Charlie’s POV

20 Years Later

“Oh little lamb,” Nathan cooed, pulling me into lap. “Do you want to talk about it?”

He’d found me pouring over a photo album filled with pictures of Levi when he was little. I was sobbing hysterically and even his strong arms holding me tight didn’t help to stem the tears. I couldn’t believe my first born was already a man. And he was leaving us.

“It’s not forever, love. He’ll be home before you know it. Maybe he’ll find her in the first pack territory he stops in and bring her straight back home!” He was trying to be uplifting but the reminder that my baby was old enough to find a mate just made me cry all the harder.

At twenty years old, neither Levi nor his best friends, Parker and Carson Collins, had found their mates. At eighteen, none of them had been too fussed about it. Now two years later, Nathan and the Black Moon Alphas were all ready to retire but their heirs preferred to be mated before taking over their packs. So all three boys were
Cara Anderson

That's a wrap for Nathan and Charlie! Thank you so much for reading Her Heartbroken Alpha! I hope you enjoyed the side story! Thanks to everyone who stuck it out to the end!

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Comments (3)
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Louise Cullam
I was hoping there might be a second book on the children meeting there mates and seeing if any are mallory children mates like charlie wanted as i enjoyed this book so much I read it twice already also I would like to know who took over blood claw pack that was Quades after black moon attacked it
goodnovel comment avatar
Glynnis Pangle
Happy new year. Wow, both stories were good ... I really enjoyed your work. Good job to you ......
goodnovel comment avatar
Deb Warren
Another winning side story!! Thank you Cara. I so enjoy your writing.

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