytime she looks at me. I wanted to save her, I wanted to put her on my lap and tell her she has nothing to fear when she is with me.Fuck!This girl is all I have been thinking about and Sarah can sense it as well. My relationship with my eating is as normal as it can be. Nothing big, just the usual picking your mate, a mate you are going to one-day marry and mark as your own and have little pups. Cole, the stupid muck but also wise suggested that it was time perhaps each of us took a mate since the last time we ha
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