I find myself at Magdaline’s new house's doorstep.

I press the doorbell before I think myself out of this.

“come in honey,” she opens the door and waves me in I can feel all the walls drop down and I whimper as she pulls me into an embrace.

“I have messed up everything,” I cry as she holds me.

She soothes me and takes me to the couch. There is a young girl in the house who has been helping her and she brings me some tea and then leaves.

“you have been through so much baby,” she says ss he pushes hair off my face.

“I'm so tired,” I whisper as I curl on the couch, head on her lap.

“I know,” she validates me. I go ahead and tell her all that has happened and she cries with me, and I feel so sleepy.

“I don’t know if they will ever forgive me, but I need to get away.”

“There is only one way that you can go away and they remain here unaffected by your absence.”

“I will do it, anything. I need to fix myself and maybe one day we will be together again,” I tell her meaning every word.

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