18. Pedicab gang

On the second break, Tukijo was relieved of his duties by Cecep because the boy, reportedly will hold a press conference with the pedicab gang class XII Natural Sciences 2, XII Natural Sciences 4, XII Social Sciences 2 and XII Social Sciences 1.

The pedicab gang is a group of young people who gather in one place by riding a rickshaw. Their job is to surround the compound in search of prey, especially weak children.

Cecep as the leader of the pedicab gang, is highly respected by its members. He held a press conference in class XII Social Sciences 1.

"Next week, we will hold a massive burglary at Sampang Market. Those who are not present, will..." Cecep moved his hands around his neck, from left to right with his fingers together.

"I have a Futsal match, maybe a bit late," said Trisno.

"Haish! Just tell me, you want to have an affair with Maemunah, right?" Tiyem quipped sullenly.

"Oops, don't be angry... I was really invited to a match with the Sampang children, and the stakes were pret
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