George shot

“I can’t buy that, he has to live. He has to live” She stood holding her husband struggling carrying him to the nearest car. John saw her determination and did not stop her. He ran to open the door for her. He then went to the driver’s seat. He drove out of the compound. The gate was open from the moment the men attacked them.

Steph was covered in blood. She held dearly to her husband calling on to his name over and over

“Please sweetheart. Don’t do this to me. You know I can’t live without you. I need you. Our son needs you.” She kept on talking to him over and over. The police cars passed them heading to the direction they were just coming from. Steph did not even notice it. John didn’t need to ask. He knew they were heading at the scene

In ten minutes, he pulled at the hospital.

He helped Steph get George out of the car. Steph kept on calling to George. John shouted for the nurse

“Help. Doctor, doctor, help” Two nursed came out of the hall with stretchers and took George from them
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