Ch. 22

Charlie’s POV

“Charlie, please calm down, lamb.” Nathan reached for me but I took a step back.

“Stop calling me that! Where am I and why are you here?” I demanded.

“Please come sit down. I’ll explain everything.” His tone was imploring and his eyes held so much pain, like it physically hurt him to watch me panic.

“I don’t want-, aaagh!” a stomach cramp hit me so hard I cried out and buckled over, then a gush of slick ran down my legs.

I looked up at Nathan, horrified. He was already at my side, lifting me in his arms and carrying me back to bed. I wanted to scream at him to put me down but his warmth was already seeping into my bones and the pain seemed to ease the longer he held me close. I almost whined when he set me on the bed, his body heat ebbing away.

“Let me help you, love.” He said, climbing into the bed behind me and pulling my back tight to his chest.

I was still wearing the scandalous dress Brad had given me for the party but someone had put a shirt over it.
Cara Anderson

Thank you for reading! Happy Holidays everyone! I'll be celebrating Christmas with my family tomorrow but will be back to wrap you Charlie and Nathan's story, hopefully by the end of next week. Wishing you all the very best of everything this holiday season!

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Thank you for this wonderful chapter over Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful one

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