Why cant you love me

Why cant you love me

By:  Emmy_logz2  Completed
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Steph finds love, but it’s too good to be true. Having the previous heartache, she is too afraid to move on. But will George wait for her? Steph finds out about her father’s secret identity so is her boyfriend. Her father dies in a mysterious accident. She finds out about her being trained to be an assassin when her memories come back. Due to grief, she turns into a different person full of vengeance, not afraid of death. She wipes everything that stands in her way of revenge. Will her relationship with George work or fail due to her bloodthirsty personality?

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Brenda De La Mater
Really good book, but heartbreaking.
2023-09-26 04:25:48
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Hey friends. Hope you like the story. Leave your comment down here. It's a great motivation
2022-06-03 12:07:25
38 Chapters
"So soon I just slept!""Aaah. I am still sleepy," is what Stephanie says almost every morning when she wakes up to the sound of the alarm in her room."Another day is here to cope with everyone around, huh! When will it end?" complained Stephan as she threw her duvet away from her, waking up. The feeling of going out to college leaving everything behind makes her feel so happy. For the past few months, the college has been her safe haven, away from everything. Stephan takes her phone and turns on her favorite music by MEGHAN TRAINOR - Good Morning' ft. GARY TRAINORShe plays the song to her sound system connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The swinging of her sweet body and hair makes one feel the day is going to be good. With so many activities, her days seem so out of this world. She dances to the rhythm as she opens her room's window and runs to the bathroom barefooted to brus
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Time flew first, and before she knew it, it was the weekend, the most boring time for her, especially with her stepsister around during this time. There is nothing as boring as being somewhere you are not happy. Have you ever been lonely but you are surrounded by so many people? This has always been her lifestyle for as long as she could remember. No matter how many times she tried to forget what Sheila did to her, it never did. But sometimes she thought it was good. She knew what kind of people surrounded herEvery time Sheila walked into her space, she did not even want to breathe the same air with her. The pain, betrayal, and heartache she felt a few months ago were still fresh to her. She can remember as if it was yesterday itself.The urge to slap her is always there. Sheila being around her make sit feel like a malignant tumor that keeps on popping up when it’s removed or does not just go aw
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Love at first sight
Waking up early in the morning, the only thing in Steph’s mind was going to college and start looking for an apartment near the school. It didn’t matter what she had to pay for it, but she really had to get away from all that surrounded her at home. She knew she needed space to think and figure out herself, and the environment around her was not helping. Her mental health was more important than anything else at that moment.She took her breakfast fast and took a cab to school. She hates riding in the same car with Sheila. She remembered they were good friends at first, though not that close, but at least they could talk in length about things, and one of them included their boyfriends and the plans they had in the future.Things came to a standstill after she became too close to Sam. He was my confidant best friend, and he knew everything about me that not even my p
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Fight with parent
What started as a cup of coffee ended up taking the whole day? Steph couldn't say that she did not enjoy the day as it was, but she really loved every inch of the guy. So honest, open-minded, friendly, ambitious, and so on. She really loved hanging out with him. By the time they decided to go out of the cafe, it was around 6:30 pm.George insisted on dropping her off and getting to know at least where she lives, but, of course, Steph did not know about this. George drove into the family driveway and turned off the engine. It seemed he did not want to be separated from her."Well, thank you for today, I was not in a good mood, but you made my day," Steph said, looking at the guy before her.'It is nothing; I enjoyed your company as well and hoped we could do this often, of course, when you are free.""That's okay. At least I could have one more friend
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Moving out
Tears dropped from her eyes. She hurt and pained How could her flesh and blood dad not believe her? Why does he think so low of his own daughter? Is it fair? Why would Nicole come between her and her father? Why?Leaving his office, she ran to her room in anger. She ran without looking back. She didn’t care about them anymore. Let all of them go to hell. If they do not want her around, then she can’t force herself on them.She walked to her room. Closed the door behind her. Dropped down holding her knees, and broke down in tears . It’s not in her nature to break down when people are around, not even her dad. She always tried to keep it together and pretend to be strong though that it was never the case. She immediately stood up and opened her closet, and packed all her things in bags. She was so angry that time seemed to be slow. She di
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’Come down, Steph,” Amanda said as she tried to soothe her friend. “They don’t deserve your tears.”’Why would my dad think nasty things about me when told by somebody else and not believe me? Seriously, I can’t even digest that. Imagine he believes his wife, my stepmother, over me. He has been raised for 24 years. For God’s sake, can’t he judge from good or bad? What has come over him:”Amanda tried to talk to her until late when she finally fell asleep on the couch. She made her tea, placed it in a thermos, and placed it at the table next to sleeping.Amanda has always been looking up to Steph since they were young. She remembered how she suffered when her boyfriend betrayed her with her sister and never grieved for it and kept the pain in her heart. She also knows of the new friendship with George, and she believes George is a good distraction for her.She took George’s phone and saved it to her own number, intending to call George when free to keep Steph Company. Maybe she may fee
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Starting afresh
Though her accounts had been frozen, she didn't care much. Her mum had left her some money in a secret account that even her father didn't know about. She had left a letter with their lawyer and told the lawyer to deliver in private to her, and she was not supposed to tell anyone except her sister, Mercy. She could not continue staying with Amanda for long since her sister would be moving in with her soon.In the few months that she had met George, they spent the most time together and learned a lot from him about life and his life.George was the only child to Mr. and Mrs. Kiiru and the first son of the county since his father was a governor. She would never have imagined he was the governor's son since he was so down to earth and respected others around him, not a spoilt brat as I would have thought.So many times, he has tried to ask her to be his girlfriend but still, she could not give him a chance. All those times when she turned him down, she could swear she saw the hurt in his
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'Come on, George, we have been through this already. You know that I am not sure I'll be able to love you without having doubts. I was hurt and heartbroken to pieces by someone that I trusted than own self. Let alone you. We have only known each other for almost a year now. We are good friends, and I wish I could be more than that, but I am really not ready." Steph said, holding George's hands tightly. Though she tried to not show her feelings for George. She liked him but was scared he would leave her when he met someone from his own class."I understand what you went through, but I promise you that I will not hurt you at any point. All I want is to love you with all my heart and be there for you every step of the way in your life Steph. You make me feel like no other has done before. I dream of you each time you touch my hand or shoulders. I want more than just the touch. Am really crazy about you, Steph. Please give me a chance to be with you.""It's not like I don't want you; it i
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Dating has never been as enjoyable as it was to Steph. It feels good to have a boyfriend who cares and takes care of you. The next few weeks has been amazing working in George’s company. Though they have known it each other over a year and few months the feeling George has towards her has always been pure and true. She has given her all to the relationship.   They say good things don’t last long and that’s what caught up to them. One day while on a date with George, a pretty woman walks up to them and looks surprised to see them. “Hey George” The look on Georges face could earn you a million if you sold to the public. He was surprised and kind of shocked. “Hey Sharon” “How are you? I wasn’t sure if it was you or not. It has been like forever since I last saw you. Have just moved back into the country recently and was thinking of coming over to see you and your parents one of these days.” “Well it has been long. Anyway meet
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A few days later, Steph received a call from her sister. Her father was sick and admitted to the hospital. Though she may not be talking to her dad, it shocked her, and she was scared of losing him. After all, he was the only parent she had after the demise of her mother. She called George and rushed to the hospital. She found her sister Mercy and the rest of the family in the waiting room. Her sister ran to her and started crying, but her step mum started criticizing her when she stepped in.“I thought you left the family, and we have nothing to do with you? Why are you here?” said her step mum“I have all right to see my dad when he is not feeling and when he is feeling well. Besides, what has it got to do with you? If you feel like not seeing me here, then go out and wait there. Otherwise, shut up and show some respect at the hospital,” Steph replied while sitting down. She could see doctors inside the room and didn’t need to ask the pe
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