Half-blood Luna and The Blind Prince of Rogue

Half-blood Luna and The Blind Prince of Rogue

By:  La Mentira  Ongoing
Language: English
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Xevia Brielle, a young omega, daughter of an enslaved who works for the Ivyari family, is lulled by the seductions of the youngest alpha prince in the Ivyari family, Alarick Dereck Ivyari. Their illicit relationship has made Xevia pregnant. Now that she is pregnant, Alarick betrays and refuses to admit the baby. As punishment, Xevia was banished from the pack. She was dumped into the middle of the terrible depths of a dark forest known as the abode of rogues. However, poor Xevia's life was saved by a wolf from a group of rogues. He is Xander Levon Balstair. The Rogue prince, who was blind, was cold, arrogant, and high-tempered. Her life was like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Xevia had to give herself up to mating with Xander. Every day she wished death would come to her rather than having to spend her entire life accompanying that arrogant and evil blind man. However, all that hatred and rejection will end when she learns about a truth that opens her mind and heart.

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77 Chapters
Xevia's POVThis was the last thing I could do to prove what I declared was true, that the baby's father was Alarick Dereck Ivyari, the prince alpha of the Redmoon Guardians pack. Yeah, I had to prove it because no one believed me; they accused me of telling an untruth and threatened to banish me from the pack."You all know. My son couldn't possibly have gone that low. He couldn't be in a relationship with such a slave!" "Almaera, help me!" I hissed and pleaded with her. But Almaera did not respond. She continued to touch and swirl around me in her wolf form. Almaera does have extraordinary abilities; she can find out who the father of this baby is just by touching and smelling the scent of the fetus that I am carrying. Almaera can smell the blood of Ivyari descendants, even the unborn."The unborn baby is not a descendant of the Ivyari family nor Alarick's baby!" Almaera exclaimed. "This omega girl is lying." Almaera's shrill voice made my heart feel like it was going to burst. W
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Xevia's POV I looked back at my omega-best friends, Shea, Ivanna, and Luvia, who knew the truth. But none of them had any intention of defending me. None of them dared to look me in the eye, all bowed down and hiding behind the shadows of those who hated me. They have proven to be the worst people. They knew everything about Alarick and me, which was why I felt so miserable most of the time since Alarick betrayed me. My mind began to spin, and all I had to endure for the past few days were memories of being taken advantage of. I headed back to where Alarick was, but I no longer found him there. The man was gone. He had disappeared. "Throw her out! Get her out of here! That Omega slut doesn't belong in a dignified pack like ours. She belongs with a bunch of rogues!" "Banish her!" "Get rid of her!" "I'll kill her by myself!" That voice..., the familiar voice, it was the only person who could put fear deep inside my soul. The man had appeared suddenly in front of me as if appeari
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The Beast
Xevia's POV I don't know how long I was asleep or somewhat unconscious. The last thing I remember is that I was in a dark forest and met a giant wolf that bit my arm. Then I passed out. It felt strange. My memories from that time are a little hazy, but there's no doubt something happened after that."Hey," a voice called out. I opened my eyes again just as the light from the door hit my eyes. A girl stood at the door. She smiled at me with her friendly brown eyes. "Are you alright?" She asked, worry seen obviously in her expression."Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I just-""You were attacked." She cut in. "There was a big beast, and it tore your clothes off. Did any part of your body get hurt?" She continued as I shook my head silently."Can you tell me what happened?" I looked away."I can't really remember. Oh yeah, where am I now? And who brought me to this place?" I asked as I realized that I was now in a spacious room with two wooden beds painted brown. I also looked at the wooden f
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Forced Mating Ceremony
Xevia's POV The young man and I returned to the room I had been staying in. Our steps halted at the end of the stairs."Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself to you. I am Archer." He smiled warmly."Xevia." I returned his handshake."Oh yeah, can I ask you something?" I asked Archer in a hesitant tone."Go ahead.""What's the name of your pack? Sorry, I'm just an omega. I cannot know what kind of wolves you are," I explained.Archer smiled slightly. He touched both my shoulders. His face lowered to my level."We are the rogues. We have no pack, and they call us the villains."As soon as those words entered my ears, I felt the temperature of the air around us drop drastically, and Archer stepped back slightly. He chuckled awkwardly and scratched his neck. "Sorry if it's frightened you."The awkwardness slowly disappeared as if it had never existed between us. "No," I smiled. I didn't want him to see my suspicion."Take it easy," Archer interjected."We won't bite you if that's what
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Xevia's POV Xander, they-the Rogues member–refers to him as Young Master. He seems highly respected, but I didn't know his position in this pack. All I knew was that the white-haired man was the leader.After the mating ceremony, Xander asked me to pack up. I didn't know where he was going to take me. He was cold and seemed very stiff. It made me unwilling to talk to him. Even if I knew where he was taking me, it wouldn't change anything. I still had to be his mate, even though I disagreed with this mating.And now I was in a black luxury car with two motorcades—one car behind us and the other two in front of us. Our motorcade passes through a dark and misty pine forest. It's been more than an hour since we drove through this seemingly endless forest.And for almost an hour, none of us opened our mouths. We were silent, not communicating with each other. I leaned my head on the car seat while pretending to sleep. Meanwhile, when I peeked at Xander, I saw him silently staring ahead wh
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The golden mansion
Xevia's POV The car I was in entered the city at dawn, and I saw skyscrapers everywhere, standing with pride. There are big screens with pictures and text running. It looks amazing. For a moment, I forgot the bitterness I had just experienced. I was busy admiring the beauty of this great city. The last time my mom took me around town was when I was four or five years old. That was so long ago that I can't remember it at all. My mom and I spent most of the time in the forest and at the pack's house to serve Ivyari's family. Alarick once promised to take me to the city to pick out my dream wedding dress at a famous and expensive boutique. He also promised to buy me fancy jewelry and take me out for a romantic dinner. But it turned out that all those dreams were just wishful thinking. None of them came true.I felt my chest tighten at the remembrance. I inhaled and exhaled rapidly. Xevia, forget him, I told myself. I crumpled my clothes as the feeling came back to haunt me. I had to le
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I hate you!
Xevia's POVThe sounds coming from downstairs woke me up. I heard man's voices screaming in panic and fear. I quickly got up from my bed and rushed out of the room to check what was happening downstairs.At first, I wanted to go straight downstairs, but my steps were stopped when my eyes caught the blood splattered down there. Yes, the floor was wet with blood, and I could faintly hear a man groaning in pain. His voice was not very clear, but it sounded so heart-wrenching."Have mercy on me, sir! My wife is pregnant, don't kill me!" As I walked a few steps down the stairs, the voice sounded clearer."Who told you to do it?" That cold, heartless voice, the voice of Xander, the blind man."It's not me, sir. I am not doing anything, sir." A quivering moan begging for forgiveness was audible in the man's tone."Tell me everything, Gill, before I lose my patience.""I don't know anything, sir." The man groaned again. I stealthily made my way to the source of the voice. I no longer cared ab
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In the Depth of His Hell
Xevia's POV I was starving, but I chose to endure this hunger rather than eat at the same table as that blind psychopath. Earlier, Xander asked me to come down immediately and eat in the dining room. He also said that Dorothy cooked delicious roast beef for me. But I pretended to be deaf and didn't respond. Maybe he was annoyed, so he went downstairs and left me in the room. My stomach growled with hunger, and it felt twisted."Honey," I stroked my stomach."I'm so sorry," I hissed. It didn't feel good to be hungry, but I was sickened to be eating at the same table as that heartless, cruel man."Young lady, may I come in?" Dorothy's voice came from behind the door, breaking my reverie."Yes, come in!" The older woman appeared and walked into my bed. Looking at me softly and smiling, "Young master is still expecting you for dinner."I grimaced. Why was he still waiting for me to have dinner with him?"Please can you tell him that I'm not hungry," I pleaded with Dorothy."But you look p
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I Will Never Let You Go!
Xevia's POVI gasped in disbelief.I had no idea that this blind man had such magnificent eyes. Breathtaking and profound. They were like the stars in the sky or a crystal clear lake. His eyesight is deep, pure blue with little specks of purple. It was as if they contained all the secrets of the universe.I was choked up and couldn't control my soul; I rebelled wildly, craving his kissable lips.Xevia, get a hold of yourself, don't do this! I yelled inwardly, screeching at myself.Kick!I felt the baby inside me kick hard. Making me groan. Xander was surprised and immediately pulled his body back and sat beside me, "sorry." He said briefly."You almost killed my baby by crushing my body like that!" I said harshly."Sorry," he said once more."Please don't disturb me because I'm very sleepy!"No, I wasn't sleepy, but I was hungry, I said to myself. "Don't you want to eat it?" asked Xander standing next to my bed."Just eat it yourself!""Alright then, I'll leave it here. Eat it if you'
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Hate Me, Please!
Xevia's POVXander asked me to sit in the kitchen and watch him make hot chocolate like a professional bartender. I had to admit that I was impressed. I never knew Xander could do this since he was blind. But it turns out that his hands are very skillful and look so natural as they go through the motions of pouring boiling water into a small ceramic cup.Honestly, I didn't like being here with him, but I had no choice. My ego told me to get out of the kitchen and pretend that I wasn't hungry. But my body was doing the exact opposite of my ego. My body sat sweetly waiting for Xander to finish making hot chocolate and sandwiches for me. How embarrassing!Kick!My baby kicked hard again as if he couldn't wait for me to feed him."Be patient, honey," I said as I stroked my belly, throbbing from his hard kicks."Do you want extra ketchup? Or extra mayonnaise?" Xander asked while opening the fridge, and his hand groped one by one the things in the refrigerator until he found the ketchup bo
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