Fairies & Humans

Fairies & Humans

By:  Christine Black   Completed
Language: English
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All stories are continuations of the previous ones 1. Union between the Dark & Light  Roisin, a young woman diagnosed with cancer, sells all her belongings wanting to live her remaining time on her own terms. On the way she unknowingly enters the realm of elves and fairies while hiking, becoming part of a prophecy that will unite the dark unseelie with the light seelie to complete the balance needed between the two opposed courts. 2. Nyx Elderon forest God  Free from his binds and fulfilling the above prophecy Nyx Elderon decides to venture into the human realm and meets a young female human Enchantress that captivates his soul. They experience many challenges in their journey towards a relationship.   3. Becoming Fae  Ranch owner McKenna, never realized she was a powerful guardian for mystical creatures until the day an unseelie fairy named Axis appeared unexpectedly at her home. McKenna discovers much more in this adventure of elves, fairies and merfolk. 4. Male Mated Fae Ryker and his best friend Quinn, both unseelie fairies, discover their love for each other and become mated fae, in an adventure that tests their friendship that ultimately blossoms in love. 5. Mortal Enemies Vampire and Fairy have forever been mortal enemies. 3 generations of one family find and discover their love within the arms of their enemy. *Bonus* Mismatched Mates Julith, a half fairy, half human has a horrible time finding her mate and gets involved with several hoping to ultimately find her one true love.

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So many twists and turns on this. But I enjoyed it. I was happy with out it turned out for Ryker.
2023-08-08 03:22:02
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Maryam Omotoke Yaqub
This is super interesting even from the beginning. The author is a real genius, just kept loving it all the way. Purple hearts...
2022-10-01 06:54:07
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Elizabeth R
The most confusing creep-you-out book I've ever read. First you're mates, then not mates, first you're gay and then you're not, first you're raped, and then you're mated to the person and you love them, you can have real mates, true mates, soulmates, mates. Makes absolutely no sense at any time.
2024-07-17 01:36:45
81 Chapters
Chapter 1 Union of Dark & Light
Roisin Putnam, we are sorry to inform you that your insurance will not cover the cost of the second surgery your physician is requesting, the last voicemail I received before my battery died on my cell. That was months ago and now I'm living what's left of my life on my terms. I finally made it up the large incline, my calves burned, my long red hair glued to my forehead, and beads of sweat rolled down the space between my small breasts. My eyes scan the vast expanse of land, falling on a grove of thick large trees in the distance. My brow raises as I catch the movement within the branches. Fairies I chuckle internally. Always the believer in the mythical, at the age of 28, I should be well past the thoughts of such fanciful creatures. I squint my eyes more, hoping it will help my vision become more focused. Several birds flap their wings into the blue sky to flee whatever is making its way through the densely covered branches. I hear a loud high-pitched whistle and purse my lips, ti
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Chapter 2
Roisin povreached a unique dwelling that looked like an actual house in a tree. It was a drab color, like trees when winter comes. He opened the door and held it open for me. I was shocked by the decor on the inside. The actual furniture made from wood, furs, antlers, and lots of leather was placed around it, which reminded me of a hunting lodge. "Wow, cliche bachelor life I see," chuckling at my joke. He scowls and walks towards a kitchen of sorts and gets a cup of water. "You have actual running water," I gasp, wondering how they managed that marvel. Torin rolled his eyes at me. "We aren't that uncivilized, there is a bathroom in here as well," he says. "You made me piss in a tree hole for laughs," I scowl and he laughs at me. I shake my head and sit on the soft fur couch. "You can have the room in the back and I will use the couch or floor," he states. "No it's fine, I'll sleep on this dead animal, you keep your room," I grin smugly, patting the couch. "Fine female, have it
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Chapter 3
Torin povThe female was very strange and I couldn't put my finger on why. She excelled at all things elvish, especially her skills with the bow. She was very different than other humans that had managed to enter our barrier. Her saying she was dying didn't concern me, she would remain healthy in this realm if she chooses to stay. I carry the large deer over my shoulders and head back to the tree, noticing the female resting with a bulging bag at her side. I smiled at the large rabbit feet sticking out, she apparently had gotten lucky with the hunt as well. Cadac sauntered next to me holding two pheasants in his hand. I nodded to him and bent my head towards the woman. His eyes lit up at the haul she collected. Adrit came empty-handed, luck was not on his side today, but we had plenty to share with him. I set my deer carcass down and sat to lay down in the warm sun, the others did the same. My eyes glanced at the female and I scanned her features. She was short, petite, and had adorabl
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Chapter 4
Torin pov We have searched for Roisin everywhere we thought she could have gone. My heart aches thinking she could have fallen to her death. I stand in the darkness outside of my home with my stomach tied in knots. I looked through her drawings and was impressed by her talent. The subject matter not only included me but many of the nature and scenes she encountered in her travels. I sigh, she whittled her way into my heart and I have come to care for her more than I should in the short time she's been here. I run my hand down my face. Cadac and Adrit are still out searching for her. A high-pitched whistle breaks the silence of the night and I gasped at Cadac carrying a limp Roisin in his arms. "She's asleep, she was deep in the hunting grounds," he mumbled softly. My eyes widen, surprised she could make it that far on her own. I look down at her tear-stained face and feel like a complete asshole. "Bring her to my bed," I sigh, opening the door for him. I followed him inside and to m
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Chapter 5
Roisin pov I was smiling in my sleep with the thoughts of Torin in my mind. I liked the uppity ass. I chuckled and opened my eyes. Confusion flooded my thoughts on how I ended up in his bed. I lifted the covers and looked down at my naked body. What the fuck, I curse to myself. I don't remember going to bed. Did Torin bring me here? Torin had seen me naked, oh my God. I turn a deep shade of red. A knock at the door startled me. "Are you awake Roisin, we need to head for practice," Torin's voice yelled through the door. "Oh yes, I'm awake, give me a moment," I reply. I glance around the room for something I can wear. Torin's clothes were the only items in here. I sigh, grabbing one of his shirts. It's long enough to be similar to a dress, so I slip it over myself and head to the hall for clothes. I open the door and Torin is standing there awkwardly. His eyes scan down me and he grins seeing I'm in one of his shirts. "Nice," he chuckles, staring at my bare legs. I roll my eyes and s
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Chapter 6
Roisin pov I was nervous standing in the shower. I had washed and rinsed, my mind was just running a mile a minute. I turned the water off and wrapped myself in the towel and headed to Torin's room to see what I was to wear. Torin stood grinning at me holding a pair of black leather pants, flowers and filigree designs covering the entire length, they were very beautiful. The black matching shirt was the same as the dark purple one I had worn earlier. I put them on and Torin has me sit while he does my hair. I had small braids framing my face. I took a look in the mirror and smiled. "I look lovely," I grin up at Torin's beaming face. "Oh yes you do, my little female," he smiles and kisses my cheek. I sit on the edge of the bed and put on the long black boots, taking my time lacing them up the whole way. They were very comfortable and I could walk easily in them. I twirled around and Torin nodded."No one will look down at you, you carry your namesake very well. He comes in front and
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Chapter 7
Roisin pov The day of the archery competition was finally here. I lay on my back looking at the ceiling's intricate plaster design. Torin stuck his face in my line of sight. "Good, you're awake," he grins. I eye him and stick my tongue out. He chuckles and I can feel him climbing out of the large bed. "You should rise and dress so we can eat, they serve great food here in the mornings," he smiles, pulling on his pants. I stretched and slid off the bed, grabbed my clothes off the floor, and began to dress. I frown at having to lace the boots back up. "Put them on and I'll lace them for you," Torin grins, knowing me too well. I nod and pull them on. Torin sits next to me and lifts my leg to his lap and proceeds to lace up the black boots. "You're a decent elf man," I chuckle at his serious demeanor. He glances at me and laughs. He pats my legs when he finishes and offers his hand. I take it and we go downstairs together.We arrived at a large buffet-type table. Cadac and Adrit, al
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Chapter 8
Roisin pov We arrived at the castle and I was happy for my brother, he really seemed like a decent guy. We entered the interior similar to Torin's parent's home. Super gaudy. We entered the throne room and I shrank seeing Torin's father sitting next to my brother in conversation. "What's your dad's name?" I asked Torin. He looks at me quizzically. "Callon, why?" he asks. "I was wondering if my mother ever mentioned him but the name doesn't sound familiar," I frown up at him. "So you're both staying the night here, excellent," Callon grins, looking at us both. I shuddered at his strange eyes as they raked down on me. Torin scowls once again at his pervy father but Callon doesn't seem to mind. "I think I'll stay as well my boy," he grins at the king Finalon. "Wonderful father, he winks at his dad. My eyes grew suspicious at their odd behavior and my stomach got uneasy. I trusted my gut instinct. "Let's have a toast for your triumph at the games," Finalon grins as servants bring
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Chapter 9
Roisin pov After our fight, Torin suggested that we all head back to our forest homes. I rode the gray gelding behind the others since they could see better in the pitch black. I kept seeing a small black creature in my peripheral vision. I'd turn my head and it would disappear. I frowned, getting annoyed by the distraction. Kicking the sides of the horse to pick up speed I was shocked by the brush of cold fingers along my arm. I looked down and saw my arm hairs standing. I frown again and realize I'm further away from the others than I thought. I was about to yell when a hand covered my mouth. I tried turning myself and was pressed against the body of someone sitting behind me. "Calm yourself, it's Keran, I'm not going to harm you," his silky voice whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver. He removed his hand and I turned to look at him. He's smiling looking down at me. "Um hello, what are you doing," I scowl. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist. He sets his chin on
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Chapter 10
Roisin pov I wake up the next day and see Torin still sleeping next to me. I smile and head to the bathroom to shower. I frown to myself thinking about what I had done with Keran. Should I tell Torin, I think chewing on my lip as the water flows down my body. I finished and dressed in black leather pants and a dark gray shirt. I head back into the room to brush out my hair. Torin was awake and eyeing me strangely. I look at him with my brow raised. "Your eyes look different, there is a yellow ring around them and there's also a black streak in your red hair," he mumbles angrily. I turned to the mirror and looked close. He was correct, I had a bright yellow ring around my green irises, it looked rather pretty and I grinned at my new eyes. My hair had an inch strand of black hair down the length. Torin comes and stands next to me. "You shared wine with a fairy prince, now you have the sight, not sure about the black hair, " he mumbles with a hint of disappointment. My eyes widen and I
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