Ch. 24

Charlie’s POV

The second Nathan bit me, the sparks between us intensified. It felt like fireworks shooting off all over my skin, leaving an intense pleasure behind that sent me hurtling over the edge of a cliff. I’d never felt such pure, perfect bliss.

I heard myself scream as my orgasm rocked through me but it was only a vague awareness. Hearing was too much effort when all I wanted to do was feel. My pussy contracted around Nathan’s deliciously thick cock, tighter than it ever had. His hot cum splashed my walls, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through me with every spurt.

My toes curled and my spine tingled but more than the physical pleasure, my heart soared, Because I could feel Nathan’s joy at claiming me deep in my bones. We belonged to each other forever and he was euphoric! I never knew it was possible for someone to love me that way, with a love that was pure, and true, and unshakable.

But along with his elation were equal parts guilt and remorse. It would take some
Cara Anderson

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Yes she has to be pregnant and he knows it is his and no one else.
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Angi Splawn
I think she's pregnant! ;)

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