John walked her to the alter and handed her over to Leo before giving him few words. He pecked Mercy on her forehead and backed away two steps and sat down. She hugged him and stood before priest

“We are gathered here today to witness the union of …….” It went on for a while before it finally came to “you may now kiss the bride...” they kissed. Everyone stood on their feet and applauded

The Bride and the groom walked dancing out of the venue. The crowd followed right behind them celebrating. Just as they were about to reach for their car to go for photo-shoot, they were gun shots in air. Few people came right in to the compound and started shooting in air. Everybody fell down on the ground.

It became really chaotic. No one understood what was going on.

Steph for once got panicked. She didn’t see that coming. The security outside the gate were her best men from the organization. How did they enter the premises, she laid down and tried to reach for her gun.

“Hey, hey young lady. No
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