Taming the Billionaire's Granddaughter

Taming the Billionaire's Granddaughter

By:  BluerthanBlue  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Four years, Malia. You let me believe those faith, hope and love you've shown me were all pure, but they're not." tears began pouring from John's eyes. "I'm so sorry, John." my mutters could not help from turning into wails. "I was too immature at that time. I was supposed to fix the issue but I couldn't." "Despite that, thank you so much for everything you have done. Your lies turned me into the monster that even your grandfather cannot win against." "I love you, John. I really do. And I can't live without you. Please, forgive me. I am willing to do everything to win your heart." "Take care, Malia. Hopefully, our paths will never cross again."

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Kibz Writes
3 Gems for this book.
2023-05-27 12:37:03
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Junlie Abaquita
nice work.
2023-05-27 12:19:38
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40 chapters 05-27-2023. Highly recommended.
2023-05-27 08:15:27
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Hopeless Romantic
Highly recommended
2023-03-20 06:25:22
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BrightWin Writes
Great Book!
2023-02-20 23:01:09
57 Chapters
Newly Appointed President
Malia's POV My one simple dream in life was to be normal as much as possible; to have a meal three times a day, six to eight hours of undesrupted sleep, walk on the streets worry-free, and most of all, can hang out with my friends and family as normal people do. However, as wealthy and powerful as the Andersons were not the way I expected them to be. Being one of the successors of my grandpa's royal empire, even getting a single chair in the dining area just to get seated next to him was an unimaginable competition. Being decisive, thorough, and heartless was a must for all of us. My deceased dad never missed stabbing and equip me with that kind of mindset while he was still alive. Survival of the fittest as he describes it. At a very young age, I was able to travel to a few places, not to spend time wandering, visiting bars at night, or having sex with anyone that pleases my eyes, but to get trained for work and business. About how to weigh things either when I s
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Contract Marriage
Because of that, my entire face ripened like rotten tomato caused by too much embarrassment. Tears also began flooding my cheeks, but I was trying to control them as much as possible. I could not believe that instead of covering everyone's secret, Uncle Robin would go that far only to get what he wants. I've been hiding the other side of my story for four years sealed with confidentiality. Yet, in just a matter of seconds, he unfolds it right in front of everyone, especially gramps. But how did he know that? Did he have me followed all these years? "She's been lying to us this whole time, dad. And her parents did not even say a word to you. Wanna know why? Because they believed their daughter could have the position someday. Is that how you supposed to run this family, huh?" I was about to clarify my side of the story but was cut off when one of the security guards whispered something to gramps. Then, he nodded shortly with his eyes showing a bothered expression. After that, he de
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The Billionaire Meets his in-law
Having this ring on my finger also corresponds to duties and responsibilities not just to the family but to John and those protesters as well. "I can do or ask everything because I have this ring, right?" It was I who broke the silence between us in the car. "By all means, Ms. President." "Then, give me every piece of information about the man who got hit earlier. His name, address, contact information, and his whereabouts. And I want to know that as soon as we reach the safe house. Could you do that in a short time?" Uncle Robin once mentioned at the meeting about me getting married and was currently working in one of our companies. I was completely unaware that John already finished his degree in Europe. I'm not even aware he was in New York since we already stopped our communication since then. That means, our marriage contract is about to expire. He should have messaged me. "I'll try my best, Ms. President," Mr. Emilio grabbed his phone and reached out to someone. If John w
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Not the Ideal Man
I don't know where the hell gramps got the idea but it's a good start for all of us. At least my first impression of getting a hard slap from neither of them did not happen. "Gramps... How could my husband meet you at those events? He just got back from Europe." I intentionally clasped John's hand in front of them to make my words more convincing. And John was all for it when he gently caressed my hand. "I don't know if you remember me, but yes. We already met on one of your business trips, gramps." That wasn't part of the plan but I could see John was serious with his words. But I seated beside him to support whatever he claims to make sure the two of us will not get doomed. "Mall of Asia. September 21, 2019. You were our guest speaker that night. Truth be told, I was the only one who dares raise a hand when you ask a difficult question. Hope that helps you to remember me." "So, you were the lucky one who got my glimmering reward, huh? A million dollars for
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As soon as I reached the living area, there I found both of them talking to the cops. Perhaps it has something to do with the assassination case. I haven't heard any words from gramps about it since then. Amongst us in the safe house, gramps is the one who needs everything under control. He doesn't want to be the last person to know about this and that thing. Not to mention those furious reporters outside that he only simply ignores. Perhaps he already filled them what they need to know. But reporters always love more. They always find anyone to get their source of the news. And that would be me as their main source. Good thing I simply ignored them. "Mom, what's going on?" I ask the second they see me approaching the living area. The cops immediately moved out of their seats and bowed before me to extend their greetings. What confuses me the most is when they grabbed a few things from the table in front of them. "I think we're done here, officers." G
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On Top of His Shoulder
"Well. As I said, I'm good with at least two months." Uncle Robin suddenly rubs my shoulder while displaying those hidden evil smiles. "I'm a family, Malia, not the enemies. Doing this will benefit not just me but the entire family as well. But, if you want to extend it, I'll be glad to follow the President's order." "Not that I am allowed to speak up, but I'll give my one vote to Robin's plan." mom agreed. "My daughter is not ready yet to handle such a position. She still needs guidance. Perhaps Don Lucas' assistance." "Then we're all settled then." Uncle Robin could not put off his ear-to-ear smile when even mom had his good side. "And by the way, I still have two more requests to make this plan work out." Gramps and I could not help but curve the tip of our brows when he is simply an interim president yet he is already taking advantage of the benefits. "First is to send my niece and her husband on a week honeymoon..." "No!" gramps debated. "I can't approve
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Will You Sleep With Me
John POV Seven days later, Malia and I got back from a life-changing vacation on her one billion dollars worth island. Who could have thought I married someone who owns an entire island? I considered the vacation a life-changing experience simply because a lot of wonderful things happened between me and Malia. Even though we only spent seven days, it looks like I have known her my entire life. We did a few activities on the island such as morning and night swimming, island hopping, collecting logs to use for bonfires, and eating unlimited seafood. Of course, I could never forget about drinking beer and wine. It has played a very unfortunate event between Malia and me. We accidentally kissed. But, it happens only once. Until then, both of us were getting cautious the incident would not happen again, especially when the kiss happens on our first day on the island. I don't want to spend the rest of my six days without talking to her. So, we agreed that wh
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When He Falls in Love
No matter how hard I tried not to think green, my brain kept on thinking that way even if that is not what Malia means by her invitation. How could I think not? She's a woman and I'm a guy with human needs. And we are about to sleep in the same bed. "But if you find me uncomfortable, it's all right. I know it's inappropriate for a woman and a man to sleep in the same bed, especially when they don't have a romantic relationship." Malia even made the situation more awkward. "No. It's fine - really." so, I shortly clear out my throat, grab the blanket and pillow from the floor, and unhurriedly crawl onto the other side of the bed. Malia then pointed her face in the other direction to make sure my rotten face will not explode. I don't want to think deeper so I forced my eyes to close and sleep as fast as possible. The next morning, I woke up with my head spinning. I didn't get enough sleep because I'd been thinking a lot last night, not because she somehow put
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A Wife Waiting for Him
I don't want to extend the awkward sensation between us, so, I flashed to the living area at the speed of light. When I got there, gramps was already waiting for me, partly furious. "Get the car ready," he ordered. For God's sake. If he is not Malia's grandfather, I might have kicked or punched him on the butt already. He had a bunch of security guards standing in the living area, yet he waited for me so he can ask me to do it. "What are you looking at, huh?" he added. "that's the price for showing up late than I expected, you moron. Go. Hurry! We still have half an hour before the meeting." Leaving no choice, I run outside and asked for the keys to the car. Because I got furious at the old man, I decided to drive for him despite my weary body. And I plan to make his heartbeats race with the speed of the car as the price for ordering me around. Five minutes later, gramps kept on throwing up the second we landed in front of the building where the meeting is to
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Evidence of the Past
As soon as I reached the mansion, I was surprised after seeing Malia standing outside in front of the main door. She keeps rubbing her shoulder and was feeling uneasy. "Malia, what are you doing? Don't you realize it's freezing outside?" I quickly remove my tuxedo and wrap it around her. Then, dragged her back inside the house. The time is about a quarter before midnight but Malia is still awake. Our agreement was supposed to be just an act. She doesn't have to worry about me. "I'm waiting for you to come home," Malia uttered. "I'm sorry, but could not feel easy when gramps already got home but you're not. And he went to his room right away without saying anything to me." I scoffed shortly before I uttered, "that old monster." "Why? Did he do something to you at the meeting?" she asked. "Yes and no?" "What was that supposed to mean?" Malia's wide smile brightened my night. "It means that I'm hungry. Can you join me for dinner?" I pleaded with he
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