I can’t believe I let the jerk rile me up!

I fix myself and get out, sidestepping the sandwich and my stomach grumbling now even more. I am not so friendly when I am hungry, and it doesn’t help that the bastard just told me I am not desirable.

I realize that we had an audience but they don’t seem to have heard our conversation. Standing taller, I pass by them and realize they are four but I don’t get to see the other one as I pass them, a little sway on my hips and a flip of my finger towards the jerk as I pass him by his redhead girlfriend who sneers at me.

I can’t help but smirk a little when I see his eyes widen a fraction, as he didn’t expect me to flip him off let alone retaliate back. I don’t look back either, heading straight to the cafeteria to get breakfast if I have any way of surviving through the first break.

As I enter, I am struck by the grandeur of the space. The ceilings are high and adorned with beautiful chandeliers, and the floors are made of polished marble.
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