She smells so intoxicating, like a mixture of honey and floral flowers, a scent that should be too much sweetness but it’s not. It makes you want to draw in and sniff her even more, a dark rich scent. Her hair, is so thick, it catches the sun and I see the dark brown glints, so long I want to wrap my fist in it as she takes my full length in her mouth, choking and gagging.

I loved how she looked at me with those puppy sparkling blue eyes that I see the fire in them anytime she looks at me. I wanted to save her, I wanted to put her on my lap and tell her she has nothing to fear when she is with me.


This girl is all I have been thinking about and Sarah can sense it as well. My relationship with my eating is as normal as it can be. Nothing big, just the usual picking your mate, a mate you are going to one-day marry and mark as your own and have little pups. Cole, the stupid muck but also wise suggested that it was time perhaps each of us took a mate since the last time we ha
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