A Luna for the triplets

A Luna for the triplets

By:  Moonlight  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Irene accepted to become the bride of someone she had never met before just to fulfill her father's selfish desires for power, she never imagined that it would result in such chaos.  She was tossed into a pool of confusion when she found out that she was mated to not just her proposed groom but his two brothers as well.  Caught in this same web of pain and confusion, the royal triplets struggle to untangle themselves but rather get woven into an even bigger mess; a threat against their kingdom by some deranged woman was the last thing they expected, but they had to deal with it anyway.  However, will this unlikely group resolve their mountain of problems? Will these brothers ever find peace with each other? Who will find love in the end?  Read this thrilling tale of suspense, vengeance, love, and undiluted passion to find out.

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4 Chapters
Irene stared at the reflection of herself in the mirror, all dressed up in make-up. Her hair was tied in a bun, and due to her natural beauty, she didn’t need much makeup done.She breathed out silently while taking a look around her as the maids shuffled through the wardrobes and laid out some clothes for her. She sighed deeply with a slight frown on her face.She stood up, but they seemed not to have noticed as they were busy with the work assigned to them. Clapping her hands twice, she was able to draw their attention."Thank you, but that will be all." She said this to them with a stoic look on her face. They nodded silently in respect and slipped away. Her eyes moved toward the only maid in the room. "I don’t want to do this, Sabrina." She said she was breaking out of character, almost on the verge of tears.Sabrina walked toward her with a saddened expression on her face. "Don’t—you wouldn’t want to ruin your make-up." She said this with a smile as she took out a small red frui
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She glared at him, her eyes staring straight at him. She could feel her blood rush and an urge to just yell back at the person before her. Without saying a word, Irene took a step, but her father’s hand grabbed hers and pulled her back."Don’t you walk away while I speak!" He fumed as he clutched her wrist so hard that she winced from the discomfort. "I hope I’m understood," he said to her, but she did not reply to him; instead, she tried to free her hand."You are hurting her, Sirius.""Shut up, woman!" Her father ordered it, interrupting her mother while still clutching her wrist tighter. "Have I made my point clear?" he asked, and this time Irene nodded.He released his hold on her and turned around. "Let’s get going, shall we?" he asked while moving ahead of them.Irene stood there, staring at her father’s back in anger. She could already picture herself running over with a dagger and stabbing him to death for hurting both her and her mother.From the corner of her eye, she could
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“Hello?” Irene snapped out of her trance as she glanced at the extended hand, waiting to meet hers. She smiled at Anabelle as she took her hand.“Nice corsage you’ve got there.” Annabelle commented as soon as her eyes fell on the corsage on her wrist. Irene just gave a faint smile as she withdrew her hand and took some steps back.“Have fun, you both.” Irene said, ignoring the hateful glare her father was giving her. She already did what he wanted her to do, so she didn’t care about his feelings, just like he didn’t care about hers.She turned around and walked away toward a small, empty table. Sitting down there, she took out a handkerchief and wiped out the tears that had seeped out of her eyes. She was careful not to wipe out her makeup and embarrass both herself and her parents.“What’s wrong, young miss?” Sabrina asked as she stood beside Irene while watching with worry written all over her. She felt bitter for Irene, and though she couldn’t do anything about it, she wished she
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She couldn’t believe it. She couldn't believe the king had three sons; her spouse was a triplet. She gazed around the hall, hoping to find it shocking for the invitees as well, but none of them seemed surprised, not even her father.So he knew? She wondered to herself, as she felt her blood boil, why her father couldn’t inform her about it. She regained her composure as one of the princes, the one with tied-up hair, stared in her direction, dissatisfied.Irene had never seen her chosen spouse, as she never bothered about it. She was just given the letter that she was going to get married to him, but she never spoke to the one she was going to spend her entire life with.They each sat down on their empty seats while she tried horribly to avoid staring at them but couldn’t. Soon, the king was up on his feet, and immediately, the noise died down. One could hear a pin drop as everyone waited without saying a word. Irene herself admired the powers of the royal family. She doubted her fathe
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