BILLIONAIRE MISTRESS once upon a one night stand

BILLIONAIRE MISTRESS once upon a one night stand

By:  Rin Ella   Ongoing
Language: English
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Turning she looked him straight in the face, her deep blue eyes piercing into his soul as she smiled sarcastically before speaking "Ohhh it's quite nice to meet an already made perfect father figure in front of me, it's true that only people with kids would know that when a six year old bumps into something or someone they can only cry and needs to be soothed but a person with none can't really tell but wait since you're already Soo perfect how could you not know that?? Wait let me guess it's because you don't have any right!!! Ohh wait I forgot to add that people like don't deserve to be fathers and should be put off the list, let's go baby before someone corrupts your soul" she finished before she turned and left, leaving him dumbfounded. Everyone including his bodyguards were shocked and some had even captured the moment as never in their lives had thought 'the devil' would be humilated like this ever. His bodyguards didn't even have the gusts to talk to him and yet a total stranger, a woman did... In less than a minute with no atom of fear whatsoever. Wow this needs to be shared everywhere. The worst part is she only said horrible things to him. Put off the father's list??? Why did they feel like she was deliberately cursing their boss "How dare she!!!!!!" he fumed as he turned to his assistant who was already shivering in fear "Yes boss??" "Find out everything about that woman and I'm giving you an hour to do so, cancel my flight I'm not in the mood to travel anymore" he finished before turning to leave the airport Undeserving to be a father??? Was she wishing him to become potent???!!! How dare she!!!

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She stretched her body before opening her eyes and trying to adjust to adjust it to the light rays in the room.The room looked unfamiliar and distant, didn't smell like her room and looking around she realized that she wasn't in her room or anything close to it. This room was exclusive and smelt like luxury, looking at the items in it she realized she was in a VIP hotel room and as to how she got here she couldn't tell. The banging headache was all she needed to remind her that she had been dead drunk yesterday and as to what followed after that she still couldn't tell. All she knew was that she had been drinking on her own at the club yesterday. Gosh she felt like she's been ran over a truck, she was aching all over and she felt pain especially on her lower side, was it because she had drank so much??? She couldn't tell Drying her sore body off the bed, she tried standing up when she saw the bloodstains on the white sheet. Holding her mouth in shock as tears threatened to drop fr
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Sighing she drifted out of her thoughts as she shivered because of cold. The bath she had ram was already cold and she was still in it, funny how long a person's thought can take them when they least expect it. Standing up from the bathtub she wrapped a towel around her body as she headed out of the bath, she had subconsciously tried to scrub away the prints yesterday left on her to no avail and right now all she felt was dirty inside out, no matter how many times she had washed. She hated the fact she looked so weak and pathetic and had been an easy target, she hated the fact that she had reacted stupidly to the situation and was regretting it, she hated the fact thst her life sucked. Picking up her phone and seeing several miss calls from her mum caused her to almost break down because she knew how much she had disappointed her, wiping her tears she sighed as she looked around for something that belonged to the stranger she had slept with, she couldn't get things to be the way they
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Stepping down from the first class suite flight she had booked she inhaled the air dramatically before exhaling removed her sunshades before looking at her both sides Four little cuties stared right into her eyes with admiration and profound love and that was all she could possibly wish for"Come on loves let's go get our luggages" she stated and they nodding before walking in front of her. They were none other then her four little yummy darling angels and she was proudly their mum. Just as she kept looking at them her mind went back to the events that had occured Seven years ago, it had been a short yet long ride for her though she didn't mind at all. Seven years ago she had discovered that she was pregnant after she had travelled far from her country and had registered in a medium University in other to finish her undergraduate courses. As a transferred final year student she needed to pay a lot of attention as she was still been reviewed.One morning she had woken up feeling weak
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