The Proposal (Book 3 of The Arrangement series)

The Proposal (Book 3 of The Arrangement series)

By:  Anna R. Case  Completed
Language: English
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Pregnant with Grayson Godwin's child, Amberleigh Dubois is left reeling from the shock of his dramatic rescue and all the dark secrets it brought to light. Grayson Godwin is an angry man, hellbent on a mission to bring down those responsible for his beloved brother's death. His best friend Leo Clemonte is hellbent to keep the billionaire from an even earlier grave as Grayson goes down a dark road of vengeance. Further complicating matters, is Amber's growing feelings for Grayson even though her heart now belongs to Leo. Amber will have to make a choice between two men she loves. That is if any of them even survive this deadly game they are playing with the Van Tessins. Life's not a fairytale, it's time for Amber to arm up and fight for her happy ending.

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Danielle Tyrrell
They just get better and better. On to book 4 now. Can’t wait for the final read.
2024-03-09 11:38:47
87 Chapters
Chapter 1- Overloaded
Amberleigh Dubois felt as though her brain was shutting down. It was so overloaded she couldn’t process one more fucking thing. The last few days had been nothing but an overwhelming clusterfuck, ever since she and her boyfriend Leonardo Clemonte had gotten the call that changed their lives forever. Leo’s best friend-and the father of Amber’s unborn child- billionaire Grayson Godwin had been abducted and held for a hefty ransom. Since then, Leo and Amber had been sucked up into a violent whirlwind of emotions, battered and beaten, but determined to weather this fucking storm and bring the man they both loved home safe and sound. Further complicating matters of that whole fucked up situation, was when they learned the billionaire’s kidnapping was not so straightforward. It took an awful, gut-wrenching twist, when an old friend of Amber’s confessed Grayson’s kidnapping was an inside job, an elaborate murder for hire plot, meant to take the billionaire’s life and make hi
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Chapter 2- I Can't Do This Shit Without You Brother
The dark SUV continued to speed through the back streets of The Fringe while Amberleigh continued to sob in Grayson’s arms, Leo continued to be too still and too pale, and Giovanni’s hands were now just as bloody as the rest while he continued to hold pressure on the wound. He also showed concern for his daughter and her mental status as he kept turning his head to look at her in the seat behind him.“Giovanna has been through much to get you back. Before she went inside that warehouse, she tried to get Lazy Eye to tell her where they were keeping you. Even I do not know all that happened to her in his room. But he nearly killed my daughter that much I do know.”“Fuck! Why did you let her do that? Why did you do that Amber? Especially in her condition!” asked Grayson.“Surely you know my daughter well enough to understand that you cannot change her mind when it’s made up. Even as a child, she has always been stubborn. But she gets that from my side of the family. And she loves you. Gi
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Chapter 3- Together
The SUV pulled up to the curb in front of a small grocery store. From the outside, there was nothing special about the boxy, brick building called the Quick Shop. It was an ugly shade of brown, the plate glass windows in need of cleaning, and the cracks in the sidewalk and concrete steps in desperate need of patching. But just like with The Rabbit Hole bar, looks could be fucking deceiving. For the real action at this place happened beneath it.Or so Amber and Grayson soon learned as Giovanni and the driver quickly unloaded a lifeless Leo from the SUV and rushed him towards the front doors of the grocery store.“Help Giovanna get inside. Nano and I will take care of your friend. Meet us in the basement. One of Doc’s children will show you the way if needed,” instructed Giovanni.Grayson nodded, “I’m putting my trust in you to help him. I’ll pay whatever I need to cover the costs of his treatments. Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.”“For now just take care of my daughter.”
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Chapter 4- Please
Donovan had been right about needing the bucket, but Amberleigh wasn’t the only one in need of it by the looks of things. Not to mention without him, Grayson and Amber would’ve never made it down those fucking stairs without breaking their necks. He helped her cart him down the steep stone stairs safely and tried to warn them about the sight they were likely to see down there. The metallic scent of blood hit them before they even made it to the last step. When they rounded the corner, it was a gruesome sight indeed which got Amber’s guts to churning. Leo lay pale and unmoving upon a stretcher in the middle of a large room surrounded by an impressive array of medical equipment. His clothes had been cut away, a discarded bloody pile in the floor, his waist covered with a sheet that was quickly becoming stained in crimson. Blood dripped off the edge of the stretcher and hit the floor.Leo had wires on his chest which displayed his vital signs on a screen mounted on a wall
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Chapter 5- This Can't Be Happening
Doc removed his fingers from Leo’s carotid and began to push upon his chest up and down as Amberleigh and Grayson watched in a horrified silence. The alarm continued to scream, the noise penetrating Amber’s skull, and making her head feel like it was about to fucking explode. Cori ran to the edge of the stairs and screamed up to her brother at the top of her lungs.“Donny! We need another pair of hands down here now!”She pushed the cart over to the stretcher and ripped open a package of electrodes attached to the machine. She slapped them on Leo’s chest expertly and quickly before she turned on the machine. Amber could do nothing but watch the scene in a stupor. Her mind not wanting to process. It hurt too much.“Has his…his.. heart…?”stuttered Grayson. “Lost his pulse. His heart has gone into V-fib. It’s not a rhythm compatible with life,” explained Cori.“What does that mean?”Amber was still tightly gripping Grayson’s hand. But she couldn’t form coherent thoughts or words as the
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Chapter 6- Every Step Of The Way
The Doc had been right about it being a long night. Many of the things Amberleigh found hard to watch. Like when the tube was placed down Leo’s throat to breathe for him or that first cut with the scalpel across his stomach. Some things were hard to hear. Like the sound of that machine suctioning out the blood and damaged tissue from his abdominal cavity. Or that the bullet had torn a hole through the chef’s liver. And some smells hard to handle like the blood still permeating the air. More than once Amberleigh had cried or thrown up or prayed and often all three. Grayson had held up remarkably well, standing strong, and talking to Leo like he was awake to hear it. Making future plans, scolding his friend for getting his ass shot, telling Leo how strong he was, recounting old stories of boyhood mischief, and even admitting the chef had a better six pack. Grayson declared with a laugh he would be working to remedy that pronto and when Leo was feeling better, they’d see
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Chapter 7- Nothing Wrong With Watching Her Ex Shower For A Good Cause
By the time the surgery was finished, Leo’s wound packed and left open to stave off infection, Amberleigh wasn’t the only one concerned that Grayson was going to pass out at any moment. She was getting tired of the physical strain on her to keep him from falling as he swayed. The Doc noticed the billionaire’s precarious position as he removed his bloody gloves and washed his hands.“Mr. Godwin, please take a seat. You don’t look well. Cori get his vitals and I’ll help him to a chair.”“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”“You aren’t fine Grayson. Anyone can see that,” argued Amber.But he was clearly not fine the stubborn ass. And the doctor wasn’t convinced. Especially when Grayson fell forward and caught himself against the stretcher and Amber yelped. Doc moved faster than his thin physique let on as he grabbed onto his newest patient before he hit the floor. Cori quickly grabbed a chair and placed it behind him as Doc eased him down into the seat.“How do you feel?” asked Doc.“Dizzy.
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Chapter 8- This Can't Happen Again
For a fleeting moment, Amberleigh felt the brush of Grayson’s lips against hers. But it was over so quickly, she almost believed she had imagined it. If not for the tingling against her lips or the look on the billionaire’s face as it turned from desire to regret, it would have felt like a dream. Grayson pulled back quickly and put some space between his soaked body and hers. It was equal parts relief and disappointment. “I’m sorry. I got carried away. It was just meant to have fun, but I crossed the line. This day has been so fucked up. I apologize and it won’t happen again.” “It’s not entirely your fault. And I would have kissed you back,” she confessed. He ran a hand through his thick hair, “Leo loves you and you love him. You’re both good for each other and happy together. I fucked things up between us beyond repair. And neither of us are going to betray him like that. No matter what feelings may still linger between us. He’s a good
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Chapter 9- All Of The Above
Amberleigh emerged from the shower trying to leave her deep and troubled thoughts behind. But not even the warm water had been enough to wash away that dirty feeling upon her body. The way Grayson’s skin pressed up against her had made her body burn and excited. But in time her body and heart would want the billionaire less and less. And she would never put herself in such a compromising position with him again in the meantime.But the scene she witnessed when Amber entered the exam room was enough to give her just the distraction she needed. Cori was attempting to start an IV in Grayson’s arm and Amber got to learn another fun fact about the billionaire. He was a big ass baby when it came to needles.The shot into his arm earlier had come quickly when he was distracted by Leo’s trying to die on them, But now his best friend was hooked to a machine breathing for him, the bleeding stopped, and all his vital signs looking pretty. Grayson paled even more at the sight of the needle as Cor
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Chapter 10- I Refuse To Let My Child Be An Entitled, Spoiled Asshole.
Cori dropped a sheet around her middle and helped her get situated on the table. She had to scoot her ass to the end of the table till her ass cheeks nearly hung off. Amber sighed as she placed her legs in those fucking heinous stirrups. The Doc sat on his stool between her opened legs with his instruments on standby. At least the lube had been warmed first. That was a nice touch and quite thoughtful.Amber looked over at Grayson, “I proved my point. He’s about to shove that thing inside me and open it up wider than vaginas are meant to naturally stretch.”“Kind of sounds fun to me,” he said.He stuck her sucker in his mouth with a grin. That bastard! Of course, it would sound fun to the one doing the insertion. But while his cock was big, it didn’t compete with the fucking speculum. There was no fun in this! Amber sucked in a deep breath as the instrument slid inside her. She bit down on her lip when he opened it up. Grayson left his chair and Amber felt his fingers wrap around hers.
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