Anything For Flora

"Aniya, that was not necessary,"

Aniya heard Niova telling her. They both reached Aniya's home after leaving that exhibition hall. Aniya didn't answer Niova and continued to tenderly stroke her daughter's head who had fallen asleep on the bed.

Receiving no answer from Aniya, Niova sighed. She sat beside Aniya on the bed and placed her palm over her shoulder.

"Ani, I know I could never even imagine the pain you must have felt after witnessing these marks on Flora's body but …." Niova halted. She was not sure how she should make Aniya understand the consequences of the massacre she had created in that exhibition hall, especially with Riccardo Alfanso.

Aniya's eyes shifted from Flora's face towards her arm. She had already treated those marks of that manager's hand on her arm but they had still not faded completely.

A tear slipped down from Aniya's eyes. She knew she might have behaved redundantly outrageous in that hall. People around her might think that her reaction was unneces

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Gurkiran Dhillon
Grammar needs editing
goodnovel comment avatar
Patricia Cooper
Asshole got her fired and if he did a background check it should show that she was kidnapped and forced to work in that brothel it wasn't her choice but she shouldn't of went off on him but just his wife and I would've asked him how he could marry a monster
goodnovel comment avatar
Esma Avril
He got her fired. Wicked man .

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