Vladimir’s POV

As the snowflakes fall, the half-blood runs towards us. Van and I both run towards the front door. As soon as the door closed, the arrows kept flying outside. We waited for them to come inside but it was only Ashlon who went inside. His companions were left outside, some of them were already lying on the floor. The explosion of planted bombs outside has also begun.

I saw Dad draw his sword towards Ashlon. Mom and Van started to fight with the remaining guards while Via and I ran towards the center of the council. I have not been able to see the incident yet.

I started freezing my way up to the tower. I know Stan and the others are all standing in the center while I go up the tower. It was my job after all, to go and wait inside the tower. I never used my full power before, I never thought I would use it.

But they told me the great risk I will be taking if I will

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