Vladimir’s POV

I was spacing out. I can’t clearly think when I’ve reached the council but I’ve tried my best not to think of it for a while to focus on what’s happening.

My Dad and Mom were already standing at the front gate waiting for us. We were joined by Stan and his brother as well as their parents who already went inside to lock the system. Vanna was also inside with the other owl.

We left some guards outside the area to patrol while we locked the gate. Dad made a barrier out of fire to lock us from the outside and I saw him a while ago putting some fire on the ground. I freeze the inside of the area.

"Brother," Via reached for the box. When I opened it, it was blood from a human. “Mom bought some from the blood bank. We need it, you need it. ”

I nodded and drank a bag of blood from a human. I felt the effect of it on my veins as

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