4: Personal maid

Aurora's POV

I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to come back to Brown Wood Pack after my father told me about Flora's death. She's been sick for a great deal of time and called her once to ask how she was. She was so happy to finally hear from me. 

I cut off contact with everyone for two good years, my parents included. I felt like I needed some time for myself without going through those questions they would no doubt ask. Why did I run away? Why suddenly and what is going on. I don't want to answer them. I wasn't ready. 

I haven't told them that Lucas was my mate and he has rejected me till date. I feel like there is no use. It is only going to ruin the relationship they all have and I don't want that. My father and the alpha are great friends and I know how my father thinks. He could cut off Lucas in his life for this. I don't want that. 

I'm sure Lucas hasn't told them either or they would have asked when I got in contact with them. Those years in the human world changed my perspective on a lot of things and when I decided to become a tattoo artist, I knew it was the best decision I made. There was good money attached to that job. And I'm good with the art. 

Flora's death hit me in the guts and guilt made me drive my Mercedes from Canada all the way back to Brown Wood Pack. I don't plan to stay back here for a long time which is why I packed as little clothes as I could. I'll mourn for a bit, go to my parents and then be on the road back to Canada. 

But sitting right here facing a half naked Alpha Caden is making me question every decision I have made. Why does he look so fucking hot? I shouldn't be staring at him like this and Eva shouldn't be uneasy with lust but I am a lost cause. Something is going on but I don't know what. 

It felt like four years ago, when he hugged me after his son rejected and cheated on me. There was a tug I felt then as we stood in each other's embrace. I felt it earlier too when he hugged me though I'm sure he was just drunk. 

Lucas looks more like Flora than he does Alpha Caden which is another different explanation of attractiveness. Even in my younger days, his allure never waned. A masculine presence, he stands broad and towering, exuding a rugged charm that only time has refined. His thick black hair hints at maturity, framing a face that holds the weight of experience. 

But it's those icy blue eyes that remain timeless, commanding attention and effortlessly dominating any room he enters. In his early forties, he possesses a magnetic appeal that only deepens with age. I don't know why I find his age oddly appealing. Maybe the experience behind those knowing eyes?

I haven't seen Lucas but I have seen a glimpse of Liana at the graveyard crying with a tissue in her hand. She hasn't changed much since I left her and only grew taller and that was it. I missed my best friend so much and can't wait to reunite with her later. I hope she isn't mad at me for running away without telling her first. 

My eyes lower to my hands that are clenching my jumpsuit and that is when I realize that I am crushing on my best friend's dad and my Alpha. This is horrible but it is something I have no control over whatsoever. I swallow thickly in embarrassment. This is my father's best friend. 

Restless Eva in my head hasn't shifted to her wolf form yet and I don't know what is taking her so long. I wonder how Lucas would react when he finds out I haven't changed still. He'd probably laugh and say he told me I was a liability and that alone sent a pang to my chest. 

Eva stopped roaming and sat still in my head then she growled deep and possessive. "MATE!"

My eyes snap up to find Alpha Caden's eyes turning from icy blue to golden, that of his wolf's. He didn't say anything though, only looked at me with emotionless eyes then he slurred out a few words I didn't understand before losing consciousness. Too drunk to move. 

I didn't know what to do at the revelation and I'm sure it was just me. Was it? His eyes were glazed with his wolf's just a second ago which means his wolf also knows right? 

"Eva. What the hell?" I say to my wolf inside my head. 

"What?" She sounded agitated too, she wasn't in control of herself. 

"Mate? How is that possible? My mate is Lucas and he has rejected me, remember? This is his father. His fucking father!" I say in my head. 

"Yeah, get a bottle of whiskey and get drunk too. We have a second chance mate which we don't want to fuck up." And with that, she blocked me. 

I did just as she said and got drunk till I could barely feel my limbs too. I don't want to think or feel. I just want to be. Why is my life always taking dramatic turns whenever I thought things were going to go smoothly? Why is it always me? What did I do to deserve such complications?

How could I be mated to my best friend's father? To my father's best friend and most of all, the father of my first mate who rejected me? Why Moon Goddess?

I blink my groggy eyes then groan at the feel of someone's naked body around mine. Wait, I didn't sleep with some human did I? I am still very much a virgin because I refuse to have one night stand. I groan from the throbbing headache behind my skull, the push at the body pressed tightly against mine. 

Wait, I am also naked! I sat up immediately but fell on the floor with a thud, I didn't give up, I rose again to see what was really going on. I am in Alpha Caden's study and… he is the naked body around me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!!

This cannot be happening. No, no, no, no! I watch as he slowly blinks open his eyes and stares down at me with confused eyes then his eyes slowly stroll down my naked body and back up. He didn't react at first but when he noticed that he was also naked, his expression hardened like a granite. Fuck, this is bad. 

"What happened here?" He winced and touched the back of his head then wobbled to his feet. 

I try not to stare at his naked body because what is going on right now is way more disturbing than his hard cock. Did we fuck? I move my thighs together and feel the dull throb between them that confirms that that hard length has been inside me. Oh my. I was a virgin!

I swallowed when Alpha Caden noticed the little blood on the couch he was laying down on. I lower my head but the growl that ripped itself from his throat has me whimpering. It is that Alpha growl that makes you cower and submit in whatever state. 

"What did you do, Aurora?" He roared angrily as he jerked his legs into his sweatpants. 

I couldn't say anything. My lips moved but no words were able to tumble out as he stared down at me angrily. The rage in his eyes is so frightening and the tinge of hatred shining there made tears roll down my face in rapid succession. I haven't cried in so many years but that is all I want to do right now. 

"Why did you do that?! Who gave you the fucking right?" He kept growling and his hand shot out to grab my neck only to still when he saw something. 

"Did…did I mark you?" He stuttered, the hatred in his eyes multiplying at the sight I can't see. 

My fingers crept to my neck and sure enough, the place he was staring at was tender and from my touch, the mark seemed to be a very large one. His hands tighten around my neck, choking me as his eyes that are filled with anger size me up. The betrayal in his eyes punched me in the guts. 

"W–we are—are ma—mates." I stuttered out between choked breaths but he didn't let me go. 

"I don't want a fucking mate! I don't want you!" He screamed to my through gritted teeth.

It was when my face started turning red and I couldn't breath that he let go of my neck then pushed me away. I fell back on the floor hitting my ass and it hurts like a bitch. I am already crying from all the emotions that overwhelmed me, choking me and the pain between my thighs. 

I sat on my knees on the floor waiting for another rejection but it never came. I could hear his fast breathing as he tried to calm himself down but nothing worked. I couldn't breathe properly. My neck hurts. Hell, everything hurts both physically and mentally. 

"This is going to be your personal hell, Aurora. You have dug your own grave! Instead of being my mate, you are going to be my personal maid. Spoiler, your life is going to be hell." Was all he said before leaving the study, locking me inside. 

The worst part, my parents blamed me. 

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Imhanbor Leo Anthonia
It was not her fault
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Christon Benford
So Lucas is an honest asshole. He got it from his dad. A man of his age should know better than to behave in this manner, her parents included.
goodnovel comment avatar
Malika Caddle
How tf does he blame her and her parents blame her when it takes two yo tangle not to mention he marked her ...‍♀️ the story is good tho I just don't like that they're blaming her

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