A soon as I walked out of the house, I felt like I could actually breath again. I has no idea of what was wrong with me. Things weren't meant to play out like this between Anne and I.

The tightness I was feeling in my chest wasn't supposed to be there. The jealousy I was feeling wasn't legitimate. I had no right to. I was the one that rejected her not the other way around. Then why was I feeling like this?

The main reason I rejected her was to stay away from the drama and to avoid unnecessary confusion.

‘The confused one has to be you right now.’ My wolf said.

It felt like he was mocking me.

Thinking about how I met her, I really found her attractive and I wanted her. Until eventually got to know that she was to be the mated of the three of us.

I found it so hot. Imagining my brothers and I having her at the same time was such a turn on.

That was another reason I rejected her. I didn’t know how my brothers would feel about it. The happiness on Cadel's face the day he
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