The Dragon's Lost Phoenix Princess

The Dragon's Lost Phoenix Princess

By:  Becca Lou  Completed
Language: English
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Serena was enslaved as a child by the Lycans who destroyed humanity. For sixteen years she was a slave wanting nothing but death. One night her wish was to be granted until the last dragon emerged. All her life she believed she was human, until she discovers a secret. A secret that could be her destruction. The dragon Vilkas hates the Lycans for one’s betrayal causing him to lose his heart scale. Will he find it? Will Serena discover who she is? Will what remains of humanity survive? The answers to these questions lies within. For the heart scale will reveal the truth. In order to shine one must burn.

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Katie Scott
Wow another perfectly crafted book from an extremely talented author.
2024-05-21 14:58:45
user avatar
love it :)
2024-04-25 09:40:56
user avatar
thoroughly recommend this book you will enjoy it right down to the end . loved the characters and their cheeky playful sides and at times had me in tears, whether tears of joy,sadness or laughter it was worth the read. won't disappoint
2024-03-29 12:08:53
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I absolutely love this story! It has plenty of action, love, and is a great balance of details to keep you reading!
2024-03-06 00:36:12
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Gary Golden
Love this book. The storyline is great and author updates regularly. Sometimes the books on this app get a little outlandish, thankfully this isn’t one of those books. Great job author!!!
2024-01-31 18:25:36
user avatar
Nice book.
2024-04-17 01:26:26
110 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Serana POV.“Ahhh,” I moan, as the monster hovers over me. He is my capture, my jailer Vilkas, the last dragon. “You Lycan whores are all the same. Like bitches in heat.” He grips my face, forcing me to look at him. I look into his green reptilian eyes, blood tastes on my tongue. He pants harder before he pulls out and flips me over. I feel like I’m being ripped in half as he entered me roughly from behind.This was not how I envisioned I would lose my virginity. I wasn’t forced though. I made a deal with the damn dragon devil to keep me alive. “Moan for me bitch, let me know how much you like it.” Tears sting my eyes as I moan for him. There is nothing pleasurable about this. But this is my life as his sex slave, all because he thinks I’m a fucking Lycan. I’m not. I’m human.One final thrust as he roars at his release and I collapse on the bed, closing my eyes as he pulls out.“Next time, do better. If you want to survive, you will do what I want. You Lycans are all the same disgus
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Chapter 2.
Serana POV.FLASHBACK! THREE DAYS BEFORE!The night of the hunter’s moon, all the women who turned 21 that year are led to the labyrinth to willingly participate in the annual hunt. I say willingly, as it’s anything but willing, as we are all slaves. Humanity was destroyed sixteen years ago when the Lycans attacked our world. The king was a human and was kind to everyone, shifters included. So the reason for their attack is not known. Some think it’s because of jealousy, others think it’s greed, but whatever the reason is, it’s not good enough to destroy us. “Move it scum.” I’m hit from the side by a Lycan guard who snarls at us. We are all chained together like cattle. Metal collars and shackles around our wrists and ankles. I was brought here when I was five years old. I watched my mother being slaughtered in front of me at the hands of these monsters. She said something before she died, but I can’t remember what it was. All I know is that it was important and caused the shifter
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Chapter 3.
Serana POV.“You’re getting better at handling me, whore.” The monster says as he tightens his grip, grinding my hips faster and harder over his length. I ignore him, the pompous asshat. I don’t actually care, I just want this over with, so I have learnt to fake it like the best of them. Switching off my emotions is what I have learnt to do since they captured me when I was five.“I’m gunna come. Mmm, yeah.” I say high pitched, biting my bottom lip and squeezing my walls around him. His green snake-like eyes roll into the back of head when he moves, flipping us so I am now under him. With my legs moved to his shoulders, he pounds into me, ruthlessly. He leans forward to kiss me and my breath catches in my throat. He said there would be no kissing on the mouth, so what the fuck is he trying to do?Before he can, I lick and kiss his chest as I graze my teeth over his nipple, and he shudders. His movements become sloppy and I know he is close, so I moan louder as I squeeze him harder.
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Chapter 4.
Serana POV.“I thought you were dead? How?” I pull away from her and check her over to make sure she is fine. Pascha and I grew up together in the camp. She is like my sister. We were both meant to enter the labyrinth together, but then Vilkas came and everything was in chaos.“Same, I thought you were. How long have you been here? Why haven’t I seen you before now?” she asks, searching my eyes, and I sniffle as I shake my head.“The dragon king took me personally. I have been here since that night. He thinks I’m a Lycan.” I tell her and her eyes grow impossibly wide at my words.“That can’t be possible. Vilkas killed all the Lycans that were there that day. The Vampires, fae, and werewolves were given the option to either serve him or be slaughtered. They chose the former. They are all under strict rules that the humans aren’t to be touched, otherwise he will destroy their species.” I stagger back at her words. What?“Have you told him you aren’t a Lycan?” She sighs as she hugs me.
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Chapter 5.
Serana POV.Well, my plan to stay in the library so I didn’t need to warm his bed failed spectacularly. Can’t blame a girl for trying. It took him three days to figure it out and now he makes sure he gets his fill of me before I run to my sanctuary.It has been a month since he gave me this assignment, and I have found nothing of use. The humans that work here were in fact in the camps and Vilkas set them free. Most Guards keep their distance from us, well me at least. They still think I’m a Lycan. Like can’t they tell I’m not by my scent?The only exception being the werewolf guard who said he knew who I was and had also been getting closer to me. I found out his name is Wesley and he was an Alpha once before the Lycans took over. Wesley hasn’t told me anymore about who I am and that sucks. Either way, I can say I have made a few friends in the palace, which is helpful. The other day I had a nasty encounter with one of the dark fae guards after Vilkas left the library.The scumbag
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Chapter 6.
Vilkas POV.Man, it’s good to be alive again. Being dead for over 100 years wasn’t what I planned, but then again, I wasn’t planning for the love of my life, a Lycan bitch called Starci to betray me.Stupid cunt thought that by taking my heart scale, she could save her fated mate. Ha, little did she know that my heart scale can only belong to my fated mate. Well, I guess I will never know now. Considering all shifters were cursed.The Lycan bitch thought she could get away with it. Yes, I died, or so everyone thought. I only wish I could have been here to save Queen Marcia and King Ronan. The last phoenix and her human king, her mate. I have failed her and the humans.It was my duty to protect the humans and humanity from the evils in the world, but I failed. Marcia warned me about Starci, but like a lovesick fool, I ignored her council and look where that got me. Heartbroken, betrayed, and killed.Dragons are guardians, but I failed. But I vowed the day I crawled out of that volcano
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Chapter 7.
Serana POV.Vilkas stops and I close my eyes, waiting for what will come next, but nothing. I try to look around but can’t because he has pinned me down and I can’t turn my head as I am laying with my cheek pressed to the desk.“You lie. She isn’t human. I would know if she was.” It’s becoming difficult to breathe as my heart races in my chest when I hear a gasp from somewhere in the room.“Serana, Majesty, what are you doing?” Pascha, I try to wiggle to free myself before he turns his anger towards her.“Stay out of this Pascha, please.” I say as my more tears leave my eyes.“No, Serana. Majesty Serana is human. I have known her since I was a child. We were both in the same camp. We grew up together. She is like my sister. Please Majesty, believe me. She is a human.” She pleads for me when he loosens his grip and I take a breath when his weight is gone from me. I slide to the ground with a thud.Hands grab me as I gulp in more air as I shake uncontrollably. He nearly raped me all bec
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Chapter 8.
Serana POV.It has now been two weeks since Vilkas left the palace, and it has been nice. Even though my heart is in pain with each day that he isn’t here but I know that is because of the dragon scale.Everyone seems at ease, and the atmosphere in the palace is calm. We all do our jobs as usual, so it’s like nothing much has changed. The dark fae have tried to take advantage of the situation, but they were made examples of when they were killed by the wolves and vampires. I was worried that when his Majesty decides to return that he would punish them, but Wesley said he ordered us all to respect the humans. I had to scoff at that because I was not shown respect before he left. Especially by him.My secret is still safe and I know the three who know of my existence will never betray me. However, only Wesley knows I have the dragon scale. I know I can trust him with my life and he has had my back.Lara and Pascha have been seeing what else I am immune to, and it turns out I am immune t
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Chapter 9.
TRIGGER WARNING, PLEASE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!Serana POV.I turn and run from the room, down the long hallway to the door. My chest heaving and my vision blurry. The walls slowly close in around me and I feel sick.Running through the door, I keep running until I’m outside in the garden. Holding a hand over my mouth and a hand to my chest, I drop to my knees and cry. A cry of pain and devastation.I did this. It is all my fault. The death of my parent’s, the fall of humanity, everything it is all my fault. With those thoughts, I cry harder.“I’m sorry, little one.” I choke on the words of my phoenix.“Did you know?” I mumble to her as my emotions flow like a river, the same as my tears.“Yes, but I wasn’t allowed to tell you. You had to find out about this yourself. Don’t blame yourself because of the gift that was given to you.” I lift my head and look to the heavens.“A gift? A gift can be returned. This is a fucking curse. Millions died because of this. There has to be a way to g
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Chapter 10.
Serana POV.Waking it is still dark, I use my phoenix eyes to see around the darkness of the room. Turning my gaze to Vilkas as he tightens his hold on me, I scoff internally at him as I remove his heavy arm from him and slip from under the quilt. How did I end up in his bed?Walking towards where my discarded clothes are, I put them on. I tiptoe to the door and I can taste freedom.“Where are you going?” Fuckity fuck, fuck, shit balls.“I have work to do, Your Majesty.” I bow my head at him when I hear him move from the bed and he stands in front of me in all his naked glory and I gulp.“Come back to bed. You can have a day off.” I roll my eyes. Why is he being nice to me? I think I preferred when he was a cunt, at least then I knew what I was dealing with.“Play nice. He saved us last night.” Bedelia reminds me.“Unfortunately, I can’t take a take off. I have chores to do. Please, Your Majesty, I don’t want to upset any of the staff.” I say, but that’s not true. If anything, since h
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