Book 1: Chapter 27

I feel my blood start to boil but I know I need to keep my cool. All I can do is blink at her until I feel calm enough to speak. I unintentionally growl as I say. "Lady Camille, are you aware of my Luna's past? I have always promised her we will do everything at her pace. I won't mate with her if she isn't ready."

"Stand down, Alpha Regent Bronx Andreas Mason." As she says in a stern tone, using my full name and title, I feel a disorienting sensation cloud my mind, reminding me how powerful she is. "I'm aware that Luna Iokaste has had to endure experiences that were out of her control. We have been counseling her on how to handle her thoughts and emotions related to those events."

She stares at me for a long moment, then continues with a softer tone. "I recommend you find a way to give her that control back so you two can...enjoy yourselves. You don't need to have her back here until Sunday morning. The connection between you two and your wolf spirits is important. It is very clear t
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Debbie Brown
kinda boring
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Łovęĺý Şanðy
Good book..
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He should have asked the coven leader why they couldn’t mark each other! The way they are withholding information and sending them to a cottage only they can see. What if she gets pregnant? Will she be there long enough to birth the child? Did he tell Kas about the bell and him passing out?

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