Book 1: Chapter 26

I hear a familiar giggle that warms my soul. I turn to find the most gorgeous woman in the world standing in front of me. She's wearing leggings and a linen sleeveless tunic style top. She's gained weight since the last time I saw her, filling out her curves. Her skin has a sun-kissed glow that makes a few freckles pop on her nose and cheeks. My heart skips a beat at the sight of my mate.

She bounces on her toes and runs to me.

"Bronx!" She squeals as she jumps into my outstretched arms. Sparks fly between us as our bodies collide.

"Kas! Oh, Goddess, it's so good to see you. You look amazing." I say as I pepper her face with kisses and plant one on her mouth.

"Luna Iokaste, dinner is in two hours. Why don't you show Alpha Bronx around in the meantime?" Lady Camille suggests as she seems to appear out of nowhere.

"Yes, ma'am." Kas says but doesn't take her eyes off of me.


"Bronx, I have learned so much already. Lex and I are so close now. It's practically like we're the same
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Kara Smelser
if 2 Earth days = 14 witch days and she is gone for 8 Earth weeks (56 Earth days)... it would be 392 witch days or 13 Earth months, not 8.
goodnovel comment avatar
Candice Erasmus
I do hope they don't have any ulterior motives...
goodnovel comment avatar
Catherine Kimmel
Wow, that was unexpected. Good, then their bond will be strengthened.

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