Chapter 2480 Future Boyfriend

That was why Selena put the focus of Eric’s offense on his impoliteness for not knocking on the door.

How frustrating.

Selena took a deep breath and did not even bother to change. She fixed her clothes and went out.

Eric stood tall beside the railing and looked down.

He was holding a cigarette in his hand that he had just lit. His expression was inscrutable as his face was in the shadows.

Hearing the movement, Eric turned his head and frowned slightly when he saw that Selena had not changed her clothes.

However, he did not ask about it. Selena was probably still angry and wanted to scold him to vent her anger.

Eric paused. His throat moved slightly, and he averted his eyes guiltily.

Selena came out with her arms folded, glanced at Eric, and walked downstairs without saying anything.

Eric froze slightly. His voice was deep and low.

“Selena, let’s talk.”

Selena paused. She turned slightly sideways and looked at him strangely and coldly.

“Didn’t you come to pick up your son? H
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Tamara Anderson-Poole
Who can complain to about this? This is ridiculous. Finish the book or make this a new book. This 1 or 2 chapters per day is not fair to the people who have invested. We would like some closure
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Michelle Thompson
This was a good read, but not anymore with the 1 chapter updates at a time. I feel the hostility crom Selena towards Eric is being a bit dramatic repetition.
goodnovel comment avatar
When can you send bulk chapters...️WHY SEND 1-2 chapters daily...SUCH SCRAM...

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