19. Identity My Love

"Stop stupid!" shouted Udin.

"Two...." Tukijo continued counting.

"Stop being stupid! Damn it!" Udin's wrath.

"Three ...."

"Noooooooooooooo!" Udin shouted, unable to stop Tukijo.


Markonah hit Udin's ass with a broom handle, while Tukijo pulled his hand away. Udin was thrown by Tukijo's tug until his face hit the wall.

"Aaaaaaaaargh! My faceeeeeee! He scurried out of the classroom holding his face and buttocks.

Suddenly, he remembered something and went back into the classroom.

"Damn Tukijo! Wait for my retaliation!" snarled Udin pointed his finger at Tukijo. Then he left the class again to the School Health Unit.

In class, Tukijo and Markonah along with the class XII Natural Sciences 2 students who saw Udin's excitement, burst out laughing. The commotion ended when they heard the doorbell ring. Everyone returned to their respective seats.


After school, Tukijo chased Markonah, who was almost past the front of the cooperative.

"Markonah!" call Tukijo.

"What's wrong, Tukijo?" s
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