“you fucking lost her!” Kyle slaps the dashboard so hard it rattles.

I grit my teeth to keep from retorting back and tighten my hands on the steering wheel. We didn’t expect her to know we were following her let alone evade us like she just did.

I pack on the side of the road and they both look at me like I have lost my mind. I will be the one to lose my mind if I stay in this car one more second with Kyle talking shit like that and then we will cause a fucking wreck on the road.

“What the hell?” Cole asks as I climb out and they both get out as well. I run my hand on my shaven head and look at the sky trying to calm down.

“He just let her go and now he is giving her time to escape us even further,” Kyle snide, and with a step, I push him into the car, and hold my fist up ready to punch the smug off his face. I look at his maniacal smiling grin and know it will not do any good hitting him. in fact, pain is a fucking turn-on, on this psycho and he is just riling me up.

I step away from him, letting out a scream of frustration.

“Kyle, behave for fucking once, we are all feeling the frustration and you are not helping it,” Cole speaks from where he stands, hands in his pockets, exuding an air of calmness but I know he is far from calm.

Cole is the calm on the storm, the one who is always in control even if it’s a fucking hurricane boiling inside of him. Others cannot see it, but the three of us see it all so well. None of each of us can hide who we truly are, how we feel, or how we react to each other. Since we were kids.

Kyle is a maniacal psycho who loves pain, and rage, he is the most unpredictable and reckless of us all. He is the destroyer of the group. If you mess with the group, the executioner comes for you; Kyle. And you never want that.

That doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t as dangerous. We are all equally lethal, destroying you without you even realizing you are dying, and we watch you burn in flames, dying at our feet. A feat we have understood grown up with and done since we were pups.

I understand the high emotions running around us right now. We have taken a hit two weeks ago and it’s so close to us, personally. That’s why we are fighting with each other, something we have never done before.

Landon’s family was killed in what looked like a road accident but it was a kill. It was a hunt and we have not recovered. It has raised our suspicions even further, which is after a month ago, another pack of one of our packs was killed.

We haven’t been able to make any connections between the leaders’ deaths and Landon’s family, but we are still working on it. And now, following the new girl is not working as well as she seems to have evaded us.

She is probably no threat and is not linked to anything, I did check her records. I even did a background family check and I found out she is from Maine, and her family is small, with two siblings, wealth, and nothing major really. She is clean. That didn’t stop us from following her, whether to confirm that she is indeed clean or it’s just our obsessive behavior to get to know her tracks and what she does on days she skips classes, on her first day.

Or the fact that since we laid our eyes on her we haven’t stopped thinking about her.

“We have to talk about it,” Cole speaks and I sigh. I don’t want to do this, not here.

“There is nothing to speak about. Landon is not himself, we are not ourselves, and we are feeling the loss. All of us, that speaks everything there is to say,” I reply, wanting to go back to the house.

“The connecting has become stronger, and I am guessing it’s because of the death. We have never felt that loss, or experienced it before,” Cole clarifies Kyle kicks the car tire hard the whole car shakes almost doubling over.

“And you want us to sit down and talk and pour feelings out? Of how the family’s death affected us so much that our connection is so much better? Yes, go ahead and tell Landon that,” he spits and Cole sighs.

“Yes. That’s what I am going to say. We are going to get through this, together. We always get through things, together. Always.”

Cole might be a dickhead sometimes but he speaks sense too. A cold-hearted fucker but he is well-calculated and never takes risks when it comes to our family. Us.

Landon has not been the same since his whole family, mother, father, his two sisters were killed. We were out partying when we got the call that their lifeless bodies were found on the road, in an upturned car. They were driving home, after coming to visit one of their relatives. We got there in time just as his little sister was taking her last breath.

The whole scene was set up to look like a normal car accident. I could see the car’s skid marks when it tried to break, then the upside-down car. But what caught my eye was the way his father and mother were all positioned. There was something wrong with that image I have not been able to put my finger on it.

And the craziest part was, despite our keen sense of smell, there was no strange, new scent. It was like whoever killed them masked their scent so well, it was so unsettling.

We have all not been the same since. Something is up, something is coming and we have no idea what it is, we just know it is never going to be the same again. I just have to believe Cole is right, that we are going to get through with this.

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